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Get Your Own Virtual World. Prim_persistent_memory_array[Allen Kerensky] What The Prim Persistent Memory Array (PPMA) is a persistent storage method, or “database” of sorts, for the Myriad RPG HUD in OpenSimulator/OSgrid.

prim_persistent_memory_array[Allen Kerensky]

How LSL scripts have traditionally stored small bits of data, sometimes carefully formatted, into the object's Description field. PPMA extends this concept by linking one or more small prims, each set with the default transparent texture, to the HUD prim posititioned away from the viewer. Each prim holds a number of persistent elements which can be changed under script control, such as color, position, etc. In a full PPMA implementation, such as the Myriad Lite HUD in OSgrid 254 prims are linked to the HUD prim, providing 254 additional “rows” of persistent data storage, with 3 “columns” per row: Secondlife:modified_viewers:singularity:master [Wizardry and Steamworks] CtrlAltStudio. The VR successor to Second Life is inviting its first testers. Second Life Creator Linden Lab Prepares To Test Parallel VR Universe. Xconomy San Francisco — [Corrected 6/26/15, 10:02 am.

Second Life Creator Linden Lab Prepares To Test Parallel VR Universe

See below.] San Francisco-based Linden Lab, the granddaddy of virtual reality companies, is celebrating the 12th birthday of its cyberworld Second Life this week with a digital fairground full of fanciful constructions, including a concert stage shaped like a birthday cake. But Linden, founded in 1999, is also getting ready to open an alternate online universe to its first digital settlers by the end of July. Linden’s next-generation virtual community, temporarily dubbed Project Sansar, is not a mere upgrade of Second Life, which was launched back in 2003, CEO Ebbe Altberg says. Marketplace.secondlife. Issue 1714 - singularity-viewer - Unable to upload/import or save/export. - Singularity Viewer, a Second Life compatible client.

Second Life Forums Archive - Discussion: Keyless Product Update Server - page 1. Finally open-sourced.

Second Life Forums Archive - Discussion: Keyless Product Update Server - page 1

This product is an update server, but lets it be keyless, utilizing a mySQL backend system. System requirements to run are to be able to run PHP and have a mySQL database I'll answer questions, but dont have the time for full support of this product. Open SL Product Update Server download. Marketplace.secondlife. MoVe!


- The MoSystems Vending System ===== Animare Pose & Animation System (BOXED) Viewer-Managed Marketplace Beta Launch. We have just launched the Beta for the Viewer-Managed Marketplace (VMM), and now all merchants can begin trying out this new feature.

Viewer-Managed Marketplace Beta Launch

VMM allows Merchants to easily manage their inventory on the Second Life Marketplace using the Second Life Viewer. Items no longer need to be loaded into the Merchant Outbox or a Magic Box and are instead sold directly from inventory. VMM will allow all Merchants to stop using Magic Boxes while also enabling them to modify listing inventories directly from the Viewer. Merchants will still need to go to the Marketplace web site in order to edit listings, but with VMM, they will be able to create new listings, publish them to the Marketplace, and/or unlist them, all from within the Viewer.

To help you learn more about VMM, we have created several videos and a Beta Knowledge Base article. We anticipate this Beta period will last for at least one month, but we’ll keep everyone posted as the timing becomes more definitive. Renn.yifu - Second Life. Fs_media. Kokua/Imprudence Blog. Grim Combat System. Debug Settings. Marketplace.secondlife. Language.


Mesh/Creating a mesh. VOTE HERE – SLife Awards. We received so many nominees for the 2015 Avi Choice Awards – SLife opportunity!

VOTE HERE – SLife Awards

THANK YOU for visiting the Avi Choice site and for taking the time to give acknowledgement to your Second Life favorites. Thank you for your support of this fun and fantastic way to celebrate the incredible talent across the virtual grid. User:Yumi Murakami/Bijocam And Other Camera Scripts. This is a camera control system which allows you to place camera objects in the world and view them by clicking on them.

User:Yumi Murakami/Bijocam And Other Camera Scripts

You can also cycle between cameras using a HUD and create a "game-style" environment where entering certain areas gives certain camera views. This was on sale as the BijoCam Constructions System for a while, and did surprisingly well (for something I originally developed while I was just experimenting with the then-new camera commands in LSL!) But since I found the vendor network for BijoCam collapsed ages ago and I expect people are moved on to much more wonderful things anyway, here's the source code for the BijoCam. Feel free to use and have fun with it. Original Documentation Notecard Hello, and thanks for purchasing the BijoCam Camera Control Kit! The FIRST thing to do is to take out the "BijoCam Interface" from the kit and WEAR it.

You can then begin setting up cameras by dropping them into the world. REMOVING A CAMERA: You can delete cameras in the normal way. LSL Wiki : Hexadecimal. Category:Open Prim Animator. Internal Animations. This is a complete listing of the animations built into Second Life.

Internal Animations

The name and UUID information was extracted from the Second Life client source code([ Your directory where is the sources of SecondLife]\indra\llcharacter\llanimationstates.cpp, llanimationstates.h and from the Second Life client installation folder viewerart.ini [ Your directory where is installed SecondLife]\app_settings\viewerart.xml) with some missing file names filled in from in-world testing. It should be complete as of January 2013. Looped animations are those that need to be explicitly stopped. About Animation Priority Priorities reported are those from the viewer version (but they haven't changed in several years), and are the animation's global priority.

LSL Hacks. A page dedicated to LSL Hacks, those things that make your code so much better but at the same time so much worse. llMessageLinked key parameter as string Instead of passing a valid key as the forth parameter of the llMessageLinked function, a string value can be used.

LSL Hacks

When the link_message event is triggered, the key can be typecast to a string (implicitly or explicitly) without any value degradation. llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS, 10, "Hello", "World! ") Pros. LSL Wiki : TutorialRobotics. This page is currently under construction (But don't let that stop you contributing)- Tip The objective of this page is to provide information, techniques and tips on the scripting of autonomous objects (And to give me some practice in formating a wiki page Tip).

That is, objects that move on their own. This tutorial is intended for those with a good general knowledge of LSL and programming. LlScaleByFactor. ScaleByFactor llScaleByFactor Summary Function: integer llScaleByFactor( float scaling_factor ); Attempts to resize the entire object by scaling_factor, maintaining the size-position ratios of the prims. Resizing is subject to prim scale limits and linkability limits. Examples. LSL PyOptimizer project. Introduction LSL PyOptimizer is a LSL2 script optimizer written in Python 2. Currently it only supports code memory optimization (no speed optimization), only for Mono (no LSO), and only for the Second Life flavour of LSL (no OpenSim etc.).

The original LSL compiler does not do any optimizations whatsoever. Either the programmer does the optimization, or the scripts take more memory than necessary when writing something as simple as a = -1; (yes, the sign takes code memory!). RLV - OpenCollar. LSL Protocol/RestrainedLoveAPI. By Marine Kelley Audience This document is for people who wish to modify or create their own LSL scripts to use the features of the RestrainedLove viewer. It does not explain LSL concepts such as messages and events, nor universal concepts such as UUIDs. This document contains the specification for RestrainedLove viewer itself.

If you need information about the RestrainedLove viewer relay(RLV relay), please see the RLV relay specification. Secondlife:scripted_agents:corrade [Wizardry and Steamworks] Corrade en-verb|corrades|corrading|corraded (obsolete) To gnaw into; to wear away; to fret; to consume. (geology) To erode, as the bed of a stream. Secondlife:scripted_agents:corrade:projects:in_world:sit_and_animate:animate [Wizardry and Steamworks] Animate.lsl.