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Interactive Experiments Focused on HTML5

Interactive Experiments Focused on HTML5 Experiments This is my creative lab and interactive playground. It's focused on the exploration of interaction, visual effects and technologies. Device Loop Animation View the device loop A device loop animation that I created for the new home page.
Jordan Gray Creative
Monomalist Monomalist Gerry Judah ‘s sense of details and aesthetic work is truly amazing. Some short background; Gerry Judah’s maternal and paternal grandparents came from Baghdad to settle in the already established Baghdadi Jewish community in India and Burma. His mother was born in Calcutta and his father in Rangoon.
RVLVR 大阪のデリヘルの良さについて 俺が思う大阪のデリヘルの良さって言うのは、やっぱり、その親しみやすさとかにあるんじゃないかって言う風に思ってます^m^ 親しみやすいって言うのは、けっこう大きいものじゃないかって思いますね。 親しみやすいからこそ、大阪のデリヘルは、好きですね。 RVLVR
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Tobias Bjerrome Ahlin
The Box - Episode 2: Shaun Inman
Home - Iconaholic
Once we've worked on enough projects with a team, little quips pop into our head as we make early design decisions. “We need to make sure my grandmother can use it.” “We need everybody to know what's possible right away.” There’s wonderful empathy in those statements. We want our products to serve everybody. Playing favorites with our users overvalues certain perspectives at the expense of others. Freelance Website Designer, Logo Designer and Front-End Developer in St. Louis | Christopher Meeks Freelance Website Designer, Logo Designer and Front-End Developer in St. Louis | Christopher Meeks
Frank Chimero
Shyama Golden
Mes compétences dans le cadre de projet Internet recouvrent les domaines suivants : Conduite de projet Analyse des pré-requis et des contraintesFormalisation des objectifsRédaction des spécifications fonctionnelles ou de cahiers des chargesÉtude et rédaction des cas d’utilisationUtilisation de méthodologies de conception orientée utilisateurs Mes compétences Mes compétences
Mac Tyler
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Dan Cassaro - Design/Animation/Illustration
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Milos Milikic - Superstar Web and UI designer and WordPress developer
Dmig 5

Dmig 5

Dieses Mal möchten wir mit einer kleinen Frage beginnen: Wie sieht euer Arbeitsplatz gerade aus? Da ihr aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach aus dem Design-Bereich kommt, seht ihr wahlweise kreatives Chaos vor euch oder einen perfekt aufgeräumten Schreibtisch. Das ist zumindest der Eindruck, den wir gewonnen haben. Wir haben Designer gebeten uns Fotos ihres Arbeitsplatzes zu schicken, und zwar ohne diesen vorher aufzuräumen.
Graphic Design Bureau
Tom Huveners - Designer & Thinker
Tom Huveners