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What is a Book Launch and How Does it Help Market Your Book. This is it!

What is a Book Launch and How Does it Help Market Your Book

It’s the most exciting day in your life and career as an author. After months, even years of writing the manuscript, it now rests in the palm of your hand. What is a Book Launch and How Does it Help Market Your Book. How to Write a Novel - The Definitive Guide. How to make your book an international bestseller? One of the most common questions that writers ask bestselling authors or aspiring authors ask publishers is, “How to make my book a bestseller?”

How to make your book an international bestseller?

Let’s accept it – who doesn’t want to market and sell their books to a huge audience? Apart from getting the obvious sales profit, having a bestseller to your credit has a lot of other privileges as well, like building reputation, sharing your story with the world, contributing to literature, having your voice heard, etc. We commonly hear the best seller tag almost everywhere – from literature festivals to TEDx and from book launches to book reading sessions. How to Write a Novel - The Definitive Guide. 9 Cafes and Spots in Mumbai Ideal for a Writer. Writing is an art.

9 Cafes and Spots in Mumbai Ideal for a Writer

Even if you are a professional writer or author, who writes 5000 words on an average per day, writing is still an art and not just a job. And like any art, the mood, the ambience, and the mindset help people in giving their best when it comes to writing. Also, no matter whether you are writing for your personal blog or penning your novel, you will definitely get bored staring at your bedroom wall for ideas. Therefore, step out from the comfort of your home and hit these nine amazing places in Mumbai that will inspire you to write more. The Yoga House: Situated on Carter Road, this café is known for serving healthy juices and delicious snacks. The pleasant, white furniture and the calm environment is enough to make you feel peaceful. Address:Nargis Villa (Water Bungalow), Sherley Rajan Road, Opposite ICICI Bank, Carter Road, Bandra West Social Offline. 9 Books every author should watch out for in 2017. To be a good writer, you need to be an avid reader.

9 Books every author should watch out for in 2017

It does not matter if you read novels or non-fiction, you need to read frequently to enhance your writing skills. In fact, reading is one of the best ways to tackle writer’s block. With the year 2016 about to end, we have compiled a list of books that are anticipated to be released in 2017. These books are not just another series of books that are releasing, but ones that people are either enthusiastically pre-ordering or waiting to buy.Here are 9 books every author should watch out for in 2017 : The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, Arundhati Roy Yes, the Booker prize-winning novelist, Arundhati Roy, is back with her second novel after a humongous gap of almost two decades.

Kolkata book clubs every bookworm should join. Birds of a feather flock together, or in this case, worms of a wiggle wriggle along.

Kolkata book clubs every bookworm should join

Are you the kind of bookworm who enjoys intellectual debates and discussions over various genres of literature? Then you must be on the lookout for book clubs and actively participate in annual book fairs.Being the cultural capital of India, it’s no surprise that Kolkata is high up on a book lover’s list of places to delve into for some words of wisdom that encourage a healthy read.If you’re on the hunt for a good read in the city, here’s a list of some popular book clubs and fairs. Reader’s & Writer’s Club One of the first proper book clubs to be established in Kolkata, the Reader’s & Writer’s Club opens up a unique opportunity for avid readers to interact with popular published authors. The club schedules meeting ever month via their Facebook page, which is open to anyone. La maison de livre. The Ten Commandments of Fiction Writing.

Seven Rules of Working with an Editor. What is the most important process that needs to be done before one publishes a book?

Seven Rules of Working with an Editor

Is it finalizing the manuscript, designing the book cover or planning marketing strategies? Actually speaking, the most important process is editing a book, and at the same time, learning how to work with an editor in a cordial manner. Below are the Seven Rules of Working with an Editor which you should abide by if being a bestselling author is your goal! An editor is a person who breathes life into your ideas and enhances your work by correcting the errors in your manuscript.

There are many authors who believe that an editor isn’t indispensable and that a manuscript can be handed into a publishing house without having an editor oversee your work. 1.Remember that an editor is your greatest asset It is understandable to get unnerved when you see red markings made by your editor on the manuscript. 2. 3.

Always remember that your editor and you are on the same team. How To Write A Great Book Series. Writing a novel by itself can be a formidable task.

How To Write A Great Book Series

From an extensive research to characterization, it is a long process requiring immense planning and thinking. So if you are planning to write a book series, as you can imagine, it is going to take more planning and thinking than ever. It is said that JK Rowling had her entire concept and story for all of her books in the Harry Potter series even before she started. However, there are many authors who published their first novel, and then they developed the rest of the books in the series on the go.

How to do research for a novel. One of the biggest questions that every aspiring author has is, “How can I effectively research for my novel?”

How to do research for a novel

The answer to this question holds the secret to what makes a writer an author. One of the things that many writers say is,”I have a fantastic concept, but I have no idea how to develop it.”If you are someone who thinks on these lines, then this blog is for you. There is no hard-and-fast rule on How to do Research for a Novel. However, there definitely are a number of practical ways to do the same.

Regardless of the genre of your novel, the basic researchto be done for any novel is more or less the same. Why is it important for authors to take a retreat? Being a writer in the current generation is quite stress-free and straightforward. Self Publishing Your Book in India.