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Qatari women robbed of millions in France highway heist - News from Al Jazeera. Water Transfer Printing - Hydrographics - Wassertransferdruck Process. 40+ Stunning Satellite Photos That Will Change The Way You See This World. These remarkable satellite photos are sure to change your perspective on planet Earth.

40+ Stunning Satellite Photos That Will Change The Way You See This World

Credit: Benjamin Grant/Digital Globe How people see the world is largely subjective, which is one of the reasons photographer Benjamin Grant is inspired to change the way people view the planet. Every day, the talented artist shares one satellite photo from Digital Globes to inspire humans around the world to see Earth in a unique and new way. He told Bored Panda: “With a focal length 16 times longer than a standard DSLR camera, the cameras are so powerful that you can take a picture of a beach ball on the Golden Gate Bridge in full resolution…from Los Angeles.

If you’d like to see more incredible satellite images, be sure to check out the book Grant put together which includes over 200 high-resolution photographs. . -33.6787655, 151.3160979. Valparaíso, Chile is built upon dozens of steep hillsides overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 45.904892400°, 13.317671100°. 53.0066°N 7.1920°E. 26.386332°, – 80.179917°. Someone Started A Petition to Change the US National Anthem to War Pigs by Black Sabbath. March 15, 2016 | Claire Bernish Op-ed by Claire BernishMarch 15, 2016 (ANTIMEDIA) As U.S. election politics plummet rapidly toward a nadir in vanishing ethics, fear-mongering, and tabloid-esque rhetoric, it shouldn’t escape headlines that no major party candidate harbors intentions to disentangle the country from America’s growing number of military operations worldwide.

Someone Started A Petition to Change the US National Anthem to War Pigs by Black Sabbath

Of course, the United States managed to elect Barack Obama, whose expansive bellicose policies — in conjunction with having been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize — embody a quintessential irony seemingly only possible in America. Obama isn’t the only politician who has managed to tout strict gun control for U.S. citizens while espousing the killing of terror suspects by drone — a program that inevitably causes the murder of anyone who happens to be standing nearby when a bomb is unleashed.

Not one of the leading presidential candidates even hinted at a desire to eradicate that contentious practice. Comedian Dane Cook and Winnipeg crowd pull off huge mannequin challenge - Manitoba. CU in the NT: Cheeky Marketing Puts Australia's Northern Territories on the Map. Life Get short URL In an apparent effort to promote tourism in the Northern Territory, a group that calls itself NT Official came up with a fairly generic slogan, “See You in the Northern Territories”, which they then reshaped in a decidedly non-generic fashion – "C U in the NT".

CU in the NT: Cheeky Marketing Puts Australia's Northern Territories on the Map

Also, the slogan is arranged in such a way that it’s resemblance to a certain four-letter swear word seems more than a mere accident. It should be noted that NT Official is not "affiliated with, endorsed, associated with or sponsored by any government or official NT tourism organizations or their associated brands, companies or subsidiaries" but "just some lovers of the top end, spreading love" for their "favorite territory", according to a statement posted on their Facebook page. "What an incredible response so far! Man rescues dog from blazing inferno that he imagined because he was high on LSD and cough syrup.

Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s. A US Supreme Court ruling has forced the Smithsonian institution to release classified papers dating from the early 1900′s that proves the organization was involved in a major historical cover up of evidence showing giants human remains in the tens of thousands had been uncovered all across America and were ordered to be destroyed by high level administrators to protect the mainstream chronology of human evolution at the time.

Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s

The allegations stemming from the American Institution of Alternative Archeology (AIAA) that the Smithsonian Institution had destroyed thousands of giant human remains during the early 1900′s was not taken lightly by the Smithsonian who responded by suing the organization for defamation and trying to damage the reputation of the 168-year old institution. Aturning point of the court case was when a 1.3 meter long human femur bone was shown as evidence in court of the existence of such giant human bones.

When Danger is Your Middle Name. Nature’s Wonders: Two-Headed Turtle Born in Iran. New Theory Suggests Universe Could Ctrl-Alt-Delete Itself. Life Get short URL It's certainly a grim thought to get your head around, but beyond mere scientific scaremongering, the theory does encourage serious debate among experts.

