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Deepak Gupta is a professional web developer and digital marketer. He enjoys learning about new technology, he has 5 years experience in development, marketing and advertising .

Email Marketing Statistics and Trends For 2021. Email Marketing Statistics: Renew Your Email Marketing Strategy Email Marketing is the most primitive method to engage subscribers and customers.

Email Marketing Statistics and Trends For 2021

Are you aware of the fact that email marketing is nearly 40 years old? The first marketing email was sent by the marketer named Gary thurek. He sent a promotional email to around 400 people, which generated many leads. Email marketing is continuing the trend, but the automation tools have supported the medium to a greater level due to technological advancements. In fact, last years’ pandemic has led marketers to adopt this medium to communicate with prospects and leads. Email Marketing Trends In 2021 Following the above thread, if we talk about last year’s pandemic crisis, email marketing has undergone a positive transformation, but that too for good.

Now that we have entered the year 2021, specific key email marketing trends took a turn due to the covid crisis. Below are the trends that resulted due to the unfortunate situation : 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 41 Web Push Notifications Stats For 2021. Web Push Notifications Stats That You Need To Know About Push notifications are used extensively by marketers nowadays.

41 Web Push Notifications Stats For 2021

With the current technological advancements allowing their high-level personalization and inclusion of action buttons and media, they are employed to make updates, convey information, send reminders, motivate users to engage with an app, etc. While push notifications enable you to reach users on mobile devices, laptops, and desktops, thoughtless sending can end up in users uninstalling your app entirely. 2021's Lead Form Statistics and Facts With Design Tips.

A lead is a person or a firm that depicts some interest in your brand’s services or products.

2021's Lead Form Statistics and Facts With Design Tips

Acquiring new sales leads by generating the interests of potential customers is known as lead generation. It is one of the successful ways of running a business. It can help increase the sale of your services and products. Lead forms are great tools that help you capture leads. These are online forms placed on your landing pages so that those visitors who are interested in your offer can opt into your mailing list. This blog gives you a long list of lead form statistics and facts that tell you why you should not miss out on lead form from your digital marketing strategies in 2021. 5 Creative SMS and Email Marketing Tips for Business Growth.

‘Customers’ are any business’s biggest assets!

5 Creative SMS and Email Marketing Tips for Business Growth

Why not widen your company’s reach through different platforms your customers are available on – SMS and Email Marketing? Email Marketing is the most picked option for companies to engage with their clients and customers because of its higher global accessibility and effectiveness. It serves as a channel to inform customers about your brand and keep them updated regarding new offers, new launches, policy updates, and promotions.

SMS Marketing, too, has extremely strong ingredients to engage with your customers. It is a robust engagement tool that helps your business send out short, crisp messages to your customers, enhancing its communication experience. AMP Development - Benefits, Working, and Aptness. AMP Development: Accelerated Mobile Pages For Better ROI In recent years, the usage of mobile internet has surpassed that of desktops all over the world.

AMP Development - Benefits, Working, and Aptness

This also has changed user expectations significantly. 12 Best Converting Lead Form Examples. Lead Generation Form: Generate Lead for Your Business A study by SalesForce, an American cloud-based software, states that firms that are great at nurturing leads bring in 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower price.

12 Best Converting Lead Form Examples

Lead generation form, also known as web forms, lead gen forms, or lead forms, are forms placed on your landing pages to turn your visitors into leads. You need to create a lead form that your visitors find difficult to resist. We have searched the web to find 12 best-performing examples of lead generation forms. We also tell you why they are successful at bringing in leads so that you can derive some inspiration from them. 1. Your users should get some value from providing you with their details. Ecommerce SEO: Bring More Traffic to Your Online Store. Have you been trying to bring more organic traffic to your site but to no avail?

Ecommerce SEO: Bring More Traffic to Your Online Store

Or have you heard about eCommerce SEO but don’t know what it is? This is a normal feeling for most eCommerce stores. And to level with you, your success depends on your talent to direct traffic to your site. If you can’t get traffic to your online store, it’s unlikely your store will last more than 18 months. It’s the cold reality of the situation, and it pays to be aware of it. The road ahead isn’t going to be an easy one, but following this guide will put everything in place for success. Everything You Need To Know About App Push Notifications. App Push Notifications: Enhance Customer Experience More than 3 billion people are using smartphones worldwide, and this number is increasingly growing with each passing day.

Everything You Need To Know About App Push Notifications

Despite technophobic remarks about smartphones’ ill-effects, people averagely spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on these, says statistics. This has rendered it beneficial to businesses and brands to reach customers through mobile phones. One of the common techniques used by them for this purpose is to app push notifications. Innovations For Post-Covid-19 Era. B2B Lead Generation Strategies: Innovations for Post COVID The world as we know is gone and forgotten, our previous lives are now only part of the past.

