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4 Measures Enhance Cruising Experience for Passengers. The Covid-19 virus brought the cruise industry to a halt in 2020.

4 Measures Enhance Cruising Experience for Passengers

But as we have stepped into 2021, we can already see increased demand for cruising among passengers all around the world. Moreover, the roll-out of vaccines has spread optimism, inspiring people to shed their fear and embark on cruising journey this year. So, if you are wondering if this is the right time to invest in cruise ships for sale, you can proceed after consulting with experienced shipbrokers. With that being said, we would also like to remind you of the importance of investing in newer technologies that can take the cruising experience to another level for your passengers.

Unless you adopt the latest maritime measures, you will be far from carving out a place and building resilience in the industry. Sustainable environment technologies – Today, cruises are integrated with exhaust gas cleaning systems to remove over 95% of sulphur content and reduce particulate matter from exhaust. Effective Ways to Reduce the Risk of Maritime Accidents. The frequency of maritime accidents may have gone down, of late, but factors like fatigue, poor watchkeeping, over-reliance on technology are some of the reasons why sea mishaps are still common.

Effective Ways to Reduce the Risk of Maritime Accidents

Understanding the Nuances of Double Ended Ferry Designs. With excellent manoeuvrability and safety features, the double-ended ferries have lent unparalleled convenience in the movement of people and cargoes.

Understanding the Nuances of Double Ended Ferry Designs

The speciality lies in its open-ended design that allows easy loading and unloading of goods from both the ends of the craft. There is little wonder why shipowners want to buy double ended ferries for sale, given their superb functionalities and convenience. As a distinct class of Ropax vessels, the double-ended ferries operate on short domestic routes, shallow water conditions, and confined ferry terminals.

Due to their unique functional requirements, these ferries boast of the design and structure that are different from vessels’ construction. Fuel Cells in Shipping – The Next Big Wave in the Maritime Industry. Having proved their success and effectiveness in powering vehicles like trucks, forklifts, and passenger trains, fuel cells are now making their inroads into the shipping industry.

Fuel Cells in Shipping – The Next Big Wave in the Maritime Industry

Shipping companies and manufacturers are motivated to integrate fuel cells into marine vessels for realising the objective of zero-emission marine propulsion. With the governments releasing mandates on GHG reduction, ship and cruise ship brokers encourage ship owners to invest in eco-friendly ships. Since the fuel cell power system is expected to become more viable and propel a greater number of river vessels shortly, you may want to know all about it before investing in sustainable shipping. Advantages of Using Fuel Cells Flexible Configuration – As fuel storage elements and power generation are separate in fuel cells, they offer greater flexibility in ship manoeuvring and operations. Steps to Combat Cyber Security Threat in the Maritime Industry. Like any other industrial sectors in the world today, the maritime industry too is experiencing a major influx of advanced technologies.

Steps to Combat Cyber Security Threat in the Maritime Industry

However, despite all progress, the cybersecurity threats can be considered to be the bane of technological developments that plague all industrial sectors in this twenty-first century. Not only can cyber-attacks cause major disruptions in the functions of a shipping company, but they can compromise the privacy and security of the passengers in your fast ferries for sale. In this blog, we tell how you should plan a cyber threat response strategy. Create Response Team – With digital trends and interconnectedness increasing in the maritime sector, the risk of cyber threats is at its peak. To combat and mitigate this menace, creating a response team becomes urgent who can prepare architectural responses such as partitioning the onboard networks by firewalls for preventing cyber-attacks.

The Role of Ship Owners in Boosting Seafarers’ Productivity. Being a shipowner is not easy, for you will have to ensure the best protection of interests of all your stakeholders.

