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Notion press

Chennai based self-publishing start-up, it makes sure a writer centres most of his energy penning down his work. Through their specialized publishing packages, writers can lead on getting their books edited, printed, designed and marketed on various platforms along with special features like making video trailers.

Notion Press Media - Fun place to work with. Tools for Authors. Self-Publish Your Way To Success With NotionPress. Self-publishing is evolving as a popular alternative to conventional publishing.

Self-Publish Your Way To Success With NotionPress

According to various market analyses, the number of Indian writers who have self-published their work has increased tremendously in the past few years, and is expected to rise further in the times to come. There are a number of reasons why aspiring writers are considering self-publishing. The most important of them all is the personal freedom that self-publishing offers. It gives you a chance to be your own boss and shape your destiny yourself. Unlike many publishing houses which often dilute the originality of the author’s work, self-publishing lets you have complete control over editing, proofreading and other publishing check-points.

NotionPress: Calling all Authors and Self-Publishers. A laundry list divides self-publishing from traditional publishing-- book distribution tops it all.

NotionPress: Calling all Authors and Self-Publishers

A traditional author pays a premium for the publisher to see him through it all. On the other hand, authors down the self-publishing route have total control over their editing, marketing, designing and marketing strategies. It’s well-known that a marketing push lifts any published work, but with so many channels out there, it’s quite for a task for a self-publisher to identify which ones to go with.

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