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Regina Police canine unit welcomes first ever female officer - Regina. 10 Ways to Help Kids Manage Fear and Be Less Anxious. Bombings, tornadoes, terrorist alerts, hurricanes, school shootings, super storms have boosted all our jitters lately, but don’t forget our children.

10 Ways to Help Kids Manage Fear and Be Less Anxious

I’ve received dozens of parent emails and media calls these past few days asking for advice on how to help calm kids. Many parents tell me what is often typical following a tragedy or trauma whether at home or across the seas- their children’s fears increase. “My Little Miss Sunshine was fine at home, but at soon as she went back to school she’s become a clinger.” “My son has become so moody and irritable. He says nothings wrong, but he’s not the same kid.” “I’m having a hard time helping my kids get to sleep. While we all dream that our children will have carefree days, but the truth is our world is unpredictable. Studies show that children’s worries can be reduced if they learn habits that help them reduce anxieties – such as sharing worries, normalizing expectations, practice relaxation, and others — that he can use the rest of his life. 20 Things to Remeber If You Love Someone With ADD.

It’s a fact; a person with ADD is hard to love.

20 Things to Remeber If You Love Someone With ADD

You never know what to say. It’s like walking through a minefield. The six biggest mistakes of managing an introvert. British Ads Capture the Often Brutal Horrors of Police Work. Police often find themselves in high-stress, high-stakes scenarios—facing unruly drunken mobs, drivers stuck in cars about to explode and knife-wielding maniacs.

British Ads Capture the Often Brutal Horrors of Police Work

This series of videos from ad agency Tinker Taylor for the Scottish Police Federation, a professional trade group, wants you to consider how you'd handle yourself in a cop's shoes. The ads work hard to build the sort of suspense that will actually make you feel uncomfortable. They do a pretty good job of it, too—particularly the first brutal spot below.

The personal details about the officers help anchor the ads. The only question is whether they could have done it a little more quickly. Warning: These ads contain violence and may be upsetting. Guest Post: 21st Century Learning from the Student Perspective. We have a special post today from a student who has started blogging this year with an introduction from her teacher.

Guest Post: 21st Century Learning from the Student Perspective

If you can, please take a moment to comment and engage with this inspiring post from Kaitlyn – She has a question for you at the end! I am honoured to introduce Kaitlyn Champoux, a grade six student in my Advisory class. We have been working on developing digital literacies and becoming active digital citizens this year by sharing our learning on Twitter and through individual student blogs. It has been exciting watching global connections forming through interacting with other classes and teachers using social media!

Students are encouraged to write on topics of interest to them, and also to participate and post challenges to each other to extend our thinking or perspectives on other topics. Heidi James Hi my name is Kaitlyn and I am 11 years old. Twenty-First Century learning is important to me because I still have a lot of years left in school. Like this: The Best Way to Run a Business Meeting. What? I was learning? I tasked myself with finding time to sit down and watch this archived video of Alec Couros presenting at Fusion 2013, the Annual Desire2Learn Global Users Conference, Alec Couros’ Keynote from FUSION 2013: Identity, Networks & Connected Learning.

What? I was learning?

Finding time is never an easy undertaking for me, so that in itself was a satisfying feat. The presentation was interesting, engaging, entertaining and informative–an easy sell to my distractable brain! There were so many great tidbits, that I’m finding it challenging to focus on any one aspect or theme of the presentation and my own learning experience. In terms of “open learning opportunities”, it was an epiphany for me to realize that much of what I routinely do online is, indeed, an open learning experience. I engage in this type of learning daily, whether it’s for a new recipe, a “how to” video, or reading articles and looking up research as related to my own education.

“Informal learning is an important aspect of our learning experience. Teach your kids math with Legos using these clever tricks. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably wondered how to help your child advance their understanding of the much-discussed, always-important subject we call math.

Teach your kids math with Legos using these clever tricks

And you probably feel some combination of rusty, terrified, mystified, and slow. But take heart, parents! All is not yet lost. You might feel a little less overwhelmed at the prospect if you have a bunch of Legos somewhere in the house. Third grade teacher Alycia Zimmerman writes for Scholastic and contributed this informative, approachable lesson on using Legos for teaching various math concepts, from Pre-K up to eighth grade. Re-learn with your child what a Part-Part-Total relationship is… Did your child inherit your aversion to fractions?