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Use Python. And thanks to those who make it useful! : Python. I'll try to make this brief but it just occurred to me how insidiously useful this thing called python is and felt i should share. i just finished several hours of homework and there were multiple occasions where a trivial amount of python code turned the drudgery of busywork into the joy of learning (wow, allow me to turn the flowery vocab down to 6 or 7). but it's true. in both my discrete math and linear algebra homework i was able to use python to explore some concepts and actually get a better grip on the material. and what makes that so cool (and yeah, i get the irony of using 'cool' when describing how a programming language helped with my math homework. but i was listening to led zeppelin during, so back off...) is how little code it took and how little experience i have. secondly, i've noticed a lot of posts about getting started and, as someone who's just progressing out of the 'deer-caught-in-headlights-beginner' stage, wanted to pass a couple things along. later.

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