New Theory Suggests Universe Could Ctrl-Alt-Delete Itself

This relates to the Higgs Field theory, also referred to as Higgs Boson, which is thought to permeate the entire universe. The question is whether this space is actually metastable, not stable or it's just pretending to be. This is known as a false vacuum and is where we could find that spark which could swallow the whole universe — a destructive event called "vacuum decay.

" "Based on what we know about the Higgs Boson today, we cannot accurately tell whether our vacuum is stable (permanent) or metastable (temporary, albeit long-lived). Described as "the ultimate ecological catastrophe: if it were to occur, in layman's terms it would basically mean we could be here one second and then completely wiped out the next — and we wouldn't even see it coming.

Could this theory relate to the demise of the dinosaurs? Terrifying wingsuit crash caught on camera — RT Viral. 'Exorcist' Beats 3 Kids to Death, Claiming They Were Possessed by Evil Spirits. Asia & Pacific Get short URL The "exorcist" reportedly told the families that the children were possessed by evil spirits.

'Exorcist' Beats 3 Kids to Death, Claiming They Were Possessed by Evil Spirits

Myanmar official Lieutenant Major Kyaw Naing Soe said the man put the villagers into a trance by giving them "blessed" water containing an unknown chemical compound. The villagers lost their senses, it is claimed, and stood in a circle around the man as he killed the children. A boy's family members claimed that they were too scared to step outside of their circle. U Tun Naing, an uncle to one of the victims, told Agence France-Presse. "On the night of the 18th, the three-year-old boy was beaten to death and the culprit threw him in the Twante canal," Kyaw told AFP.

US Blames Northern Lights on Russia, Imposes Sanctions, Threatens War. Indianexpress. AdBlock Plus STEP 1 – Click on the AdBlock Plus icon on the top right of your browser STEP 2 – A drop-down menu will appear with a check mark followed by Enabled on this site STEP 3 – Click the button to until the text reads Disabled on this site STEP 4 – Refresh the page or click Continue to site, to access Chrome Adblock Extension STEP 1 – Click on the hand icon for adblock extension, on the top right corner of your browser.


Badass - Peter Freuchen. Lorenc Peter Elfred Freuchen was a 6’7” tall walrus-spearing, peg-legged, anti-Semite-clobbering Danish explorer and badass old-school 1900s explorer who wore a fucking awesome coat made of polar bear fur, rocked a seriously epic beard, rode a dogsled 1,000 kilometers across the Greenland ice cap in the 1910s, killed a wolf with his bare hands, escaped a Nazi death warrant at the height of the Third Reich, amputated his own fucking gangrenous toes with a pair of pliers (and no anesthesia), and starred in a goddamned Oscar-winning movie – which was based on a book that he wrote.

Badass - Peter Freuchen

And this guy was so over-the-top awesome that he played the fucking villain in a movie that was loosely based around his own autobiography. He was also the fifth person to win the jackpot in the TV game show The $64,000 Question, published thirty books, founded two Adventurer’s Clubs, and his biography is called The Vagrant Viking. Need more proof? Check this shit. Oh, yeah, and he looks like this: Surprises from the Ice: Ancient Arrowheads Found Via Melting Glaciers in Norway. Miracle Teenager Survives On His Own For Almost 6 Hours With No Wi-Fi – Waterford Whispers News. IN what has been hailed as ‘a miracle’, one Waterford teenager has reportedly survived in his home with no connection to the internet for almost 6 whole hours.

Miracle Teenager Survives On His Own For Almost 6 Hours With No Wi-Fi – Waterford Whispers News

Answering to the name ‘David Gowan’, the 16-year-old was found in a distressed state yesterday evening, walking through a Dungarvan neighbourhood holding his Samsung Galaxy above his head looking for a signal and muttering incoherently. The emergency services were notified and David was brought to a nearby Starbucks and hooked up to their Wi-Fi immediately. It remains unclear as to how the teen was left without internet for such a long period of time, and a search has begun to find David’s parents, with fears that they may have other kids without even a single bar of coverage. “David survived without access to any social media or video sharing sites for the better part of an afternoon,” said an amazed member of Waterford’s child protection services. “No GIFs, no memes, no porn. Selfie-destruct: Syrian rebels accidentally trigger explosion by taking group photo (VIDEO) — RT Viral.

