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Samedi 25 juin 6 25 /06 /Juin 18:51 Will Schofield a changé d’adresse il y a plusieurs mois déjà. Je me dois de le signaler tant son premier site A Journey Round My Skull, dont les archives sont toujours en consultation, a occupé une place importante dans mes pages, aussi et surtout parce qu’il s’agit d’un des plus beaux sites sur Internet. 50 Watts est dans la continuité de A Journey…, avec plus d’espace et donc la possibilité de montrer des grands formats sans qu’il ne soit nécessaire de cliquer sur les images. Will a aussi ouvert un micro-blog Writers No One Reads qui risque bien d’être la plus littéraire de toutes les adresses Trumblr (le serveur). Après “A Journey Round My Skull”, voici “50 Watts” - ShigePékin Après “A Journey Round My Skull”, voici “50 Watts” - ShigePékin
ALICE JARRY ALICE JARRY Born in 1980, ALICE JARRY lives and works in Montreal. She graduated from Concordia University where she obtained a Major in Design Art and a Minor in Digital Image and Sound. Alice Jarry first began exploring visual arts through multimedia. Interested in the relationships and contradictions existing between the digital world and analog processes, she became interested in the modular aspect of silk-screen printing, which would become a key technique in her work. In 2003, she co-founded Cinqunquatre, through which she designed custom projects for various clients like fashion and interiors designers as well as music bands.
Alice Pattullo Any of you who came along to the National Stationery Week event at Fortnum's this weekend will have spotted these but for those who didn't - here is a look at a rather large personal project I have decided to take on this year. I am producing an A-Z of screen printed animals; each print is 4 colours, 60 x 60cm and will retail at £120 each. A big thank you already to Suki at The Print Block who will be printing these... Alice Pattullo