Innovations For Post-Covid-19 Era

Industry professionals are certain that the world will never return to how it was pre-COVID-19 pandemic. The “new normal,” as most people now call it, will be characterized by socially-distanced interactions and heavy use of technology. Exciting Ways To Engage With Users. Mobile In-App Notifications: Effective Ways to Drive Engagement The prediction that by 2023, 7.33 billion people worldwide will own a smartphone makes it increasingly essential for businesses to embrace mobile marketing.

Exciting Ways To Engage With Users

Mobile in-app Notifications are one of the widely used mobile marketing techniques employed by brands worldwide. In-app Notifications are messages delivered to users when they are active within a mobile app. These are ideal for reaching users with the right content at the right time to engage them with your brand. These can deliver rich content like images, GIFs, videos, etc. Types Of Mobile Push Notifications To Attract Your User. Push notifications make one of the most effective ways of digital marketing. These have the potential to urge users to check immediately rather than struggling to seek attention amidst other messages in an inbox.

However, users receive numerous push notifications each day, and the duration for grabbing their attention is much lesser. So, it would be best if you got your mobile push notifications right. Those have to be very relevant, highly personalized, and timely. Popup Notifications Software for Brands and Businesses. A popup notification is a message that flashes across your users’ desktop or browser. They are designed to grab the attention of your audience and engross them in some way. Popups can be informative, indicative, warning, or error messages. These can also be used to obtain some information about the user. Since marketers have started using popups for many roles these days, you might have come across different names like embedded popups, sticky bar popups, toast popups, etc. This blog gives you detailed information on the importance and advantages of using popup notifications and introduces you to some of the leading popup notification software available in the market.

SMS and Email Marketing Trends For The Year 2020 and Beyond. Digital marketers would benefit from knowing the SMS and email marketing trends of 2020. For, email and SMS are the two most predominantly used digital marketing channels today. Statistics say that more than 293.6 billion emails are sent and received every day (2019). And there are currently 3.9 billion active email users, which is expected to increase to 4.3 billion by 2023. So, the 40+ years old email marketing is expected to stay even in the upcoming years. Email Marketing Vs SMS Marketing - Which One Should You Pursue? In this era of increasingly refined online marketing, Email and SMS marketings are the leading communication channels used by businesses to reach their current and future audiences. These let them reach customers across all demographics. Each of these has unique advantages in the way they deliver information. A Great Way to Engage Customers.

Today, marketing is all about messaging and interacting with the customers, both before and after the sale. Merging Email and SMS Marketing Strategies to Empower Your Brand. An Elaborative Guide to Net Promoter Score Calculation. Net Promoter Score is an important metric to evaluate the growth of your business. Therefore, if you want a net promoter score calculation and track NPS for your business, you must run an NPS survey to gather sound feedback from customers in the form of website pop-ups. You can collect the feedback while the customer is on your website or gather it later on after the customer’s experience with your brand.

What is Personalization: Importance, Benefits and Examples. Personalization happens when a marketer customizes a piece of content to catch customers’ attention. Different Types of Chatbots to Upscale Up Your Business. Different types of chatbots can act as defense mechanisms for customer care representatives. Five Milestones to Create a Personalization Strategy. A personalization strategy is similar to dismantling our life’s old patterns to take over a breakthrough and arrive at an illuminated path. Like our life, marketing tactics also follow an old pattern, and a marketer has to go through vicious cycles of overpromoting, over-promising, and disappointing the customers. There have been many marketing trends and strategies that have helped the marketers attain better conversion rates- whether it is a medium like social media or a tool such as multivariate testing.

Significant Chatbot Benefits Beyond Customer Service. “Chatbots have different tangents, measuring only one would be insufficient to understand the depth the chatbot offer” Chatbot apps are fervently growing in popularity, leaving behind the other apps which face disastrous results in the context of retention and downloads. Many customers download the apps, and after three months, they do not bother about the same leaving the app developers disappointed. In such a case chatbot apps win the race, as many times customers themselves approach you in times of turmoil. The chatbots are already famous for providing marvelous customer service but widening its scope; it can be used in leading your customers through the sales funnel too. AI Chatbots : Automate The Business Process and Serve Customers.

