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NowThen Cleaners are Sheffield’s finest home cleaning company. We only work with the very best local cleaners to deliver our consistently high levels of service when cleaning houses.

21 Hacks For Hassle-Free End of Tenancy Cleaning. Are you living on rent somewhere?

21 Hacks For Hassle-Free End of Tenancy Cleaning

Are you planning to vacate the residential property you are living in? This is where the end of tenancy cleaning comes into play. You have to clean the property and restore its personality back to normal before vacating it. It is indeed very important that you clean the residential property you are planning to vacate. 3 Easy and Hassle Free House Cleaning Hacks. Nothing can beat the happiness of finding the best house that you’ve been dreaming of having.

3 Easy and Hassle Free House Cleaning Hacks

A dream home. Yes, it’s thrilling to own one. Moving, shifting, adapting to the new environment, mingling with the new neighbors, and exploring the new neighborhood can be all fun and games. But that is it! The newness had to end someday and so, as time gradually passes by and as you make use of your living space, things like dirt, sludge, stains, and spills start showing their ugly faces. 5 Office Cleaning Tips for a Clean and Presentable Office. Office cleaning is not something that everyone is fond of.

5 Office Cleaning Tips for a Clean and Presentable Office

As much as it is vital to keep the office spaces clean, the importance of keeping the office cleanliness is often overlooked. This is because the people who own the offices or commercial spaces, often don’t pay heed to this crucial factor! And if you’re one of them, let me tell you the truth. 6 Effective Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning. You’re all in your high spirits because you’re soon moving to a new house!

6 Effective Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning

It’s a matter of exhilaration, indeed! However, if you’re leaving a rented accommodation behind you, another important thing must be on the priority list for you – the end of tenancy cleaning. 3 Tips to Organize and Clean Your Kid’s Room. Having kids might turn your life upside down.

3 Tips to Organize and Clean Your Kid’s Room

One day it is all fun and games and the other day, things can be a complete headache. If you are a working mother or a homemaker, either ways it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the household work on one hand and the task of cleaning on the other. Nonetheless, no matter how much you cringe and avoid doing it, house cleaning is a mandatory task. A clean house ensures the health of your family, especially when there are kids in the house.

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Cleaners for Your Office. Owning an office is a great feeling in itself.

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Cleaners for Your Office

Bringing your personnel together to plan and work under that one roof slowly becomes a huge part of your day. And then, it starts becoming bigger and bigger that you barely get any time out of your office work. That’s how most businesses work out. However, when you started, did you decide to carry out the office cleaning, yourself? Or maybe get some help from your staff too? 4 Tips to a Squeaky-Clean New Rented House. To move into a new apartment is all the more exciting.

4 Tips to a Squeaky-Clean New Rented House

The new house, new furniture, new paint, new wallpapers, and whatnot! Everything brings a new vibe to your life. However, if it’s a rented apartment, you cannot move in just like that. Nowthencleaners.kinja. So!


Spring cleaning, eh? Sounds a little dreadful. Doesn’t it? You must have been procrastinating the task of cleaning your whole house at once till the time when you actually have time. Little do you know that you’ve dallied the task so much that now your whole house is a mess and it will require twice the time it would’ve, before.

6 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks for Speedy House Cleaning. No one likes to live in a dirty house.

6 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks for Speedy House Cleaning

Living in a dirty house is similar to inviting a number of diseases, a reason why everybody focuses on cleaning their house to perfection. But cleaning a house is not a child’s play. House cleaning can easily consume all of your day and physical energy. If not done with proper care, you may also end up getting yourself exhausted. Find the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Company. Do you know the right thing to do before determining the best end of tenancy cleaning company?

Find the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Company

It is not a piece of cake! It can be really hard. End of tenancy cleaning is seriously a time consuming task. Therefore, you need to educate yourself on this subject. Whose responsibility it is? The number or feuds between renters and landlords is going up day-by-day. An outstanding cleaning job at the end of tenancy is the renter’s responsibility.

5 Easily Available House Cleaning Products for Your Kitchen ⋆ NowThen Cleaners. Health is wealth! All of us know it. This is why we must try our level best to protect our health. A neat and clean home is the order of the day for leading a healthy life. This is possible only when our home is clean to perfection and the indoor environment is totally safe and free from germs and pollution. This is why we always tend to apply the safest house cleaning practices and products. How are we lured into buying harmful cleaning products? This is one of the most important questions to be answered. Always be on the lookout for quality home cleaning products for your home. Tips How to Spring Clean Your House. 5 Tips on How to Spring Clean Your House Living in a house, whether it is a rented property or your own house, constantly calls for a perfect cleaning campaign.

Vacuuming the carpets, mopping the floors, dusting the furniture, and cleaning the kitchen, toilets, and bathrooms, together makes up your cleaning routine. However, the question arises – do we get these things done every day? In most of the cases, the answer will be a big no! With a packed schedule at work, we rarely get a chance to thoroughly clean the house like that. For people who cannot take much time out of their routine, the best option to spring clean the house is hiring the best quality cleaning services, Sheffield. The professional cleaners take your house area by area and make it squeaky-clean by the time they’re done!

4 Office Cleaning Tips for a Spick and Span Office – Hugo Russell – Medium. Seemingly, for a person who loves to work, and even for others, an office is just like a second home. We easily spend 45 hours a week in our office and that’s more than the half of our time. Office Cleaning Sheffield. 5 Fantastic Reasons To Keep Your House Clean. If you are needing some motivation to get your spring clean plans in place or if you are contemplating whether you need a regular professional cleaner then look no further. 1.