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SPACE - Travelogue. Oral Site. Nvsbl April 28-29 2016: Lecture-demonstration Oral Site, by Kristien Van den Brande @ SAR-conference in The HagueSAR-conference will address writing in relation to artistic research from these perspectives: writing as practice and practice as writing.

Oral Site

How do both writing and practice operate as ways to convey new knowledge, understanding and experiences by which we (re)organize our lives? 30 January 2016: lecture-performance based on Strata, by Julien Bruneau at Bains Connectiveone of three sisters is part of a series of lecture-performances where digressive thought, dance and various staged actions interact in order to explore Strata, the on-line artist publication created by Julien Bruneau on Oral Site.In the frame of 3 actions 1 dinner at Bains Connective, 19h, Bondgenotenstraat 54, 1190 Brussels (BE). Complete program 27 August 2015: 'MEADOW (it’s all writing) - TXT In Contemporary Aesthetic Practices' at PA-F hosts presentation on Olga.



Research Studios: A Series of Interventions During the course of the research cluster 'Time and Rhythm' at P.A.R.T.S., the artists, thinkers and theoreticians that were invited to teach in the program, will be given the opportunity to share their work publicly. Guests will include Goran Sergej Pristas, Diedrich Diederichsen, Daniela Bershan and Juan Dominguez. The research cluster and the public program were initiated and conceived by Bojana Cvejic and Tom Engels. Constant - Cuisine Interne Keuken. SPIN. VTi: Who's Who / Index. Amicale de production - LE JEU DE L'OIE. PSi Manifesto Lexicon. HIROSHIMA. Laboratorio de artes en vivo. Azkuna Zentroa - Home. HOME - Sismògraf Olot - Sismògraf. Festival de dansa a Olot. La Générale d'Imaginaire. Plaine Images. Public meeting/debate - Création & Créativité : du geste gracieux à la rentabilité du geste - 05/06/2015.

BEPART » The Public Imagination Movement » Page 1. Invisibilia - Tecnologie per la documentazione dell'arte contemporanea. Trafó. Kitchen Budapest ◻ Hi, we are KIBU! Művelődési Szint [MÜSZI] Sinarts English. Le Tripostal / Lille. Créer un compte Créez votre compte et recevez toute l’actualité qui vous ressemble.

Le Tripostal / Lille

Le Tripostal est un lieu dédié aux expositions d'art contemporain à Lille. C'est depuis "Lille 2004 Capitale Européenne de la Culture" que le Tri Postal est devenu un espace d’accueil et de programmation. Ajouter à mes favoris Mes favoris Votre actualité a bien été ajoutée à votre fil d'infos. Votre actualité a bien été retirée de votre fil d'infos. Créez votre compte et enregistrez les articles qui vous intéressent. Construit dans les années 50 pour trier le courrier de la Métropole puis reconverti en lieu culturel à l’occasion de « Lille 2004, Capitale Européenne de la Culture », le Tripostal est devenu un espace majeur de la création contemporaine.

Sans être un centre d’art ou un musée c’est un lieu d’art et de vie, situé en cœur de ville, entre les gares Lille Flandres et Lille Europe. Pour connaître l'actualité de lille3000, rendez-vous sur à télécharger Infos pratiques Adresse Contact Accès. Public meeting/debate - Culture & Laïcité - 10/06/2016. Mengi. History Mengi was opened in December 11th, 2013.


The venue was designed by Elísabet Jónsdóttir, designer and Hrafnhildur Jónsdóttir, architect. Mengi has hosted hundreds of events with artists from all around the world. Verk Produksjoner. Margrét Sara GUDJONSDOTTIR. Brokentalkers. Kviss bumm bang. Icelandic dance company. Iceland Dance Company (IDC) is the national dance company of Iceland.

Icelandic dance company

Established in 1973, IDC is an independent public institution responsible for developing, creating and nurturing contemporary dance and choreography in Iceland. Iceland Dance Company is a progressive contemporary dance company constantly building a repertoire of choreography by many of Europe’s leading choreographers, e.g. Jón Gnarr, the comedian who became mayor. There are a few ways to get famous in Iceland, says Jón Gnarr, most of which revolve around the whimsical Icelandic character, personified to the rest of the world by Björk.

Jón Gnarr, the comedian who became mayor

To be Icelandic, he says, is to be “flexible” to sudden changes of fortune (it’s probably a weather thing). So it was that, in 2010, Gnarr, a standup comic, stood as mayor of Reykjavik. It was a satirical gesture, designed to protest against the political class blamed for miring Iceland in the financial crisis. To his horror, and the horror of the establishment, he won. “Why do I always have to get myself into trouble?” We are in the offices of Gnarr’s publisher in New York, where he is promoting Gnarr! Culture centre and theatre in West Iceland. Sardegna Teatro. CHIUSURA ESTIVA - dal 13 al 29 agosto BIGLIETTERIA INFOPOINT070/

Sardegna Teatro