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LaSalle Street Church. IGRC Intern Program. Volunteer Opportunities at Lawndale Community Church. Internship Opportunities | The Pluralism Project. Each year, the Pluralism Project staff updates, usually in January, the following list of summer internship opportunities. This list begins with information about the Pluralism Project’s summer internship program, followed by a list of opportunities from other organizations. Internship seekers: In addition to our own internship program, Pluralism Project staff have compiled a list of past internship opportunities that may be useful. For more information about a particular organization or program, please contact the sponsoring organization directly.

Employers: If your organization or research program would like to have your available internships considered for posting on this page, please send an e-mail to and include the 1) Name of the Organization, 2) Location, 3) Website, 3) Brief Description, 4) Brief Instructions to Applicants, and 5) Relevant Dates and Deadlines for Applications. Summer 2017 Internships with the Pluralism Project Location: Cambridge, MA Bahá’í Islam. Employment & Internships – Outreach Community Ministries. Partnering Options — Trash Mountain Project. Protege Internships — Vintage Faith Church. JOB OPPORTUNITY - FTE Internship - Urban Village Church. By Grant Crusor 13 January 2017 Job Opportunity Ministry Exploration Internship Urban Village Church is excited to have received a substantial grant from the Forum for Theological Exploration to help further what we’ve already been doing – raise up creative, imaginative, sound leaders of faith who want to help further gospel-shaped transformation in this world.

We are currently receiving applications for a Ministry Exploration Intern. Ministry Exploration Intern Duration: 1 year Time commitment: 6-8 hours/week Compensation: $6,000 Number of Openings: 1 The purpose of this internship is an opportunity for individuals to explore the possibility of ministry as a vocational path. Learning Opportunities/Program: When we invite individuals to join our team as interns, our approach to mentorship and vocational discernment tends toward the permissive – exploratory, experimental, and imaginative – within the bounds of our vision/mission and the needs of the ministry/congregation. Supervision Approach. Ministry Overview - About - We believe that the college campus is the most strategic mission field. Change the university, change the world. Now more than ever, the world needs Christian leaders. And for the last 75 years, InterVarsity/USA has been developing future leaders through our courageous proclamation of Jesus as Lord and Savior on campus, our deep discipleship around Scripture, and our love of all peoples and cultures.

The way students spend their time in college lays the foundation for the next 40 years of their lives. However, on average, 70% of young adults stop attending church regularly between ages 18–22. But as InterVarsity/USA, we are seeing transformation on campus at historic levels. We are seeing students and faculty come to Christ every week!

We have developed as followers of Jesus. We have been on campus for years and are one of the oldestand largest campus ministries. Give to the Vision Your gift will be used strategically to develop Christian leaders on campus today. Covenant Youth Collision. Eagle Lake Camps - Summer. The goal of Eagle Lake Camp is “to inspire Christ-centered love and commitment through counselor relationships in the midst of exciting outdoor adventures”. At Eagle Lake, we work hard to create a memorable camp experience. Our secret weapons in achieving this are our counselors! They are the ones who live out our goal daily by implementing our exceptionally well-run programs, providing contagious fun and meeting campers wherever they are at spiritually and socially.

Our staff is focused on a life-on-life ministry approach that emphasizes excellence, wholeheartedness, and faithfulness in all areas, with plenty of feedback, evaluated experience, and personal care from our full-time staff. Each of our staff members is carefully screened with character references, criminal background checks, past-employer references, an in-depth application, and a personal interview. 2016 Summer Staff Information 2016 Summer Staff Position Overview Eagle Lake On Location Counselor- May 25-August 14, 2016. Envision Internships. Internships : Kids Alive International.

Are you seeking God’s direction for the next year of your life and believe God might be calling you to invest some time with orphans and at-risk kids? Are you at least 18, and could you spend a summer or a few weeks or months in one of the countries where we serve? Then check out our opportunities for a Kids Alive internship! Our missionaries and staff welcome your help. No matter what your gifts, interests, or skills, you can help change the lives of children and bring the hope of Jesus Christ as you form relationships with them and show them what it means to love in tangible ways.