The Role of Ship Owners in Boosting Seafarers’ Productivity

If you thought purchasing RoRo vessels for sale was the end all and be all, you are not entirely correct. Apart from looking into the interests of the passengers, shipowners are also responsible for motivating and boosting the productivity of the seafarers. Away from home, the seafarers are also in mental agony induced by the global pandemic. Here, we tell what shipping companies and owners can do to acknowledge the monumental role played by the seafarers on a daily basis. Is RoRo Shipping Ideal for Vehicle Transportation? Find Here! As an important segment of the maritime trade and industry, vehicle shipping requires ship owners to ensure safe and swift transportation of cars in highly-engineered vessels.

Is RoRo Shipping Ideal for Vehicle Transportation? Find Here!

Are you interested to expand your business footprint in the global shipping sector? Given the booming market, there is no better option than investing in RoRo vessels for sale. What Are the 4 Major Types of Fuels Used in Ships? Technological advancements have helped the face of sea transportation evolve and stay relevant through time.

What Are the 4 Major Types of Fuels Used in Ships?

We sure have come a long way from the times of coal-powered ships, but we are still far from achieving complete sustainability in the maritime industry. Why Investing in Ropax Vessels Is Going to be Worth it in 2021? January 18, 2021 Are you aware of the latest technologies and changes in the design and function of ropax vessels?

Why Investing in Ropax Vessels Is Going to be Worth it in 2021?

Usually meant for short-distance transportation, ropax vessels are sought after for their ability to carry both passengers and freights. So, if you’re a first-time investor, you might want to purchase ropax vessels for sale and get big returns on your investment. How Do You Determine the Seakeeping Qualities of a Ship? What do you think you have to check before purchasing fast ferries for sale?

How Do You Determine the Seakeeping Qualities of a Ship?

It is the seakeeping ability of the vessel you’re about to purchase. Have you never come across this word before? 4 Ways of Retrofitting High-Speed Vessels for Reducing Emissions. Controlling over 90% of the world trade, the shipping industry is at the heart of the global economy. On the downside, it is also responsible for contributing to 3% of carbon dioxide emissions and thereby threaten the coastal cities and their environments, maritime ecology, as well as contribute to global warming. If you are planning to invest in high speed vessels for sale, you should focus on retrofitting them with the newest technologies for reducing negative environmental impacts. In this blog, we discuss the green technologies you should go for. Efficient engines – To ensure high-performance and sustainability in shipping operations, engineers and manufacturers are now bidding adieu to electronic engines needing manual adjustments. Instead, they focus on the integration of optimised low-speed engines and auto-tuned engines to promote energy savings.

Conclusion – As a ship-owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your vessels do not contribute to environmental pollution. Major Types of Cargo Transported in the Shipping Industry. The worldwide shipping industry is the backbone of our global economy. It is at the very fulcrum of global networking, for its ability to support vast, efficient, and economic long-distance transport. According to the European Union, shipping accounts for an overall 80% of global imports and exports by volume. Every year the world shipping trade reaches trillions of US Dollars. What Makes Roro Vessels Perfect for Meeting Transportation Needs? Designed to carry both passengers and vehicles, roro vessels for sale are one of the best transportation options in the current global shipping market.

So, if you are planning to invest in roro vessels, it can do wonders in expanding your business footprint in the maritime industry. But, if you are still confused and want to evaluate the benefits in-depth, you must not hesitate to do so. While you can always talk to the ship brokering firm, you may also go through this blog and form an initial idea of what to expect out of this investment. So let us look into the reasons that make investing in roro one of the best choices for ship-owners. Are Cruises Not Worth Your Investment? Top Myths Busted Here. Are Cruises Not Worth Your Investment? Top Myths Busted Here. How Do You Prepare for Sustainable Shipping in 2021?

Do you want to invest in a new ship after the global supply chain has recovered in 2021? To know the latest market trends, you must consult with one of the experienced ship broker companies in Norway. Tracking the forecasts and predictions, only shipbrokers can guide you in the right direction and help you with smart decision making. While you are concerned with ROI, are you aware of sustainability trends that will grow in 2021? As per the IMO regulations, ship owners will have to adjust their ship operations to lower carbon emissions by not less than 40% by the year 2030 when compared to 2008.

