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Obama Set a World Record by Reaching 1 Million Twitter Followers in Five Hours. Skip directly to primary article Skip directly to list of articles Tech HomeColumnsReviewsPogue VideosHow ToPogue's BasicsApple More  Subscribe View on Instagram Tech Home Columns Reviews Pogue Videos How To Yahoo will use this information to send you a one time email. Sign up to get the best of Yahoo Tech, delivered weekly to your inbox! Yahoo will use this information to send you a weekly email newsletter. Please enable Javascript Javascript needs to be enabled in your browser to use Yahoo Tech. Here’s how to turn it on: Obama Set a World Record by Reaching 1 Million Twitter Followers in Five Hours Kwame Opam, The Verge The White House is winning the internet lately. Obama’s new record is only his latest victory on social media.

More from Sign in to post a reply. Sorry you didn't like this comment. Are you sure? Please sign in. Rating failed. Request failed. Sign in to post a comment. Sorry, we can’t load comments right now. 4inkjets coupon code 20% - off promo codes online discounts. Singapore Researchers Create Robust 3D Printer Filament 15 Times More Conductive Than Previous Filaments | Inside 3D Printing.

Published by Sandra Helsel, May 21, 2015 11:10 am ( — Researchers at Singapore’s A*STAR’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering are taking conductive 3D printing to the next level. Led by Dr. Johnson Goh, IMRE scientist and head of the Science and Engineering Research Council, the group has reportedly been able to create a filament for 3D printing which is incredibly robust and up to 1,000 times as conductive as other filaments we are all used to printing with.

The researchers have also claimed that it’s 15 times more conductive than other known conductive filaments such as that of Protoplant’s. 3D printer filament, which can be printed as conductive traces, could be the spark we need to eventually realize fully functioning 3D printed electronic devices. Tags: 3D printing, A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Dr. Spotify Announces New Playlists for Different Parts of Your Day.

4inkjets coupon code 20% - off on ink cartridges. Rinkak 3D-Printing Marketplace Teams with Feel Good Creation to Offer New Options | Inside 3D Printing. Published by Sandra Helsel, May 21, 2015 11:30 am (3D Printing Industry) — Kabuku Inc4’s Rinkak 3- printing marketplace is teaming with Feel Good Creation, an expert in CMF (color, material, finish), though not previously focused on additive manufacturing. Via the partnership, the company will take advantage of these skills in corporate client-focused CMF services and goods manufactured via Rinkak. In terms of corporate client-focused services, the partners will work on a CMF package for 3D printers, specifically, working together to promote sales and to license their CMF packages. Then, within the Rinkak marketplace itself, these CMF services will be applied to printed products.

Tags: 3D printing, FEEL GOOD CREATION, Rinkak 3D Printing Marketplace. 38 New Emoji Are Set to Premiere Next Year. See the Full List Here. A sample of the new emoji coming next year. Clockwise from top left: Selfie, bacon, wilted flower, man dancing, “call me” hand, and glasses clinking. (Illustration: Kevin McCauley for Yahoo News) Thirty-eight brand new emoji are coming in 2016. The Unicode Consortium — a little-known Mountain View, California-based organization that standardizes characters and emoji across all the different operating systems — has gifted us with yet another batch of the popular pictographs, including a wilted flower, bacon, and a symbol for the word “selfie.”

Yahoo Tech has learned that earlier this month the consortium’s emoji subcommittee finalized the additions and submitted them to members for a vote of approval. A Meter that Calculates your Insulin Dose for You Abbott Diabetes Care Sponsored More: The emoji diversity lobby This decision comes just a month after the unveiling of Unicode 8.0, which updates the existing emoji set with varied skin tones, a taco, and a unicorn, among many other symbols.

4inkjets coupon code 20% off Sales with exclusive offers. Materialise and KAYIWA Launch 3D Printed DINO Clothes Rack | Inside 3D Printing. Published by Sandra Helsel, May 21, 2015 11:40 am (Materialise) — Materialise has announced the results of a recent collaboration with Finnish design studio KAYIWA. The two collaborated to create a series of 3D-printed cloth racks called DINO. Suspended along an electro-polished stainless steel bar with spacers in between, hangers remain organized and comfortably swing back and forth and/or move side-to-side for efficient hanging and clothing removal. The hangers can be made in varying heights, leaving hanging space for long coats or making them easy to reach for children and people in a wheelchair. In addition, hangers can be hung on the bar in any order. As with all KAYIWA products, the DINO clothes rack blurs the line between design and art.

While keeping aesthetics at the forefront of the design, the DINO rack serves as a functional furnishing piece that fits in a foyer, lounge, cloakroom, walk-in closet, wardrobe, or a fashion boutique. Tags: 3D printing, DINO, KAYIWA, Materialise. Apple rejects app update due to microscopic mention of ‘Android’ iPhone App Store We all know that Apple can be exceedingly nit-picky when it comes its overseeing its App Store, but the latest incidence of developer babysitting is a bit much even for them. In the latest example of Apple’s App Store rejection policy gone awry, the company recently rejected an update to Breaking, an app which lets users curate the type of news items they’d like to appear in the “Today” feed from within iOS’ Notification Center. DON’T MISS: Netflix is testing a redesign that users are going to love – see it first right here Sounds like a useful enough app, but a recent update to the app was rejected because Apple’s review team noticed that one of the app’s screenshots mentioned the word (gasp!)