AI Chatbots are the power-packed tools that can bridge the distance between customers and marketers. Website Personalization Tools That Increase Conversion Rates. Website personalization tools are creating a personalized experience for the visitors who are coming to your website. You certainly cannot sell a particular product to a generalized group which could have different tastes and preferences. There could be different visitors coming from different perspectives and would want to buy a product as per their wish. Therefore, website personalization comes into the forefront of creating a generic website as per the customers’ needs. Effective E-commerce Personalization Examples to Boost Sales. Design Web Surveys with Important and Relevant Web Survey Guidelines. Web Survey is a proficient tool to gather relevant data and information from the targeted audience but this is just one side of the coin.

Want to know what makes it more effective, the internal aspects of these surveys which many marketers fail to recognize. Online Survey Tools: Definition, Types and Key features. What are Online Surveys : Characteristics, Examples, Advantages. How do e-commerce websites use push notifications. What is a Popup Notification? Slider, Modal, Embedded. Top SEO Companies in New Jersey - Find Best Agencies & Service Provider. Top SEO Companies in Los Angeles - Find Best Agencies & Service Provider. Top SEO companies in Atlanta - Find Best Agencies & Service Provider. Top SEO Companies in Florida - Find Best Agencies & Service Provider. Top SEO companies in California - Find Best Agencies & Service Provider. Useful Market Research Tools to Flourish Your Online Business. Top SEO companies in New york - Find Best Agencies & Service Provider. Top SEO Companies in Toronto - Find Best Agencies & Service Provider. Elaborative Guide on Web Push Notifications.

How Push Notifications Are An ideal Marketing Tactics. Inevitable tips and tricks to use relevant push notifications. Heatmap Data Visualization Enables You to Know Customers Needs. A Website Heatmap Tool Let You Peep Into activities of User on Website. Customer Satisfaction Survey Acquire Valuable Feedback. Let's see how to create a user journey with NotifyVisitors. Game App Push Notifications: Tips and Examples to Engage Users. Introducing Journey Builder-Make Marketing Automation Visible. Nine eye-opening tips to improve your UI design and skills. Five push notification preparation that can increase conversion rate. Improve customer retention through email marketing. Tips for buiding trust in heatmap eCommerce business. Optimize UX With Heatmap to Captures Customer’s Attention Instantly. A VWO Alternative Adds More Grace to Campaigns with A/B Testing Tool. A Hotjar Alternative Let You Analyze User Insights Through Heatmaps Tool.

A Crazy Egg Alternative to Acquire visitors with Fast-Paced Heatmap Tool. A Moengage Alternative to Better Conversion via Web Push Notifications. Customer behaviour analysis and gather user information with heatmaps. Understand Your Website Conversion Through Heatmap. Amplify Your Online Conversion With Web Push Notifications. Over-hyped myths and beliefs about web push notifications. Accelerate Your Business Using Web Push Notification. Why Heatmaps are an Analytical and Diagnostic Tools. Onesignal Alternative - Web Push Notifications. Looking up for pushengage alternative to enhance web push campaigns? Adapt push notifications in your marketing strategies for shopify.

Effectiveness of web push notifications than other marketing mediums. Make customer interaction more valuable with web push notifications. Best Practices to Plan and Deploy. Segment audience for better target market with marketing segmentation. 10 Proven Marketing Strategies. A Complete Guide to Plan and Create. How to Turn off or Stop Chrome Notifications in Windows, Android and IOS. Definite Guide to What is a Chatbot its Importance and Usage. Achieve Remote Work Goals Through Visual Collaboration. How to Increase Goal Conversion.

Design, Implement and Track Results. How Lal PathLabs uses NotifyVisitors PWA to Increase Conversion Rate. Look How Healthkart uses NotifyVisitors PWA to increase Conversion Rate. What is Cohort Analysis? A Beginner Guide With Actionable Use Cases. What is Customer Segmentation- Definition and Type with Example. A/B testing : Hacks to optimize conversions in travel industry. How to Improve SEO With A/B Testing. What is Possible in PWA With Trusted Web Activity. 9 Digital Marketing Trends to Drive More Sales. Use data analytics to generate a hypothesis. Grow your business through achieving goal of hypothesis. Email Segmentation: Grab your customer’s attention. Notifyvisitors - Mail desk. How to migrate from GCM to FCM with NV. What Is a HeatMap□ and How Does It Work? Top 10 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020. Heatmap Case Study - How Aditya Birla Capital Increased Signup by 20%

Epic List of 24 Best Marketing Automation Software 2020. Angel Broking Increased De-mat A/C open Leads by 15 using AB Testing Software. Ideal Push Notification Character limit to Convert More Leads. Get Customized Subscription Form for quality leads. In-App Notifications - NotifiVisitors. What is AB Testing and how it works? Personalize you website experience with NotifyVisitors. Create Successful Campaigns - A/B Testing. Heatmap & Form Analysis Software - User Session Replay.