That’s not Alfredo sauce! Italy decriminalizes public masturbation — RT Viral. Those who like to play with their sausage and meatballs in the company of others have a new Mecca after Italy’s Supreme Court declared public masturbation is not a criminal offense.

That’s not Alfredo sauce! Italy decriminalizes public masturbation — RT Viral

The decision overruled the sentence of a 69-year-old man for “taking out his penis” and “practicing autoeroticism” outside a university in Catania. The court ruled the “act is not included in the law as a crime,” according to La Republica, eliminating his three month prison sentence. The culprit, known as “Pietro L,” still faces a hefty fine of between €5,000 to €30,000, but he is free to roam and play with himself in the streets.

News360. After Robbing Bank, 70-Year-Old Waits for Cops, Preferring Jail to His Wife. Get short URL Lawrence John Ripple was arraigned on Friday afternoon on charges of armed robbery after the Friday incident at a branch of the Bank of Labor. Ripple reportedly walked into a bank and handed the teller a note which read, “I have a gun, give me money.” After the teller complied and handed it over, Ripple walked over to a chair in the bank’s lobby and sat down. When he was approached by security, he simply stated “I’m the guy you’re looking for,” and waited with the guard for police to arrive. Ripple was taken into custody quickly thereafter, as the police department is on the same block as the bank. Use ’em or lose ’em: Air Miles puts expiry date on reward miles.

One of Canada’s most popular loyalty programs has a message for Air Miles collectors: use ’em or lose ’em. As of Saturday, participants in the Air Miles reward program will be required to use their existing miles before Dec. 31, 2016. FTC warns drivers over smartphone connections. It is usually the first thing anyone does in a rental car - plug in their smartphone. However, government experts have warned that users could be accidentally reveal everything from their text messages to their address. FTC officials today urged renters to always delete their personal information when they return a car - and explained how they can do it.

The FTC warns many cars will store a user's personal information when they connect a smartphone - including their text messages and even home and work addresses. Avoid connecting your mobile phones or devices to the infotainment system just for charging. Woman-who-killed-stepdaughter-should-serve-at-least-18-years-before-parole-crown-1. The Canadian Press Published Tuesday, September 6, 2016 11:31AM EDT Last Updated Tuesday, September 6, 2016 1:24PM EDT TORONTO -- Prosecutors say a woman who killed her teenage stepdaughter more than two decades ago should spend 18 to 22 years in prison before having a chance at parole. In its sentencing arguments, the Crown says Elaine Biddersingh committed an egregious breach of trust in subjecting her 17-year-old stepdaughter to "prolonged slow suffering" and was an equal partner in her death. Biddersingh was convicted in June of second-degree murder in the death of Melonie Biddersingh, whose frail body was found in a burning suitcase in an industrial parking lot north of Toronto in 1994.

The teen's body went unidentified for years until 2011, when her stepmother told an Ontario pastor the girl had "died like a dog" after being confined and denied food and medication. The conviction carries an automatic sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 10 years. Love ties Nanaimo couple together for 75 years - Nanaimo News Bulletin. Nanaimo’s Clifford and Mary Hobbis will celebrate 75 years of marriage this September. — image credit: TAMARA CUNNINGHAM/The News Bulletin A newly wed Clifford and Mary Hobbis were walking down the aisle to the Wedding March Sept. 13, 1941 when the pump organ screeched, banged and died.

That was after the groom lost the letter of permission he needed from Mary’s father to get a marriage licence, which caused a hold-up at the Vancouver courthouse and nearly made Clifford late to the ferry he had to catch for his wedding. A storm that came up while he was en route left him and his new suit drenched. It was after the minister came out to their Glen Lake wedding, outside Victoria, thinking it was a funeral and their photographer got lost. Red hot chili challenge: US teens hospitalized after consuming world’s hottest peppers — RT America.