Internships are a great opportunity to be mentored by those already serving on the mission field. And if you’re not sure what God has for your future, this could be a wonderful way to find out. Every summer, we send top-notch interns for 6-8 weeks to support the ministries on our fields. If you have questions, contact Sue, our Overseas Intern Coordinator. Intern-Opportunities. MercyWorks | Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. Internships | Blackhawk Church. Are you considering ministry as a vocation? Would you like the opportunity to develop as a leader?

Are you interested in gaining ministry experience in a large, growing church? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the Blackhawk Internship Program might be for you. The Internship Program Handbook and Internship Overview provide more information on this opportunity. Internships are available in most Blackhawk ministries.

Application Deadline The next internship season we are accepting applications for is the summer 2016 season; applications are due February 1. Internship Program and Application Giving toward the Internship Program In order to participate in an internship, interns are required to fundraise for their wage and other small incidental expenses. Questions? Kaio Community & Internships | Emmaus Ministries – Chicago, IL. For information on internships, click here. The word “Kaio,” pronounced kah’-yo, is a Greek word that means “to set on fire, to consume.” It’s used in Luke 24, in which the disciples say of Jesus, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road?”

The Kaio Community offers a unique opportunity for passionate people, motivated by the Gospel, to devote a year to voluntary service with an often-overlooked population in the diverse, exciting city of Chicago. During this year of spiritual, personal, and professional growth, Kaio members are stretched and supported by being part of an intentional community. Kaio members work full time for Emmaus and are involved in every area of the ministry. Kaio Community members make a one-year commitment to full-time service, prayer, intentional community, and living simply. Kaio is open to those 21 and over. Apply now! For more information about Kaio, check out the “FAQ” page on the right.

Get Involved | ACMNP. Make a donation Your financial support of ACMNP allows us to recruit, place, train, send and support ministry teams in the national parks each year. Because of people like you, we can worship, witness, and develop Christian leaders in the midst of God’s creation. Serve as a ministry team member Are you a young leader ready for the best summer of your life? Serve as a ministry team leader Seminarians and other mature leaders are offered this leadership opportunity, many of whom work with their school for academic credit and an ACMNP scholarship. Support our seasonal ministry teams Do you want to support and encourage young Christians in the parks?

Reconnect with ACMNP Have you served with ACMNP in the past? Work at the National Office Are you interested in working for ACMNP full-time in Denver, CO? Volunteer in the National Office Do you live in the Denver, CO area? Bring ACMNP to your college campus or local church Do you know other people who should serve with us or get involved? Chicago Internships | American Friends Service Committee. Positions Available Internship positions are available in each of our Chicago programs. Interns will work with a challenging and diverse staff, with opportunities to attend planned activities, as well as work on a long-term project.

Duration and project focus are negotiated. Small stipends are available for some of the internships; others are on a work-study or volunteer basis. Program Issue Areas Issue areas of concentration change with the needs of the communities we serve. Peace/Anti-war organizing Truth in Recruitment workMiddle East Peace education and activism Office administration and event organizing Fundraising and public outreach Outreach to communities of color Qualifications 1-5 weekdays time commitment in the office where work is located Must be flexible, cooperative and a willing team member Writing and/or public speaking skills Fluency in Spanish is helpful for some internships To Apply Applicants should call or write to: Holy Trinity Church Chicago > Ministry Training. The Chicago Plan The Chicago Plan is Holy Trinity Church's residential training scheme devoted to training emerging pastors, church, planters and full-time Christian workers.

The meeting schedule follows the general academic calendar, each year beginning in September and ending in May. The curriculum consists of three parts: classroom instruction, ministry experience, and mentorship. Since the Chicago Plan began, the classroom instruction has focused on the basic tools for Biblical exposition. Our goal is to equip each student with the skills they need to responsibly and rightly handle the Bible so that they may teach it to others. The Chicago Plan students also engage in nearly every aspect of Holy Trinity Church's ministry.

