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Good Gifting: North Carolina's Sustainable Gift Guide. To me, Dec. 1 marks the official start of the best time of the year – the Christmas season!

Good Gifting: North Carolina's Sustainable Gift Guide

One of my favorite parts of this season is picking out gifts for all my loved ones. My gift-giving goal this year is to keep sustainability and locality in mind when buying gifts. Above all, there is nothing better than a gift that does good for the environment and the community. And so, I curated a gift guide full of the pieces (both big and small) that you’ll feel good about both buying and giving. Gifts $25 and Under Detox Your Body Stimulating Body Brush – Hidden Forest Naturals, Carrboro Located at 200 N. Wicked Warmers in Berry Branch – The Flourish Market, Raleigh Located at 307 W.

Villa Real Mexican Hot Chocolate in Vanilla – The Flourish Market, Raleigh Hand-crafted in Oaxaca, Mexico, this hot chocolate is made from cocoa butter, sugar, almond, and other nuts and spices. Gifts $50 and Under The Munio Candle in Cinnamon – Hidden Forest Naturals, Carrboro Located at 109 E. Located at 15 W. Holiday Lights Shows Near the Triangle You Have to See in 2020. One of the best parts of the holiday season is the sight of wonderful decorations.

Holiday Lights Shows Near the Triangle You Have to See in 2020

While COVID-19 may put a damper on some traditional indoor holiday activities, outdoor holiday lights shows all over the Triangle remain alive and well. This year, many of the holiday lights shows in the Triangle are drive-through only to keep everyone safe. Here is a list of shows you have to see this winter. Nights of Lights — Raleigh Open Dec. 16-31 (except Dec. 25) from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. $15/car. $30/vehicle that holds nine or more people.Discount pricing on Dec. 28 and 29 The Nights of Lights at Dix Park is one of the newest holiday lights shows in the Triangle. Nights of Lights is a drive-through event with one exception. Address: Dix Park, 75 Hunt Drive, Raleigh. How You Can Enjoy Some Socially-Distant Holiday Fun in the Triangle. The holiday season is here.

How You Can Enjoy Some Socially-Distant Holiday Fun in the Triangle

Usually, that means gathering with friends for meals or shopping in big crowds of people. However, this year, due to COVID-19, the holidays will look a little different. In order to keep folks in the Triangle safe, it’s important to find ways to enjoy some socially-distant holiday fun. Here are some great ways to enjoy the spirit of the season without putting yourself and others at risk. 8 Raleigh Coffee Shops You Have to Try This Winter.

In addition to its great restaurants and breweries, Raleigh boasts a ton of great coffee shops.

8 Raleigh Coffee Shops You Have to Try This Winter

As the temperature drops and the leaves disappear, put on your heavy coat and head to one of these spots for a perfect winter warm-up. Raleigh Coffee Shops: Our Cream of the Crop 1. 9 Savory NC Winter Beers to Keep You Cozy All Season. As the days get both shorter and the nights get colder, it may seem antithetical to crack open a cold beer.

9 Savory NC Winter Beers to Keep You Cozy All Season

However, North Carolina’s tremendous craft brewing scene encourages you to do just that, thanks to its incredible roster of cold-weather beers. Here are 10 of our favorite NC winter beers. Best Cold-Weather Beers: Stouts 1. These Local NC CBD Companies Will Ship Directly to You. Are you looking for a way you can buy CBD products online for delivery to your door?

These Local NC CBD Companies Will Ship Directly to You

And do you want to support local NC CBD companies at the same time? The Tar Heel State has a number of homegrown CBD companies. Many of them sell products made from hemp grown right here in the state. North Carolina Podcasts You Should Be Listening To. Many continue to work from home, and some desperately need a break from the news.

North Carolina Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Even your Spotify playlists may be getting dull at this point. Luckily, there are a lot of amazing North Carolina podcasts you should be listening to. We’ve put together a short list of our favorites for you. Human Interest and Personal Stories Everything Happens for a Reason. Aloe Frost Sells Out in Minutes Every Restock: Here's Why. If you’re a plant person in North Carolina, you might have joined a Facebook group for plant lovers.

