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Rune Larsen

This is Rune Larsen from Denmark; the founder and CEO of Normasym Intl., a renowned LED product manufacturing company serving clients from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

LED Bulbs, Lamps, Fluorescent Tubes Replacement. Changing your old fluorescent tubes to a LED tube light retrofit solution has more benefits than just being energy efficient.

LED Bulbs, Lamps, Fluorescent Tubes Replacement

At Normasym, our product portfolio contains several high quality LED products and solutions, including LED tubes with the highest energy efficiency in the market. Let us brief you about the benefits! The aforementioned energy efficiency is inevitable when talking about LED tube light fixtures, and LED technology in general. Normasym’s LED tubes, e.g. the NS20 or NS22, use MGT (Mint Green Technology) that assures the highest energy efficiency in the market. Trailing or Leading edge LED dimming. Written on Dimmable retrofit LED lamps and LED-based luminaires has long been recognized as an issue when it comes to the attenuation methods such as trailing and leading edge.

Trailing or Leading edge LED dimming

However, there is not often problems when it comes to the DALI and 1-10V. Rune S. Larsen, founder of the company Normasym, describes the two ways to dim the LED lights when there is attenuation of the main voltage. LED Lighting In The Spare Time: How To Light Up A Sports Hall With LED. Written on.

LED Lighting In The Spare Time: How To Light Up A Sports Hall With LED

LED lighting in Spare Time: How to Light Up a Museum, Gallery with LED. Can LED light bulbs become the next target for hackers? Written on Controlling LED lighting with smart features can help us in our everyday life, but it does also pose a risk; will our homes become victims of a hacking attack in the future?

Can LED light bulbs become the next target for hackers?

The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) offers a lot of different benefits, which we have written about in a previous blog post. IoT allows us to control everyday objects smarter by using sensors and microprocessors, that enables us to control the lighting in an entirely new way. Quality of life redefined by normasym UK. At Normasym, we design, develop and deliver our own LED lighting solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes in the UK.

Quality of life redefined by normasym UK

No lighting project is too large or too complicated for us, as we have a vast experience with large international projects. Let Normasym be your LED lighting supplier in the UK. Our experience lies primarily within large industrial and commercial lighting projects. Customers within especially the industrial sector have a long list of requirements to their future lighting solution, such as: A lighting system that is able to light up large areas, from high ceilings. A robust lighting system that can withstand dust, bumps and shocks. That time is over though. Healthy lighting: Can LED improve the work environment and efficiency in the office? Written on In the fourth article in our series about healthy lighting we take a closer look at office lighting.

Healthy lighting: Can LED improve the work environment and efficiency in the office?

What is the connection between LED and work quality? And what does this have to do with the changing work environment in today’s offices? If you want to know the answer to these questions, this article will give you the answers that you are looking for. LED Lights For Workshop and Garage. LED workshop light fixtures are for the hobbyists and the dedicated builders and creators of various projects.

LED Lights For Workshop and Garage

At Normasym, we have a product for every taste – and this category is for hobbyists. Are you bored? Well, why are you not working on something you like, something that is yours? Across the globe, men and women take a couple of hours every week, to work on something they truly enjoy. Some do it as a stress relief, others to get some alone time. We can deliver just the right lighting for your individual project. Normasym recommends LED strip lights for workshops, as they are easily installed, dimmable, affordable and energy saving. LED Strip Lighting. LED tape lights have within a short period of time become very popular due to the flexibility of the strips and the ability to fit them almost everywhere.

LED Strip Lighting

The market has, due to the popularity, been fluctuated with countless manufacturers that put quantity over quality. Here’s what to look out for. LED Outdoor Lighting. LED lighting for outdoor use has become very popular within a short amount of time.

LED Outdoor Lighting

And quite understandably, as LEDs has several benefits compared to traditional lighting sources. The outdoor working conditions could not suit a LED better, as the cool temperature makes it almost imperishable. LED Office Lighting. The market for commercial office lighting solutions has for a long period of time been dominated by fluorescent tubes – but the old fluorescent tubes have now met their superior: LED office lighting.

LED Office Lighting

Is it really worth changing do? Yes! And here’s why. The market for office lighting, and lighting solutions in general, is facing a paradigm shift. With a little help from the EU directive, declaring to phase out the old incandescent technology, the LED technology is thought to revolutionise the lighting market. If you replace your incandescent bulbs to a Normasym lighting solution, drastic energy savings will appear on your next energy bill. Halogen spots vs. LED spots. LED creates perfect lighting in open spaces. Written on Open spaces require good quality lighting. When traditional light sources are used in outdoor spaces, they are using an enormous amount of energy, which are very expensive. Furthermore, they might not be the perfect solution. Flicker in LEDs. Written on Many home owners have concerns about using automated dimmers and LED lighting loads because of flickering issues. Needless to say, flicker in LED lighting is a main issue which several home owners face.

However, new-age LEDs have changed it all for good, as they are hardly subject to flicker. Many companies provide power-efficient LED lighting solutions that enlighten your premises like never before. Flicker is basically a constant fluctuation of the light output between its transitions from on to off. What makes LED efficient? Written on LEDs has a lot of benefits and has been very popular for some time now. This is among other things because of the high efficiency of LEDs which is significantly higher than conventional lighting technologies. In normal language, when we talk about the efficiency of light sources, we generally mean their luminous efficacy, which is measured in lumens per watt (lm/W). This metric takes the sensitivity of the human eye into account. Another measure is efficiency characterized by radiometric power. Healthy lighting: Healthier living environments with LED. Written on Our LED solutions give our clients benefits that stretch beyond technological advantages.

LED lighting has a positive scientifically documented effect on how we thrive as human beings, both at home, but also at work, in the streets and even when we recover from injuries. Every day, humans are exposed to a substantial amount of electric lighting, all of which has some effect on our physiology – regardless of the type of source.

Often, uncertainty surrounds the role of LEDs. Hotel lighting: Three ways to light up your hotel lobby. Written on When wanting to find the perfect LED lighting for your hotel lobby, there is a few things you have to keep in mind. The lighting in the lobby requires a lot of attention, as this is the first place the hotel guests sees. It’s a good idea to get a designer involved when your deciding how you lighting solution in the lobby should be. Also, it is a good idea to check if the hotel has any hotel guidelines that can give you an idea of how the lighting solution must look like. If you do not have access to a designer, and cannot find anything useful in the hotel guidelines, this guide can help you!

Lighting on the terrace: Get impressive lighting with LED. Professional LED solutions by Normasym. Trailing or Leading edge LED dimming. How to choose stable LED installations.