On any given Sunday, you may see an intern preaching, leading an adult Sunday school class, or working with the children's ministry. The final piece in the training is mentorship. To learn more, contact the Coordinator, Kyle Edwards ( Year-Round Internships | Inner City Impact. Armitage Church - C.A.U.S.E. Short-term Missions / Volunteer Internship, Chicago, IL, , Children and Youth Ministry: Christian Volunteer and Short Term Missions Opportunities:

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Map Data Map Satellite 1. Denver Rescue Mission We serve five meals a day, seven days a week at two facilities and have several volunteer shifts to assist with the serving of the meals. 2. Forward Edge International 3. Earthen Vessels Outreach 4. 5. 6. KidWorks 7. Christian Ministry Internships | One Year and Summer | Across the USA and Canada | Christian Ministry Internships | One Year and Summer | City Vision Internships. Urban Ministry Internship (Urban Mission Opportunities) Give a Year Urban Ministry Internship (UMI) is a 9-to-12 month opportunity designed to give you a chance to further develop your abilities in urban ministry. You can be making a powerful impact in the lives of people while deciding where God is leading you full-time.

Open and read our UMI FAQ sheet. (Below are more general questions.) What will I do? Work alongside people whom God has called to live, serve, and raise families in an urban context. Read a recent newsletter from one of our Chicago interns to get an idea of what you can do. Mentor youth, feed the homeless, prepare people for jobs, organize programs that provide vital resources for the poor, or use your professional skills in computers, administration, music, graphic design, or another language to reach people with God's love and mercy.

A resourcing focus would require 3 days/week in a support role as project designer, administrator, curriculum writer, computer networker, recreation planner — your area of specialty! Greenhouse Regional Church Movement. Greenhouse Movement Descriptions Immigration Legal Aid Internship UIC International Ministry Internship UIC Campus Ministry Internship Northwestern Campus Ministry Internship Nursing Home Ministry Internship Administrative Internship Finance Internship Community Health Internship Internships are not limited to these descriptions. Locations Madison, Wisconsin Houston, TX San Diego, CA Chicago, IL Internships are not limited to these locations. Job Board - North Park University - Christian, Urban, Multicultural. To Post A Position Send a job description via email to the Center for Youth Ministry Studies with the following information: Name and address of ministry Contact person Contact phone and email address Website Job description CYMS will upload the information to the job board within a week of receiving content.

Current Job Postings Children's Minsitries Internship Harbor Covenant Church - Gig Harbor, WA Description: Harbor Covenant Children’ Ministries emphasizes spiritual growth through relationships rather than programs. Position description: The Children’s Ministries Intern is involved in all aspects of Children’s Ministries (birth – grade 5), including planning, equipping, and implementing various ministry programs. For more information contact: Jessica Bauml, Director of Children’s Ministries Cell: 253.970.1482 Experience: Qualifications: An under graduate degree.

Salary: How to Apply: Application Deadline: Contact: Posted 1/30/2014 4:51:00 PM Year Long Internship. Breakthrough Internships. Interns/Fellowships | Sustainable House | A Safe Haven Foundation. Youth Guidance Internships - Youth Guidance. If you are interested in working with children, teens and parents in a school setting, or if you are interested in enhancing your administrative skills in a not-for profit setting, Youth Guidance can help you fulfill your requirements and provide you with career experience. You can help Chicago’s youth in the process. Youth Guidance offers internships in direct service as well as with administrative departments such as Research, Evaluation, and Technology, Human Resources and Program Management.

The majority of our internship placements happen in September at the start of the school year. However, other opportunities may be available depending on your needs and interests. If you are interested in interning with Youth Guidance, please send an email to Marketing & Development Internship.

Careers Center - YMCA Internship. Internships | Chicago Children's Advocacy Center.