Paying with cash may not be rewarding. American Express Sponsored An incidental mention of Android within a screenshot, though, seems like Apple is splitting hairs. Clearly, Apple is not playing games. 4inkjets coupon code 20% Best Place To Find Your Printer Ink Cartridges And Toners. Automakers, Hackers Debate Who Owns the Software in Your Car. Gallery: Tesla Model S By Thomas Fox-Brewster Liam O’Brien has been tinkering with his Tesla over recent months.

He’s been exploring the on-board network of his family Model S, keeping other enthusiasts updated with posts on the Instructables website. He was inspired to start digging into his Tesla as it seemed people were “too afraid to share what they learned, fearing the wrath of the Tesla legal team, despite the fact that these people bought and owned the cars in question”, O’Brien told FORBES. His work has attracted plenty of interest. An aftermarket parts maker and a Toyota subsidiary have been in touch, “both keen to get more info”, O’Brien said. But those anxious Tesla owners were right to worry about legal repercussions from making alterations to their automobiles, even if Elon Musk’s firm appears to be one of the more relaxed manufacturers. . $569 & up -- London Weeklong Summer Trip w/Air Paying with cash may not be rewarding. American Express Sponsored Walden University Online. Everything You Might Want to Know About Today’s Spotify Event.

Headphones, which one would use to listen to music, perhaps, hanging in front of the Spotify logo. (Photograph: Reuters) On Wednesday, Spotify threw a press conference to announce several new features and updates to the service. Below you will find an Explanationer™, containing everything you need to know, might want to know, or didn’t even think about having to know about Spotify’s big day. Who Are We Talking About? Spotify. What Do They Do Again? An all-you-can-listen streaming music service with tens of millions of tracks. Why’s It Called Spotify? I don’t know. Event Name “Spotify’s Next Evolution” Event Location West West Manhattan. 37th Street and 18th Avenue. The Truth About Europe Franklin Templeton Sponsored Event Design Theme “Tron: Legacy” (2010) Culinary Innovation A spheroid bagel ball filled with chocolate cream cheese.

Number of Spheroid Bagel Balls Filled with Chocolate Cream Cheese Eaten by the Author Approximately 18. Standard Music Executive Outfit Hair Gel? God yes. Mood-Setting Music. 4inkjets coupon code 20% Some of the best printer brands to solve your printing chores. We need to admit that there are a sheer mass of choices present when it comes to buying an quality printer, there are about a hundred varieties of these printers starting from cheap inkjets to lasers and the best way to distinguish between each one of them is by categorizing them by purpose, technology that is used and their intended usage.

The best way to find the right printer is by defining the needs of the user by these three categories. Most of the inkjet printers, that are marketed these days as photo printers are general purpose printers that are used for printing graphics, text and photos. Laser printers are considered more advanced in technology and still overlaps with inkjets in its capabilities. The most important differentiating point is that all laser printers make use of solid ink and LED technology and are capable of high quality printing compared with inkjet printers.

Top printer brands: European Union Sets up FABulous Fund Awarding €5.4 for 3D-Printing Virtual Fabrication | Inside 3D Printing. Published by Sandra Helsel, May 22, 2015 11:10 am (3D Printing Industry) — Spain-based Carsa, a consultancy services company operating in the fields of innovation, technology, and internationalization, has been commissioned by the European Union to set up the FABulous fund, awarding up to €5.4 in funding for SMEs, startups, and entrepreneurs focusing on “3D printing virtual fabrication.” Click here for the FaBulous website. The first call for proposals already closed. To apply for the second call, up to 50 more projects from SME’s Startups and Web-Entrepreneurs have until June 18. The thematic area budget is €2,2 million, aimed at ventures that want to offer “Solutions for Future Internet Web‐Entrepreneurship for 3D Printing Virtual Fabrication in Europe.” Tags: 3D printing, Carsa, FaBulous. The NSA Had Plans to Hack Google’s App Store and Implant Malware on Phones.

Washington (AFP) - The US National Security Agency developed plans to hack into data links to app stores operated by Google and Samsung to plant spyware on smartphones, a media report said Thursday. The online news site The Intercept said US intelligence developed the plan with allies in Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, a group known as the “Five Eyes” alliance. The report, based on a document leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, said the plan aimed to step up surveillance efforts on smartphones.

The plan appeared to have been discussed at meetings involving the intelligence services in 2011 and 2012, according to the classified document. The project called “Irritant Horn” would allow the agencies to hijack data connections to app stores and surreptitiously implant malicious software on smartphones that would allow for data to be harvested. Save up to $335 on your auto insurance Desjardins Insurance Sponsored At the time, the Google app store was called Android Market. 4inkjets coupon code 20% Documents Printed on Recycled Paper. One of the simplest way by which the non profit communicators or organizations can go green in the workings is by using recycled paper all the while in office equipment, office supplies such as folders and even when one buys print.

You can find the phrase, "printed on the recycled paper", usually included in the documents which are just an attempt to promote the environmental sensitive behavior. The phrase, however, implies the use of 100% recycled fiber. Many offices even use printing papers that are made from only 30% recyclable fiber. The fact that they can be got at fairly cheaper price, recyclable papers have become preferred choice of offices. The low impact recyclable paper One of the best ways in which a significant environmental impact can be made is by using only recycled paper.

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