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How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a Dress. This T-shirt dress was inspired by all those lovely jersey knit, color-blocked dresses from the ’60s, primarily designed by Rudi Gernreich and Mary Quant.

How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a Dress

While it’s unlikely that we’ll ever get our hands on an original, there’s no reason why we can’t make our own! The silhouettes of this era are typically pretty forgiving and way easy to replicate. My take on this look requires just a few T-shirts and a couple of straight seams—no fancy sewing or garment-fitting skills required! If you can sew a straight line, then you can definitely make this dress. You’ll need: Four T-shirts—two of each color. Making the top of the dress 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. We’ll only need one half of each T-shirt to make the top. Making the bottom of the dress To make the bottom half of the dress, we’ll basically repeat the same procedure, except this time, there’ll be fewer things to cut.

DIY Men's Shirt Into A Cut-Out Dress. Do you gravitate towards amazing men’s drerss shirts when you thrift?

DIY Men's Shirt Into A Cut-Out Dress

Or do you have a whole bunch of ill-fitting ones sitting in your favourite guy’s donate pile? Somehow I’ve ended up with a few more button-ups than I really need, so I decided to tackle another reconstruction to show you how versatile these babies are! The collar and placket of a button-up are always a classic style and if you keep that portion of it in tact, you can keep a “put-together” look even if you’re wearing a totally deconstructed shirt. Today I’m going to show you how to make a large men’s shirt into a really cute summer dress with the back cut-out.

So follow along and let me know if you have any questions! WHAT YOU’LL NEED: - an oversized mens button-up shirt - a shirt that fits you well - measuring tape - scissors - sewing machine (not shown) - elastic - pins [ MEASURE ] – Put on your oversized mens shirt and measure from the collar to your underbust or high waist. . [ IRON ] – Finally, iron the entire dress.

LBD #1: DIY Cut Out Back Minidress. DIY Fashion: The flapper dress DIY. Christmas is approcching and we're putting together our party outfit.

DIY Fashion: The flapper dress DIY

Last week we diy-ed a our glitter shoes and now it's time to diy our party dress. The dress I made it's a flapper dress in a blush pink color and I used a sheer crepe georgette fabric. If you saw the latest runways you maybe know that the flapper dress will be really trendy next spring, so we're making a dress we can wear a lot next season. See the step by step tutorial after the jump. Natale si avvicina ed è tempo di mettere insieme il nostro outfit. How to make the ruffle: I then hemmed the ruffle and then gathered it: I stitched the edge of the ruffle loosely and then I pulled the thread. (I also gathered the shoulders) Come si realizza la ruche: Qui sopra troverete il modello per la ruche, una volta tagliato, eseguite l'orlo e poi arricciatelo.

(Ho anche arricciato le spalle). Come si realizza la cinta: Ho tagliato un rettangolo di stoffa della lunghezza dei fianchi e alto 10 centimetri. Et voilà! DIY Pollow case night dress. Stalno gledam one projekte sa jastučnicama, i stalno sam govorila da ću (jednog dana kada naučim šiti) i sama napraviti nešto slično.

DIY Pollow case night dress

Pa izgleda da sam toliko napredovala na mašini da sam uspjela! Kada sam pronašla ovu ogromnu jastučnicu, odmah sam je ukrala (mama se nije baš previše ljutila). I naravno, kao i gotovo svi moji projekti, tjednima me je čekala uredno složena. Neki dan sam je i iskoristila. Nisam ništa porubljivala (iako sam možda trebala), zato je ovo bio jako brz projekt. I love all of those projects with pillow cases. One tricky thing was applying that elastic. And I made mine nightdress out of pillow case :) Except that elastic, I didn't sew anything. It was half an hour project and material is so kind for sleeping in. Ponekad ostavim rukave da stoje kako su i napravljeni. Pitam ja malog brata "Kakva mi je spavaćica? As you can see on photos I have bows on mine sholders. (and you can see holes from original pillow case :) Hand Stamped D.I.Y. Pony Print Dress. Hi there!

Hand Stamped D.I.Y. Pony Print Dress

I made a hand stamped pony print dress this week. It was so much fun and something that you can do on any skill level! The best part is that the end result is a custom dress that's one of a kind! To stamp my dress I used this method. If you've never made a foam stamp read this how-to. I'm super happy with the end result. How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a Dress.