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Hyderabad Book Clubs Every Bookworm Should Join. Hyderabad’s rich association with literature dates all the way back to the 15th Century; when the Qutb Shahi Dynasty encouraged the growth of Decani Urdu in poetry.

Hyderabad Book Clubs Every Bookworm Should Join

Hyderabad, which is more famously known as the city of Nizams, owes its cultural heritage to the 150-yearlong rule of the Nizams. They brought Hyderabad to the centre stage of elegant and soulful arts, and literature and that legacy continue to shine till date. Hyderabad hasn’t let go of its roots, with the old and new parts of the city perfectly dovetailed to give any aspiring writer an overdose of inspiration. How Writing Challenges Will Help Authors. Being a writer can have its perks; you write without restrictions, you earn plenty provided your book sells well and, there’s a chance that your book is adapted into a movie.

How Writing Challenges Will Help Authors

But, like most other professions, writing comes with its set of challenges, which are arguably the hardest to overcome. Ultimately, the challenges you face only make you better as a writer. So instead of sweating over them, learn to embrace every hurdle you face. Here are five challenges even the world’s best writers face quite often. The starting problem So you’re sitting at your workstation, you’ve got your computer in frontof you with a blank Word document open, and probably the entire story etched out with all details, great and small, in your brain. New York Times bestselling thriller author Joanna Penn says, The biggest writing challenge actually continues to be sitting down to write”. The only way to overcome this hurdle is to get into the habit of writing small parts of your big project on a regular basis.

Why is it important for authors to take a retreat? Being a writer in the current generation is quite stress-free and straightforward. From editing to distributing your books, you can leave all the worries to your book publisher, just sit back and write your heart out. Books To Read For Jeffrey Archer Fans. The release of Kane and Abel took the literary world by storm.

Books To Read For Jeffrey Archer Fans

Crime thriller lovers spent endless hours immersed in the compelling story of William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski; their powerfully written characterization and a plot that sees them get tangled in a 60-year power struggle on the background of war, marriage, fortune and disaster. If you enjoy the quirky writing style, set in plausibly realistic and relatable backgrounds, you’re bound to have read a Jeffrey Archer book.

Look beyond his works, and you’ll find a whole other bunch of novels that could rival Archer’s genius. Here are 13 books to read if you are a Jeffrey Archer fan. The Odessa File Author- Frederick Forsyth An all-weather gripping read, The Odessa File is one of Frederick Forsyth’s best-selling crime thrillers. Top Book Reader's Blog In India. Do you love books?

Top Book Reader's Blog In India

Top Bangalore Book Clubs - Every Bookworm's Favorite Place. Self Publishing Blog. If you take pride in calling yourself a bookworm, joining a book club is something you must do.

Self Publishing Blog

Every book lover not only loves reading but also analyzing and discussing his or her thoughts about a book. Book clubs act as a perfect platform for that. A book club is open to anyone with a passion for reading. Looking to join one in the NCR? Here is a list for you. On the other hand if you are a writer or an author, read our blog on How to Self Publish a Book in India. Gurgaon Connection Book Club The Gurgaon Connection Book Club was started by Holly Lacsher and is open for expats only. Mums at Work Book Club Started by Jyoti Gulati, the Mums at Work book club is an exclusive club for women for sharing their ideas about books and authors.

Book Publishing Tips Blog in India. Mumbai reminds us of many things: Bollywood, beaches, fashion, shopping, food, monsoon, and what not! The most populous city of India is well-known for its literary population too. With famous authors like Devdutt Patnaik, Salman Rushdie, Shobhaa De, and Anant Pai hailing from this beautiful city, the city is one of the most book-loving cities in India.

With a lot of book clubs that are functioning for years now, Mumbai definitely has a lot to offer for the bookaholics in the city. If you are someone who loves to read books and connect with the literary folks in your town, this list will be helpful. Conversion Rate Optimization. The Digital World One of the defining trends in the recent years has been the colonization of the real by the digital.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The rise of social media, smart phones, e-mails and blogging clearly indicate that the world is moving more and more towards digital. With an increasing number of businesses going digital in order to reach more customers, empower them, reduce cost, and save time, they have a need to invest more on Digital Marketing activities such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), display targeting, social medial advertising, email campaigns to increase traffic to their websites. While attracting customers has become easier, converting them and engaging them during their visit is still challenging and can widely vary depending on nature of business.

We do have an interesting blog on how data can help improve success of marketing campaigns, which you may find useful. Conversions and Optimization Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to the website who take an action. Advanced Analytical Techniques. Rethinking traditional consumer segmentation The good old concept of segmentation, targeting and positioning framework, has stood the test of time and have helped marketers take strategic business decisions.

Advanced Analytical Techniques

These business leaders have routinely used demographic analysis to help craft a brand’s message, positioning, and marketing. Artificial Intelligence Applications. Artificial Intelligence Applications. Tips For Authors To Use Twitter.