The hot pepper challenge craze appears to be spreading in the US after scores of students received treatment following separate incidents where they consumed the world’s hottest peppers. Forty Middle School students in Ohio were treated by emergency crews after consuming one of the world’s hottest peppers – the Bhut Jolokia, often referred to as the “Ghost Pepper.” The school goers, aged between 11 and 14, ate the peppers during lunch period at Milton-Union Middle School on Friday, according to the Dayton Daily News. The Horrific Story of 'Genie': the Feral Child Who Suffered at the Hands of Her Sadistic Father. Lazy Truck Driver Unloads Lumber Like a Boss. Dramatic viral combat photo from eastern Ukraine ‘clearly staged’ – war photographer to RT. ‘I just want to die’: Indonesian man claims to be world’s oldest person, aged 145 — RT Viral. Meet Mbah Gotho. Giant mushroom-shaped cloud scares locals in Siberia (VIDEO, PHOTOS) — RT Viral.

The sight of an ominous-looking mushroom cloud has frightened the residents of Kemerovo Region in Russia’s Western Siberia, who took to social media networks to show what resembled the distinctive hallmark of a nuclear explosion. A rare and startling sight sparked the concerns of locals, who feared that an explosion might have occurred at one of the many mines for which the coal-rich Kuzbass is renowned. Surrounded by stars: Mesmerizing Milky Way mirrored in Bolivia's salt flats (PHOTOS) — RT Viral. Russian photographer Daniel Kordan experienced "space on Earth" while capturing these stunningly ethereal images of the Milky Way surrounding him on the world's largest salt flats in South America.

The site of a dried up prehistoric lake, Salar de Uyuni in southwest Bolivia is covered by a layer of salt crust, creating some incredible visual effects that draw hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Kordan, who has captured wanderlust-inducing images all over the world, took pictures of the salt flats as they were flooded with a thin layer of water. Now, vitamin-driven battery for cheaper electronics. Revolutionary liquid metals bring shape-shifting Terminator tech closer to reality (VIDEO) — RT Viral. London ‘fellatio café’ will offer coffee & oral sex…if it’s not deemed illegal. Miss Teen USA under fire for racist tweets — RT Viral. World first: Skydiver plummets 25,000 ft. Brazilian drug lord busted after turning prison cell into luxury suite. Shocking footage of man struck by train & other near-death misses released by police (VIDEO) — RT Viral. Giant Dino Footprint Found in Bolivia.

Georgia appeals court says "upskirting" is legal. Mputers will use more electricity than the entire world can generate by 2040, tech experts claim. Australian couple raffle off Micronesian island resort. Skateboarder smashes windshield of $250,000 McLaren which nearly knocked him down (VIDEO) — RT Viral. This Statue for a Chinese Warrior Is Very Probably the Most Badass Statue Ever. Darwin award? Number of stupid selfie-related deaths higher than ever.

FBI closes ‘most exhaustive’ case after failing to crack mystery of hijacker D.B. Cooper — RT America. Leftist riot in Berlin: Over 120 policemen injured, 86 civilians arrested. Vietnam jungle saga: Father & son spent 40+ years hiding from US airstrikes in the wild — RT Viral. 12 die in 3-day traffic jam at Indonesian junction called ‘Brexit’ — RT Viral. Polish TV host gets hand stabbed by nail as magic trick goes horribly wrong (VIDEO) One bumpy ride: Passenger jets blown about before landing at ‘Europe’s scariest airport’ (VIDEO) Brain-eating amoeba causes closure of N. Carolina waterpark, after 18-yo girl dies — RT America. High steaks: the new craze for old cow. Premium Electric Vehicles. Dutch Tourist Held In Qatar And Fined After Reporting Her Own Rape. Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos) Noah’s Plan B: ‘Aqua Dam’ saved Texas home from flooding — RT America. Lion eyes toddler for lunch, smashes headfirst into enclosure glass (VIDEO) — RT Viral.

Hillary Clinton was erratic First Lady, 'violent' to husband, staff - Secret Service author — RT America. Apartment Complex's Demand That Tenants 'Like' It On Facebook Backfires. $250-Million Penthouse Coming To NYC's 'Billionaire's Row' GRAPHIC: Fists fly in bloody fight over Costco parking in Mississauga. Pentagon Hopes Its Supergun Will Help to Counter Russia, China. Lightning in a box - Raytheon puts the power behind Navy's new Mach 6 railgun. Israel boycott: British academic turns down prestigious award & cash prize for ‘political’ reasons. The T-Shirt That Won’t Get Dirty, Even Though They Try! Theory of Ghostplane. Yo Hillary! Come And Take It! » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Inches from death: Stunned campers wake to find lions licking their tent (VIDEO) — RT Viral.