Aloe Frost Sells Out in Minutes Every Restock: Here's Why

In my local group, I often scroll through the photos and posts to admire the plants and the pots they’re in. That’s when I saw them — pots with mustaches — and knew I had to have one. It was my first introduction to Aloe Frost, the North Carolina artist and plant enthusiast. It's Not Too Late: 3 Easy Fall Garden Projects to Do Before Thanksgiving. One of the great things about living in North Carolina — especially the coastal and piedmont regions — is our long garden season.

It's Not Too Late: 3 Easy Fall Garden Projects to Do Before Thanksgiving

It gives us a sizable grace period each fall, extra time to get all those-end-of-season garden chores done. And amazingly, November is NOT too late. Here are three easy fall garden projects you can do before Thanksgiving. Garden Project 1: Plant Some Daffodils — They Will Make You Smile If you are over pumpkin and have a few minutes to spare, try planting daffodils. You don’t even need that many bulbs. How NC Health Care Providers Have Become National Mainstays. NC is home to many impressive health care providers.

How NC Health Care Providers Have Become National Mainstays

While you can get excellent care from many places throughout the state, several players really stand out from the crowd. 1. Duke University Hospital was named the best hospital in NC, edging out many excellent providers. Earlier this year, U.S. News and World Report named Duke University Hospital the best hospital in NC. Duke University Hospital benefits from a strong association with Duke’s School of Medicine. 2. The Bite Is On. Get To The Outer Banks and Get Fishing. My personal fish whisperer texted me last night. Just two words: It’s time. In my family, those words require no explanation — they mean that the bite is on. It’s time to get to the Outer Banks and get fishing. What’s biting? Dinner. Spectacular beaches and lighthouses aside, North Carolina’s barrier islands are renowned for great fishing.

Fall fishing on the Outer Banks is superb. What You Should Know About Starting a Small Business on Etsy. With most businesses working hard to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures, the shift to an online retail space could help many small businesses stay afloat. From Shopify to WooCommerce, integrating a digital shop into your website has never been easier. So why is starting a small business on Etsy still so popular? Etsy Gives Small Businesses Access to a Larger Client Base The most immediate benefit to moving your merchandise to Etsy is that the platform remains incredibly popular with buyers. Are You Thinking About Going Back to School During COVID-19? The decision of going back to school is never an easy one, but COVID-19 has made the choice even more complicated. Most colleges have either moved to online classes or drastically changed the look of their in-person classes. Safety is an obvious and important thing to consider during COVID-19, but you also need to think about how you learn and what special requirements your program might have.

North Carolia Swamps: where slaves went to disappear. Data-Driven Economist: Recession Hits Low and High Incomes. Looking to Relocate? Where Are the Cheapest Places to Live in NC? Understanding Conversions: Reading Analytics 101. Ask An Attorney: Can I Get Fired For Social Media Posts? Let’s Take a Look Back At All of the NC District Races. Job Update: Unemployment Rate Drops Six Months Into the Pandemic. Here’s the Medical Care You Might Expect from Struggling NC Doctors. That's So North Carolina: 7 Quintessential North Carolina Things. Let’s Take a Look at the Race for NC’s 11th District. Haunted Attractions Near the Triangle Open in 2020. Freedom Park Unveiled in Raleigh to Celebrate North Carolina’s Black Heritage North Carolina Freedom Park. Let’s Take A Look At The Race For NC’s 10th District. 6 Kids' Activities to Keep Them Happy (And Busy!) During the Pandemic.

Safe Fall Activities in North Carolina (That Are Still Really Fun) 5 North Carolina Snakes You Should Recognize on Sight. Black Bears in the Wild: What Do You Do When You Encounter One? 5 Tips For Effective Facebook Marketing For Your Business. Involuntary Hospitalization: An Overlooked Area of Law. Are Medical Monitoring Devices Coming to NC? Small Businesses Are Having Trouble Filling Jobs in North Carolina. Drive-in Theaters in North Carolina for Safe Movie-Watching. Fun North Carolina Hidden Gems and Where to Find Them. State Could Issue $335 Payment to North Carolina Families With Children. Mindfulness Tips for Parents Feeling Back-to-School Stress. Historic Restaurants in Raleigh That Are Well Worth a Visit. For T. Greg Doucette, It's Not Just A Twitter Thread. 5 Outdoor Workouts to Help You Strengthen Your Routine.

