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Deepak Gupta is a professional web developer and digital marketer. He enjoys learning about new technology, he has 5 years experience in development, marketing and advertising .

6 Strategies To Enhance Your Customer Engagement. Constantly changing the face of Technology Marketing is making marketers try to achieve success in an aimless manner with no particular brand identity for customers to associate with.

6 Strategies To Enhance Your Customer Engagement

Continuous and cut-throat competition, using various digital tools, may drive an increased audience to your website but the same has also shown that you could lose customers forever, permanently damaging your brand image. Brand identity is an important feature when it comes to customer engagement and business around the globe tend to forget this. To establish this kind of uniqueness you need to focus on the fact that often digital marketing tools are dependent on each other and various other mediums. Here, we have listed 6 Cross Device Customer Engagement Strategies that you can use to enhance your relation with your customers. Progressive Web App. Why Progressive Web Apps are Safe and Reliable - NotifyVisitorsNotifyVisitors Blog. Progressive Web App is relatively new to the marketing technology.

Why Progressive Web Apps are Safe and Reliable - NotifyVisitorsNotifyVisitors Blog

The term coined by Google chrome developers for software development methodology was launched in 2015 at the Chrome Dev Summit and is an engineered fusion of features of both a website and an application. It makes full advantage of modern browser features while behaving like any other application on your home screen. It uses the basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding, However, what differentiates it from the regular website and application is the list of 10 key features of PWA as listed by Google Developers: Safe– PWA works with native APIs and service workers and deals with sensitive information. The benefit here lies in the fact that it can only be operated through HTTPS servers. Progressive– These are built on progressive enhancement as a core tenant, this makes it easily available on all devices irrespective of browser choices. Fig.2 fig.3 fig.4. 5 Best Ways To Track Back Lost Customers - NotifyVisitorsNotifyVisitors Blog.

Progressive Web Apps Facts and Figures. Progressive Web App is the latest attempt to improve one’s sales and marketing strategy.

Progressive Web Apps Facts and Figures

While developers are very much excited about how this developing technology will impact the use of mobile applications. Marketers are still clueless about its whereabouts. In this article, I have discussed all the facts that you would require before implementing this novel innovation. We have tried our best to simplify Progressive Web App with this informative Infographic.

This nascent technology has not yet been exploited by many and we have listed all the reasons you should do so now. Share this Image On Your Site </p><p><strong>Please include attribution to NotifyVisitors with this graphic. Android Push notifications software. Chrome Push notifications software. Online survey software. Online survey software. Mobile In-App Customer Engagement software. Push Notifications Service By NotifyVisitors : Automated Email Campaigns To Pursue. Email automation is a new technology and should be a part of everyone’s business today.

Push Notifications Service By NotifyVisitors : Automated Email Campaigns To Pursue

Automated emails are even better than mass emails and would do so much for your business with no or very less effort on your part. Also, automation emails have 119 percent more click and view rate than mass emails. They save the business time and money. Rather than scrutinizing your list everyday and sending emails to a selected contacts, you can automate the whole process. Here are some of the automated email campaigns that every company should pursue:- ● CONFIRMATION EMAIL There are a lot of campaigns that can be made through customer purchases, one of the most common being “TRACK YOU ORDER” or “SHIPMENT” emails. . ● WELCOME EMAIL These are one of the most common emails.

. ● DESERTED CART EMAIL There are a lot of people who visit a website. In order to remind the customers regarding their abandoned cart and complete the purchase process, automated emails can be sent. Increase Customer Engagement With Push Notifications. Increase Customer Engagement With Push Notifications Web Push Notification, an incredibly new technology is an excellent way of communicating with the users.

Increase Customer Engagement With Push Notifications

It is an instant clickable message which a website can send to its subscribers in order to connect with them. This message appears directly in browser of the users even when they are not online when the notification is being sent. Chrome Push Notification For Your Website. Push Notifications Service By NotifyVisitors : Grow Your Subscribers by Browser Push Notifications.

Browser push notifications is a fairly new technology which is followed by a number of websites today.

Push Notifications Service By NotifyVisitors : Grow Your Subscribers by Browser Push Notifications

It is the most powerful marketing tool which can result in increased sales. Browser push notifications are a better communication method than the traditional means due to the following reasons: Engage users in real-timeLead to more salesBetter than emailGreater interactionCost effectiveImproves customer communicationMore visibility They allow instant access to information and can be used for a number of purposes. One can use it to announce new products and services, start date of sale, new published blog, new content on site etc. Browser push notifications are usually free unlike text messages. We, at NotifyVisitors design this modern technology for our customers and help them in generating sales and profits. Chrome Push notifications software. Customer Engagement software.