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Mash Potatoe

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Mashed Potatoes Recipe: 9 Twists on Classic Mashed Potatoes You Need to Try. OK, so you can mash potato and do the twist.

Mashed Potatoes Recipe: 9 Twists on Classic Mashed Potatoes You Need to Try

But have you mastered making mashed potatoes? What about putting a twist on the classic recipes? There’s a whole lot more to the Thanksgiving favorite than boiling spuds and blending them with butter. In fact, some of the best mashes don’t even include butter OR potatoes. Gasp! Though the traditional dishes are insanely delicious (cream, butter, and carbs is a tough combo to beat), there are tons of ways to make them healthier and more flavorful. From vegan fare to loaded potatoes (bacon, anyone?) Photo: Feasting at Home 1. One of the easiest ways to add color and flavor to classic mashed potatoes is to use red potatoes instead of white. 2.

Using a slow cooker is great way to reduce time spent mixing (and sweating) in the kitchen. 3. Photo: The Wicked Noodle 4. 5. If thou doth protest to potatoes, try cauliflower. 6. Photo: How Sweet It Is 7. 8. 9. This recipe is by far the easiest on the list, but it yields just as much flavor as the rest. Easy Thanksgiving Recipe: Herbed Mashed Potatoes. The most beloved side dish on the Thanksgiving dinner table is perhaps the bowl of buttery mashed potatoes.

Easy Thanksgiving Recipe: Herbed Mashed Potatoes

This recipe adds a gourmet twist by including garlic and fresh herbs. There are two key steps to making delicious mashed potatoes. The first one is to start the potatoes off in cold water and cooking them in simmering liquid instead of a raging boil. The potato cubes can become waterlogged which leads to thin and watery mashed potatoes. The next step is to heat the cooked potatoes for a few minutes to remove any excess liquid. Food - Recipes : Wholegrain mustard mash.

Top 10 ways to use up mashed potatoes. According to Google statistics, mashed potato is one of the most common kitchen leftovers.

Top 10 ways to use up mashed potatoes

As spuds are both plentiful and filling this makes sense, and having a portion looking up sadly from the bottom of the pan isn’t an unusual sight. While cold mash is about as appetising as eating gluey paste, it can be reused to bulk out various other dishes. We’ve put together our favourite ways to use it up... Some mash tips for starters In the potato world, nothing divides opinion quite like the method of making mash. Spud-u-like: Our choices would be Maris Piper or King Edward, but most floury potatoes will work well. The liquid agent:Try one or more of the following: Butter, whipping cream, milk, warmed milk, buttermilk, mayonnaise, crème fraiche, margarine, olive oil, truffle oil, cream cheese. Our leftovers recipes are best made with a simple mash - neutral flavourings like butter and milk are nice and versatile so can be used for a wider range of dishes, both sweet and savoury.

Potato cakes. Mashed Potato with Three Mustards. Perfect Mashed Potato. Return to listing This is now my standard all-time mashed potato recipe.

Perfect Mashed Potato

To make a low-fat version, replace the butter, milk and crème fraîche with 5 oz (150 g) of Quark (skimmed-milk soft cheese) and 2-3 tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk. Serves 4 This recipe is taken from How to Cook Book One Use a potato peeler to pare off the potato skins as thinly as possible, then cut the potatoes into even-sized chunks – not too small; if they are large, quarter them, and if they are small, halve them. Put the potato chunks in a steamer fitted over a large pan of boiling water, sprinkle the salt all over them, put a lid on and steam the potatoes until they are absolutely tender – they should take 20-25 minutes.

The way to tell whether they are ready is to pierce them with a skewer in the thickest part: they should not be hard in the centre, and you need to be careful here, because if they are slightly underdone you do get lumps. Taste and, if they need it, season. Related recipes Serves 4 (makes 8 rösti) Perfect Mashed Potatoes Recipe. There are some British and Irish dishes which cannot be used or served without a delicious, dish of fluffy, creamy, buttery mashed potatoes.

Perfect Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Perfect mashed potato are quick and easy to make. It is the best accompaniment to sausages, roast meats and many other British and Irish dishes especially a classic, Bangers and Mash Recipe. Once you have your mash there are so many lovely recipes you can use them in, nit just as a side dish. Below are some of my favourites. I think Shepherd's Pie must be at the top of the list. Choosing the right potatoes is important though you can make mashed potatoes with any variety, you will simply have a different texture. Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 25 minutes Yield: 4 average size servings Ingredients: 50 Mashed Potato Recipes : Recipes and Cooking. Mashed potato.