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Spotify's 'Taste Rewind' Finds Tracks You'll Like from the Last Five Decades. Now that most streaming music services offer a massive selection of 30 million tracks, the challenge for consumers is discovering new stuff they want to hear. Spotify has a new take out called Rewind, first spotted by VentureBeat, which will generate playlists, one for each of the last five decades, based on three of your favorite modern artists. I picked Major Lazer, Miguel, and the rather obscure Lijadu Sisters. In return I got five very short playlists, a couple with just five songs each. The track selection was right on the money, if a little obvious. When Apple released its new music service, the company emphasized again and again that its human curators would triumph over services that rely on software. But Spotify proved this morning that it can surprise and delight without any human help. Find a Card In 30 Seconds! I’ve always thought that a historical approach to music discovery and curation was a neglected one.

The New Dinosaur Named Hellboy More from Spotify's 'Taste Rewind' Finds Tracks You'll Like from the Last Five Decades. 4inkjets coupon code Extra 20% off on inkjets. Microsoft Announces Elite Controller for Xbox One and PC. Microsoft has announced a new controller at E3, seemingly targeted at the hardcore gaming audience. The device promises extra precision, as well as some potentially game-changing customization options. This enhanced version of the controller comes just days after it was announced that the standard model is set to be bundled with the consumer release of the Oculus Rift.

Contrary to most console controllers, it will be possible to remap input across the entirety of the controller. In addition to this, you’ll be able to swap out components like the directional pad and analogue sticks to fit your personal preferences. Gameplay clips in the announcement video showed the difference between set-ups used for FPS titles like Halo 5: Guardians and fighting games like Killer Instinct. One particularly interesting detail of the Elite Controller is the presence of four paddles on the reverse of the device. Find a Card In 30 Seconds! 4inkjets coupon code. Minecraft-hololens-whoa-192602289-cbs. Get office supplies of various brands online 4inkjets coupon code. The Redesigned Netflix Website Is Rolling Out to Users Starting Today.

A few weeks ago, Netflix unveiled details about a major site redesign, its first such change in four years. Now, that design is starting to roll out — the company officially announced that its new site would be available to some users starting today. If you’ve used Netflix on an iPad or streamed to your TV via a Roku, PS4, or most other set-top boxes, this new redesign will be largely familiar to you — it’s got a lot in common with the interface the company rolled out across nearly every Netflix-capable device at the end of 2013. Of course, it’s been adjusted to work better on a laptop screen, and there’s been a big focus on speed and getting you through the interface quickly.

For example, clicking an arrow at the end of a row of movies will advance things by a full row; right now hovering over an arrow just slowly moves the carousel of movies forward. It’s also been designed to work regardless of whether you’re using a touchscreen or a mouse. Finally, a snoring fix that beats CPAP. Why Emoji May Be in Your Next Password. Say goodbye to a string of numbers and hello to kissy face, dancing lady, diamond ring, soccer ball. Intelligent Environments, a mobile and online banking technologies company, has come up with a platform allowing users to ditch a traditional numerical pin code in favor of emoji.

The Facebook 'Feeling Fat' Emoji Is No MoreTweet Your Meal Order at Your Own Risk With New Emoji Food Delivery Service11 Strange New Emoji and When to Use Them While the system hasn't been implemented yet by any banks, Intelligent Environments shared their plan to use the fun characters in a new video and underscored how the system could potentially be more secure than a numerical pin. With 44 emoji to choose from, there are a possible 3,498,308 permutations, according to the company. By comparison, Intelligent Environments said a pin comprised of numbers 0-9 has 7,290 non-repeating digit possibilities. The world's first Emoji passcode from Intelligent Environments on Vimeo. 4inkjets Coupon Code Buy toner cartridges online. The federal government is offering million-dollar identity theft insurance to millions of workers after hack.

The entrance to the Theodore Roosevelt Federal Building, which houses the Office of Personnel Management headquarters, in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) The public may never know the full national security repercussions of a pair of catastrophic hacking attacks on the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that were disclosed earlier this month. The perpetrators appear to have breached OPM’s systems and scooped up personal information, including Social Security numbers, on millions of current and former federal workers and contractors. The White House has thus far refused to pin the unprecedented intrusion on any one country, though Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has blamed “the Chinese.”

The number of federal workers and contractors potentially affected is in dispute but seems to be escalating. Find a Card In 30 Seconds! The offers came in a message from OPM’s chief information officer, Donna Seymour. Free Workshop in Montreal area, June 24 - 25 ! 4inkjets coupon code Buying expensive office supplies? Look for cheaper stuff online.