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Bijoux et leurs grilles gratuites , au crochet. Outstanding Crochet: Crochet jewelry. Please, note, this is a PATTERN, not finished item!

Outstanding Crochet: Crochet jewelry

It's one of my favorite bracelets, but it is too small for me, so I only can admire it from the distance. :))) I have to have a bigger one. I have grown in a person who can't stand wearing any jewelry, but I wear my crochet bracelet, because they don't bother me at all. Travel in time with this linen bracelet. Fiber jewelry feels soft on your skin and doesn’t get in the way during your daily adventures. Tuto bracelet au crochet , Challenge 12 mois, 12 projets*

Alors voici mon mini tuto pour confectionner ce bracelet au crochet vous aurez besoin de :

Tuto bracelet au crochet , Challenge 12 mois, 12 projets*

Fingerless Gloves - creJJtion. Colliers , couronnes , masques et leurs grilles gratuites ! Signed, Sealed & Remembered: Memory Jewelry Supplies. Make a Wish Bottle Necklace. I am so happy it is finally summer!

Make a Wish Bottle Necklace

I have so many happy memories of summer. Running through sprinklers- and then warming up on the hot cement sidewalks. The delicate balance of eating Popsicles before they melt, but without getting a “brain freeze.” And of course, making a secret, heartfelt wish, and then blowing dandelion fluff to make it come true. Book Necklace DIY Tutorial {Teacher Gift Idea} Today’s project is perfect for that end-of-the-year (can’t-believe-you-survived!)

Book Necklace DIY Tutorial {Teacher Gift Idea}

Teacher Appreciation gift. A stacked book necklace: I found a similar book necklace selling at Anthropologie- but it was way out of my budget, so I made my own! Open your package of mini books. DIY Harry Potter Bookmark Gift Idea. Can you believe there are only 160 days until Christmas?

DIY Harry Potter Bookmark Gift Idea

That’s just a little more than five months and you know how crazy things get around Halloween and Thanksgiving so really, it’ll be here before you know it! If you’re planning on getting an early start on making (or at least pinning!) Some gifts for your book-loving friends, this DIY Harry Potter bookmark tutorial is for you! Step 1. The supplies above are what you’ll need to make one DIY Harry Potter bookmark. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Steampunk Necklace Tutorial. The best thing about making your own jewelry is that you can create a piece that is uniquely you.

Steampunk Necklace Tutorial

Whether you like leather, bling, vintage or simple styling, you can find a way to express your personality through jewelry. As I’ve shared before, I have a soft spot for all things antique and unique. The new Vintaj and Steampunk lines at Consumer Crafts made it easy for me to put together this cool statement steampunk necklace, which is really fun to wear. Learn to Make Cracked Marble Necklaces. Cracked marbles are not a new thing to the crafting world, but if you are like me, and haven’t given them a shot yet, here is a step-by-step, tried and true method.

Learn to Make Cracked Marble Necklaces

I love the look of the cracked marbles, and wanted to incorporate the finished project into something beautiful, so my daughter and I made necklaces out of them. It was a great project. No mess, cheap, and easy to mass-produce. What more could you want? Clear marblesNecklace cording – (A note on the necklace cording, if you are looking in my supply picture, you can purchase cording in bulk,(the spool) and make a bunch of necklaces, or just opt for the easier, pre-made version.)Bead Caps – (There are several options available for the bead caps, choose by preference.)Eye PinsJump RingsE-6000 adhesive (or other strong glue)Needle-nose Jewelry PliersBaking sheetBowlOven Let’s get started! Pre-heat your oven to 500 degrees.

Open your bag of marbles, and lay them out on a baking sheet. Wire Wrapped Tree Of Life Ornament · How To Make A Wire Wrapped Pendant · Jewelry Making and Wirework on Cut Out. Welcome to my corner… Create Your Own Ring - DIY Bee Ring Project. In the matter of fact, this bee ring is not that delicate as other jewelry projects show; because the copper wire that is widely used in this DIY ring is not easily hidden, the appearance of this bee ring seems quite rougher; however I believe this is a kind of natural beauty.

Create Your Own Ring - DIY Bee Ring Project

Materials and tools: Easy Step to Make Creative Golden Flower Earrings. Most girls like flowers, but how about this dedicate flower earrings?

Easy Step to Make Creative Golden Flower Earrings

Do you like them? I hope the answer is “yes”. Now go with me to figure out the way to make the golden flower earrings. Instructions on making golden flower earrings: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. How to Make Personalized Bangle Bracelet - DIY Braided Wire Bracelets. Personalized bangle bracelet in this tutorial means that you can decide which kind of multi-strand braiding is applied.

How to Make Personalized Bangle Bracelet - DIY Braided Wire Bracelets

This DIY braided bangle idea features its triple-strand braiding with aluminum wire. Now follow the next how to make bangle bracelet instructions. Materials and tools for DIY braided bracelet: 1.5mm silvery aluminum wire 0.5mm silvery brass wire 10mm rose quartz bead Round nose plier Flat nose plier Wire cutter. Tutorial on Wire Wrapping Wave Pendant with Basic Techniques. Ocean owns a lot of precious resource; it is so profound that many mysteries are still waiting for our exploration. It has been bearing the dreams of young people for many generations. Therefore in my eyes, ocean is always colorful and vigorous.

Valentine’s Ideas on Making Caged Heart Stone Jewelry with Basic Wire Wrapping Techniques. Love is an essential part of life. Similarly, a unique gift is a vital part on Valentine's Day. So, to find a unique Valentine's Day gift for her or him means so much between the lovers. Making Distinctive Earrings with Silvery Brass Wire and Blue Glass Pearls. A simple spiral wire wrap pattern will never trouble you. And you needn’t rack your brain to recreate another pattern, because basic wire wrapping and beading can to a large extent differ your pattern from original. Creative Jewelry Project - How to Make Rainbow Coiled Wire Earrings within 15 Minutes. Guide on Making Twisted Wire Earrings Using Easy Wire Wrapping Technique. Wire earrings are essential pieces of jewelry. Besides, making wire earrings is one of the most appreciate way to own newly trendy pieces with limited budget.

An Easy Way on Making Silver butterfly charm Earrings for Beginners. If you are new to jewelry making, easy to make earrings might be the best place to start. Making A Boho Cuff Bracelet with Turquoise and Wood Beads. In an ecstatic atmosphere of New Year’s festival, we all dress up fit to greet 2014. Besides costumes, you might as well focus on your jewelry wearing. 3 Easy Steps to Design Your Own Wire Retro Style Hoop Earrings. Hoop style earrings are a chic and classic jewelry accessory to express a sense of bold and vogue. DIY Birds Nest Necklace – Making Jewelry with Wire and Pearl Beads for Easter. Although birds nest necklace has been already trendy for a long while, it is my first time to think about it being one of Easter craft ideas. Unique Bracelet Designs-Making Angel Wings Bracelet with Acrylic Beads and Wires. Angel means holy, she could bring luck and happiness to us.

Equipped with an angel wings bracelet, we will be surrounded by love and care. 3 in 1 Aluminum Wire Wrapped Bracelet Designs with Pearl Beads. Girls are beauty, beauty is a girl. Super easy jewelry making idea-inspired single pearl necklace. Fine Handmade Jewelry-An Inspired Bracelet out of Wire. Bird Nest Jewelry Tutorial on How to Make Earrings with Pearl Beads and Wire. Instructions about how to make your own hoop earrings more prominent. COLLIERS - WireWorkers Guild. Blog de Delires-Feeriques - Les perles à la folie -