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Chain grinder for fertilizer - HuaQiang. Half-Wet Material Crusher- compost fertilizer crusher. INTRODUCTION Half-wet material crusher is widely used in bio organic fermentation composting, municipal solid waste composting, grass mud carbon, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste, chicken manure, cattle manure, sheep manure, pig manure, duck manure and other biological fermentation.

Half-Wet Material Crusher- compost fertilizer crusher

It is a special equipment for crushing process of high humidity materials. The pulverizer is also suitable for mining, coal mine, metallurgy and other industries. It can grind glass, ceramics, bricks, gravel and other hard materials, and achieve the effect of safe implementation. Fertilizer pulverizer -HuaQiang. Grinder Machine - factory direct sale. Roller pellet machine -HuaQiang. Introduction Hydraulic Roller Granulator has wide raw material adaptability and high granulation rate.

roller pellet machine -HuaQiang

Can produce various concentrations and types of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer, etc. Especially the rare earth, potassium carbonate and ammonium bicarbonate series fertilizers have good particle processing effect. Feature 1. It uses the process that has no drying , and granulating at room temperature, forming at once, it also has the less investment, quick results and good economic returns.

Ring Die Granulator,HuaQiang Heavy ndustry. Ring die pelleting machine makes the material into strip-shaped particles by mechanical extrusion.

Ring Die Granulator,HuaQiang Heavy ndustry

It has a small volume, and the orgnaic fertilizer production process has low energy consumption, which can save a lot of energy. Ring die pelleting machine can also be applied to granulation of biological bacterial fertilizer, compound fertilizer, feed and the like. The ring die pellet mill produces cylindrical particles, which can be used in the fertilizer production line with polishing machine to improve the shape of the particles. FEATURES 1. New Type Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator-HuaQiang Heavy Industry. Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator is widely used for the granulation of NPK fertilizer and organic fertilizer.

New Type Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator-HuaQiang Heavy Industry

Because of its high granulation rate, stable operation, strong and durable equipment, and long service life, it is the first choice of equipment by the majority of users. Its volume is larger than general fertilizer granulator and its production capacity is strong. Features: Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator is especially suitable for the granulation of light and fine powder materials. The finer the basic particles of the fine powder material, the higher the sphericity of the particles, and the better the quality of the particles. The strength of the granules higher than that of general fertilizer granulating machine. Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine -HuaQiang. Flat die pelleting machine is a kind of pelleting machine which makes solid materials shape.

Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine -HuaQiang

It is durable and adaptable to raw materials. Flat die pellet mill is widely used in biomass granulation, makes the material into strip-shaped particles by mechanical extrusion. Flat die pelleting machine manufactured by our plant has the advantages of high efficiency and low energy consumption, and is favored by fertilizer plants. Working Principle The motor drives the spindle to rotate after decelerating through the reducer, and the spindle drives the roller to rotate.

At the same time, the roller rotates around the roller under the action of friction resistance. Disc Granulator - disk pelleting machine. Fertilizer granule making machine -HuaQiang. Rotary drum granulator can process organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, biological fertilizer and other granular fertilizers.

fertilizer granule making machine -HuaQiang

It has an irreplaceable advantage in the production process. The drum granulating equipment series is an essential fertilizer granule making machine for every fertilizer manufacturer. Rotary drum granulator can rotate the cylinder with small power, and the external part is made of wear-resistant steel, which effectively extends the service time of the equipment. Organic fertilizer pellet machine-HuaQiang. Double Roller Press Granulator - HuaQiang fertilizer granulator. The double roller press granulator is one of the fertilizer granulator equipment.It is a new designed fertilizer equipment by our company based on the fertilizer granulator machine.The machine is widely used for the fertilizer processing industry,feed production units and chemical industry to granulate,produce and process powdered objects.Roller extrusion granulator is the key equipment for compound fertilizer granulator,with advanced technology,reasonable design,compact structure,low engery consumption and the corresponding equipment.

Double Roller Press Granulator - HuaQiang fertilizer granulator

WORKING PRINCIPLE The dry powder material is added to the top of the roller press granulator, and the rolls are rotated by reverse and constant speed, biting the material and forcibly compressing. After the compression, the pressure of the material is lowered, and under the action of gravity and surface tension, it naturally escapes, and the crusher is broken and the granulator is granulated. Fertilizer pellet machine - HuaQiang. NPK Blending Fertilizer Production Line. Bulk Blending Fertilizer (BB fertilizer), which is made of a variety of different basic fertilizer granules by mechanical mixing.