So, if you are eyeing long-term profits, then you should invest in a ship that can support sustainability measures. Top Trends for Passenger Ferries for Sale for 2021. 4 Crucial Checks to Perform before Purchasing Ships for Sale. RoRo Vessels Vs LoLo Vessels – Which Is the Best Investment Option? RoRo and LoLo are the two main shipping modes when it comes transporting bulk cargo across oceans. Ship Broker Companies Norway – Why You Should Hire One? Do you often wonder how hiring a shipbroker can help you out? Top Developments in the Cruise Industry amid the Pandemic. There is little debate that the global pandemic has hit the marine industry, but cruise lines are beaming with opportunities because passengers cannot wait to go on cruise rides once again.

Key Points to Consider Before You Buy Night Ferries for Sale. Ensuring Safety of Roro Vessels for Sale with IMO Guidelines. Due to their speed of operation and massive transportation systems, Roro vessels are one of the most successful sea vessels today. Speed, flexibility and functionalities have made these crafts quite popular among the seafarers. However, notwithstanding their efficacy, there have been serious accidents involving Roro ships, the most infamous event would be capsizing of MS Herald of Free Enterprise.

Passenger Ferries for Sale – Responding to Covid-19 Crisis. With Covid-19 sending shockwaves across the world, every sector, including our shipping industry has been rattled to a great extent. As this pandemic is showing no sign of subsiding, we have to improve our strategies to cope with this adversity. In the wake of Covid-19, over 120 countries have declared and implemented restrictions. What Are the Guidelines for Recycling High Speed Ferries for Sale? Best-of-class Construction of High Speed Ferries for Sale. High-speed ferries are becoming an integral component of the marine industry. With their robust construction and impressive passenger carrying capacity, fast ferries are operating extensively in international waters.

Although it lacks a clear-cut definition, high-speed craft usually belongs to an exclusive category of marine vessels that also includes hovercrafts, catamarans, and hydrofoils. What Are the High-tech Features in Cruise Vessels for Sale? Incredible Benefits of RORO Vessels for Sale? Consider When Buying Passenger Ferries for Sale. Future of the Cruise Vessels for Sale. Ride Control Systems for Passenger Ferries for Sale. History and Types of RoRo Vessels for Sale. Hybrid Control in Autonomous Ferries for Sale. Cargo Handling Equipment in Ro-Ro Vessels for Sale. Designs of Ferries for Sale : Catamaran Versus Monohul. How to Choose the Best Broker to Buy Night Ferries for Sale? Types of Ferries for Sale Ruling the Shipping World. Inspection Tips before Buying Cruise Ships for Sale. The Perks of Investing in a Cruise Vessel for Sale? What are the uses of RoRo and RoPax vessels for sale? How to Maintain ships for Buyers by Cruise Ship Brokers.

Why is There a Big Jump in Passenger Ferries for Sale Figures? RORO Vessel for Sale Will Give A Fillip to The Industry. Amazing Cruise Ships for Sale in Norway. Steps Shipbroker Companies in Norway Follow for The Purchase or Sale of Ships. Norled Embraces Digital Transformation with Infor. Corvus Energy offers Marine Batteries for Deep Decarbonization. Oceans of Investment Opportunities. Which offers better investment - Princess Cruise or NCL. The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association Outlook Report 2019: Better Turnover of the Norwegian Shipping Companies. Future of the Fjords Ensures Sustainable Seafaring. Express 4 High-Speed Catamaran Ferry. Safe Return to Port Regulations to Improve Passengers Safety.

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The Many Reasons Why Marine Pollution Is On The Rise. Shipping Trends For The Increasingly Popular Industry. A Cruise Through The History Of Shipping – Norwegian Ship Sales AS – Medium. How To Effectively Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Ships.