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Notinger Law, P.L.L.C.

Steven Notinger is an award winning business lawyer, with a focus on bankruptcy, chapter 11 and debtor-creditor law. He is a magna cum laude graduate of the University at Albany and the Boston University Law School.

The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer In New Hamsphere And Massachusetts. The Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy for You. Get Legal Advice from Notinger Law, P.L.L.C. for Business Contracts. Slide1:

Get Legal Advice from Notinger Law, P.L.L.C. for Business Contracts

Notinger Law, P.L.L.C.:One of the most qualified business litigation lawyer in USA. Tips to Find Commercial Litigation Lawyer New Hampshire & MA. Notinger Law Well Qualified Bankruptcy Lawyers & Law Consultant in New Hampshire. How to Get Business Litigation Lawyer in NH & MA? Creditor Rights. What Is Business Tax Litigation And How Are They Handled? The term tax litigation sounds very intimidating, and it is a very complex idea, which most people fail to understand.

What Is Business Tax Litigation And How Are They Handled?

Tax litigation is the process of taking legal action against tax authorities of a federal, state or local nature, when an unacceptable tax assessment is assessed during an audit based on incorrect facts or law, which might be based on assumptions that you know to be false. When IRS reaches a wrong legal conclusion leading to additional tax liability, an individual has to litigate that issue to eliminate the dispute. Chapter 7 Lawyer in NH & MA. Bankruptcy Lawyer for Businesses in MA. When it comes to financial struggles, often times, the answer lies within a bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy Lawyer for Businesses in MA

Trusts Lawyer in NH & MA. Trusts are important to have and can be made at any time.

Trusts Lawyer in NH & MA

Through the use of an attorney that practices in estate planning & trusts, you’re easily able to go through the process to set up a trust for someone that you know. With their help, you can include everything that is required, file the paperwork and make it a binding, legal document that is a part of public record. How to find Commercial & Tax Litigation Lawyers in the USA? There are many litigation lawyers available; however, not all of them have the required knowledge to deal with the litigation with ease.

How to find Commercial & Tax Litigation Lawyers in the USA?

Also, not all firms are able to offer suitable services for litigation problems. Lawyers should have expertise and preference to resolve the problem efficiently and on time. It is better to choose from reliable and reputable sources to get quality feedback and assistance. However, to manage business goals better and properly represent you, the expert at Notinger Law can help in Commercial & Tax Litigation.

From defending to prosecuting the claims, our team has the latest knowledge and the expertise to offer clients. Commercial & Tax Litigation requires industry knowledge with the corresponding litigation skill that can help resolve the cases better. What do you mean by commercial litigation? Tax Liability Litigation. When it comes to owning a business, there are tax liabilities that you must be aware of.

Tax Liability Litigation

From starting your business to operation and sale of the company, there are things you need to know in order to avoid tax liability issues. With Notinger Law by your side, you will have attorneys with experience in business tax law, able to assist when tax liability litigation arises. Tax disputes commonly occur regarding employment tax, sales tax or other corporate tax liability issues. By having access to quality legal advice and defense options, you have the ability to fight any litigation that presents itself. Durable Powers of Attorney in NH & MA. Notinger Law has experience in all legal aspects of estate planning.

Durable Powers of Attorney in NH & MA

Deborah Notinger has handled estate cases in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire and is very knowledgeable about the process in both states. Emotions Of Bankruptcy. When financial issues arise, it can bring about a flurry of emotions.

Emotions Of Bankruptcy

You may feel ashamed as to the status of your financial situation or angry that you have medical bills piling up or that you lost your job. You may feel sad or extremely depressed based on your financial situation. Whatever the case may be, you are going to experience a range of emotions, especially if you decide to file for bankruptcy. Learning the emotions associated with bankruptcy will help you to be prepared to deal with the feelings involved and see the bright side of filing for assistance. The emotions of bankruptcy can easily be compared to the five stages of grief as associated with the loss of a loved one, a divorce, change in employment status, dealing with a debilitating illness, etc. The 5 Stages of Grief Stage 1: Denial This first stage if all about denial. Stage 2: Anger The second stage involves anger. Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts. Knowing the difference between the two trusts can ensure that you’re choosing the right one to work with.

Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts

When looking for a way to protect your next of kin, while also ensuring that your assets go to the right hands, this can be an ideal way to do so. It is important that you work with an attorney that specializes in estate planning to ensure that the process is done correctly. With Notinger Law, you can trust in the estate planning attorneys in Northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire to provide you with the trusts and wills that you may require.

This can ensure that everyone you love is set when you pass. Trusts are either revocable or irrevocable and each one of them comes with its own set of benefits or downfalls. Revocable Living Trusts This is a legal document that can be changed over time by the individual. A trust amendment document is required by the trust owner in order to do so. Irrevocable Living Trusts. Important things everyone should know about Bankruptcy. Business Litigation Lawyer in NH & MA. Many businesses may require business litigation attorneys from time to time.

Business Litigation Lawyer in NH & MA

It is important to speak with knowledgeable business law attorneys that can provide help in the many business litigation areas that can come up running your business. Through the use of Notinger Law, they can provide the necessary help when it is needed. Welcome to Best Law Firm Notinger Law, P.L.L.C. Business Contract Lawyer in NH & MA. In order for a business to run smoothly both internally and externally, it is important for the business to have a way to conduct its affairs. Contracts can protect everyone within the business, as well as everyone doing business with them. To have legal contracts drafted, an attorney is required. They can not only draft contracts but also enforce them if a contract or agreement between two parties is broken.

This requires the help of a knowledgeable business law attorney working in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. How to File Bankruptcy in NH & MA. At Notinger Law, we specialize in assisting individuals as well as business owners in filing for bankruptcy. We offer our services in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and have found that most people have no idea how to file or what the process of bankruptcy entails. With our expert assistance, we can provide you with the information regarding bankruptcy types and review your individual case.

This way, you can find the answers to your questions, learning how to file for bankruptcy along the way. Should You File for Personal Bankruptcy? No one plans to file for bankruptcy within their lifetime and most hope to avoid it. Take a look at your finances. Consulting an Attorney. Is Bankruptcy Right For Me? Asking yourself if bankruptcy is the right decision can be difficult. There is no guide to follow that can determine if this is the right option. However, there are indicators that you can use to help with this decision. At Notinger Law, we have served many clients, from both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, in regards to bankruptcy filings. We understand that the decision is difficult and one that should not be made lightly. Bankruptcy Laws in New Hampshire. Any resident of New Hampshire can be affected by bankruptcy.

No matter your profession or income level, the need to file bankruptcy can occur at any time. At Notinger Law, we have vast experience in the area of bankruptcy, having represented individuals and businesses filing for Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy. Tax Litigation Lawyer in NH & MA. Probate & Trust Administration Lawyers in NH & MA. It is important to make sure that all estate planning, wills, trusts, and probate are handled prior to your death.

However, in the untimely matter that they are not, there are always laws that protect the assets of the deceased through Massachusetts and New Hampshire laws. It is highly recommended, however, that a person draft documents prior to this to save time and energy for their loved ones. At Notinger Law, a probate and trust attorney office in Middlesex County, you can expect to get the knowledge you need to go through the process and obtain the trusts, probate and other estate planning that is required. Commercial Litigation Lawyer New Hampshire & MA. At Notinger Law, we focus on several areas of the law, including commercial litigation. Filing for Bankruptcy Exemptions in NH & MA. How Filing Bankruptcy Can Help You. Welcome to Notinger Law, P.L.L.C. Notinger Law: One of the Best Premier Business Law Firms in the USA. Finding a law firm for your business can be challenging when looking for it the first time.

It can be an easier affair with the help of referrals and recommendations from friends, family, and known business acquaintances. To deal with business litigation, debtor-creditor rights, and address business-oriented contracts carefully, a commercial attorney can be of immense help. FAQs About the 2020 Stimulus Checks. Corporate and LLC Liability Laws in NH. One of the most unpleasant things small business owner’s discover is when they have signed a guaranty of a debt of their business and they are personally liable notwithstanding the fact that the business is incorporated or a limited liability company.

In fact, there are times individuals are held liable even if they do not sign a personal guaranty. For example, American Express agreements say they are governed by the law of Utah.