NPK Blending Fertilizer Production Line

The nutrient composition of single granule of mixed fertilizer is not consistent with that of the whole fertilizer. Fertilizer granules with different nutrients compose mixed fertilizers. Therefore, in the bulk blending fertilizer, there is only the problem of granulation of the basic fertilizer. NPK Blending Fertilizer Production Line is simple, the investment is low, the processing cost is low, and the processing method is flexible, so bulk blending fertilizer can be adjusted quickly according to different formulations. Especially in the United States and other regions, bulk blending fertilizers are widely used. Rotary Drum Granulation Production Line. Rotary drum granulator is a kind of granulator commonly used in the production of NPK compound fertilizer, biological fertilizer, controlled-release fertilizer and other fertilizers.

Rotary Drum Granulation Production Line

It is suitable for the large-scale production of cold, hot granulation and high, medium and low concentration NPK fertilizer production line. The new blended raw materials are fed into drum granulator at a uniform rate according to the balling rate. At the same time, the saturated steam is fed into the material layer as required, so that the granulation process can be granulated at a lower moisture content, which not only raises the temperature of the material, but also causes the material to be humidified, thereby reducing the drying load. But, it needs to depend on the granulation rate, if necessary, a small amount of water or fertilizer solution may be sprayed on the material to maintain the optimum liquid phase for the granulation of the material.

Features: 1. Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line. Disc granulator is the main fertilizer granulating machine in fertilizer production line.

Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line

It is often used in granulation of organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, biological fertilizer and other fertilizers. After applying organic fertilizer to soil, the content of soil organic matter can be significantly increased, and then the soil organic nitrogen can be increased. Pig Manure Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line. Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line for pig manure recycling to make organic fertilizer.

After composting, fermentation and granulation, pig manure becomes high quality fertilizer. We can design the fertilizer production line according to your site. The mainly equipment that bio-organic fertilizer production line include: 1.Half-Wet Material Crusher 2.Mixer 3.New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator 4.Dryer 5.Screening Machine 6.Belt Conveyor 7.Coating Machine 8.Automatic Packing Machine. NPK Fertilizer Machine - NPK Fertilizer Production Line Manufacturer. NPK Fertilizer production line and NPK fertilizer machine manufacturers-Zhengzhou Huaqiang. What equipment does the blended fertilizer production line include? There are many NPK fertilizer production process, and the choice of bulk blending fertilizer equipment and production process depends on many factors. So how to produce BB fertilizer? Which fertilizer equipment should be used? What are the characteristics of the drum granulator? The drum granulator is a molding machine that can manufacture materials into specific shapes.

The drum granulator is one of the key equipment in the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process, which is suitable for the large-scale production of cold and hot granulation and high-, medium- and low-concentration compound fertilizers. The main working method is wet granulation of agglomerates. Through a certain amount of water or steam, the basic fertilizer is fully chemically reacted in the cylinder after the humidity is adjusted.

NPK Fertilizer Manufacturing Process. NPK Fertilizer Roller Press Granulator Production Process. Roller press granulator is the main machinery of powder granulation. With the improvement of environmental protection demand and automation degree of production process, its importance is becoming increasingly prominent. Double roller press granulator is used for powder fertilizer granulation in the NPK fertilizer production process, and can produce irregular particles of 1 to 4 mm. NPK Fertilizer Production Line - NPK fertilizer granule processing. For multi-component mixed products, granulation can avoid segregation of components, so as to truly ensure the quality of fertilizer products.

The raw material has wide adaptability and is suitable for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer,medicine,chemical industry and feed,and the product has high granulation rate.It can produce various concentrations,multiple types(including organic --inorganic compound fertilizer,biological fertilizer,etc.)compound fertilizer. The main equipment that NPK fertilizer production line contains: 1.Automatic batching machine 2.Belt conveyor 3.Mixer 4.Crusher 5.Rotary drum granulator 6.Dryer 7.Cooler 8.Screening machine 9.Coating machine 10.Automatic packing machine. Fertilizer Production Line - fertilizer production process, fertilizer machine.