4 Weird Tourist Sites in North Carolina You Can Visit Right Now. Kid Lab Raleigh Adapts Playful Learning Model to Changing Times. 5 Twitter Tips to Help Your Business. Charlotte Restaurants: You Won't Want To Miss This Baker's Dozen. MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Speech Has Roots in North Carolina. Racial Discrimination Remains Alive and Well in NC Legal System. NC Universities Go Remote After COVID-19 Clusters. Lead Generation: What It Is and How to DIY.

Durham Barbershops Finds Life, Community After COVID. NC Commissioner Causey Accused of Political Bias by Business Owner Again. Lindberg Sentencing Showcases Pressure On Defendants To Plead Guilty. How Does Gerrymandering Affect North Carolina Voters? Why Generational Labels in the Workplace Do More Harm Than Good. North Carolina Farmers Markets You Won't Want to Miss. Fall Gardening in NC: What Can You Plant this Fall? 3 Tips For Better Project Management Despite Remote Work. North Carolina News Daily. Good News - North Carolina News Daily. Health News- North Carolina News Daily. Law News - North Carolina News Daily. Questionable Motivations of North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey. How Social Media and Misinformation Complicate Journalism. Price Gouging Laws in NC: What You Should Know. The Oak: Dine-in with a Twist Where Hospitality Comes First. How #Fight4Her Bolsters Reproductive Rights in North Carolina.

Escape Rooms Might Be the Raleigh Date Night You've Wanted. Business News - North Carolina News Daily. COVID-19 Study Finds Lower Transmissions in Schools. Preparing for the Higher Education COVID-19 Worst-case Scenarios. 5 Indian Food Restaurants and Grocery Stores (North Carolina Edition) Moonshine Valley F-100 Show & Swap Meet: A Step Back in Time. Hertz Cars Selling At Discount Prices: A Consumer’s Guide. North Carolina Court Records Lack Jury Selection. Stressed by COVID? Take Control: Lower Diabetes Risk & Boost Immunity. North Carolina Sports Outlook: Did COVID-19 Kill Our Economy?

Charlotte Football Club "Minted" in the Queen City for 2022. What Employees, Employers Must Know about COVID-19 Furloughs, Layoffs - News. COVID-19 furloughs and layoffs are two steps many North Carolina businesses are taking as they navigate pandemic-related revenue shortfalls. We’ve prepared this handy reference guide—both for the employees affected, and for the Human Resources managers charged with guiding them through this abrupt recession. Are COVID-19 furloughs and layoffs the only way for businesses to conserve cash? No. North Carolina businesses are pulling other levers to get through this downturn. Some businesses have cash reserves to help them stay afloat during a time like this.

But this economic crisis is about more than just cash. What should businesses consider when weighing the pros and cons of COVID-19 furloughs as cash conservation strategies? Make sure you’re factoring in hidden costs. Also, furloughs and layoffs affect a company’s unemployment experience and can lead to state unemployment tax increases. Finally, unless the work is truly absent, the employees left behind will pick up the slack. Yes. Yes. Videogame Showcase: 2020 Wake Tech SGD Capstone Presentations. NC’s Second Chance Act Represents a Rare Example of Bipartisanship. Food Insecurity Rates Remain Higher Among Households of Color. Cary Quilting Company and the North Carolina Mask Warriors. 25 Independent Bookstores Offering Delivery Services In NC. Explainer: Will North Carolina Elementary Schools Reopen?

Carolina Hurricanes Return to Raleigh Ahead of 2020 Playoffs. New Cancer Prevention Guidelines: Move More and Eat Plants. Global Growth Will Donate 1 Million Meals for COVID-19 Relief. Teen Entrepreneur in the Triangle: Blue Strawberry Studio. Holly Springs Food Cupboard: Business During COVID-19. North Carolina News Daily: Local News Coverage for Business, Law, Health, Technology, and More. Five Upcoming North Carolina Car Shows and Races. Real-Time Data Dashboard Helps NC Businesses Drive Towards Recovery. Fake Methamphetamine: A Defense That Actually Worked. How One Small Business Is Reinventing Sales Strategy. Hospitals in Rural Areas Hit Hard by COVID-19, Causing Many to Close. Read local news, breaking news, law , business news, health news on north carolina daily news: News Deserts in America: The Fast Facts - North Carolina News Daily. Explainer: Duke Energy, Coal Ash, Lawsuits and North Carolina. LGBTQ Supreme Court Ruling North Carolina Impact. Ag-Gag Law in N.C. Faces—and Fails—Constitutional Test.