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For Young Brands, Is the Instagram Opportunity Shrinking? LONDON, United Kingdom — When Andrew Jennings launched minimalist watch brand Larsson & Jennings in April 2012, Instagram was still young.

For Young Brands, Is the Instagram Opportunity Shrinking?

Only 18 months after launch, with 30 million users (a fraction of its current user base, which exceeds half a billion people), the platform had just been acquired by Facebook. But Jennings was quick to identify its potential for driving buzz and sales for his fledgling direct-to-consumer brand without a large marketing budget. Through a combination of his own content and collaborations with emerging influencers, by the end of 2013, Larsson & Jennings had acquired 100,000 Instagram followers.

Study Proves 2016 Is an Excellent Year to Be a Fashion Blogger. Photo via Shutterstock Fashion and Beauty Monitor published a study yesterday analyzing the scope and impact of “influencers” (that means you) on the fashion and beauty industry.

Study Proves 2016 Is an Excellent Year to Be a Fashion Blogger

They found that the role of fashion bloggers in content marketing is on a serious upswing. With consumer trust in traditional advertising in sharp decline, consumers have expressed an increasing preference for the opinions of trusted individuals and influencers when it comes to deciding what to buy. Fashion and Beauty Monitor wanted to quantify that sentiment, so they interviewed 348 brand marketers, agencies, consultants and media owners in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The results are not just good news for the top 1%. How Fashion and Retail Brands Are Using Snapchat. Of the many social networks that have come to the fore in the past decade, none is enjoying quite the same level of buzz at the moment as Snapchat.

How Fashion and Retail Brands Are Using Snapchat

The smartphone-only social network, whose auto-disappearing messages first made it popular as a sexting tool for teens after its launch in 2011, is now used by more than 100 million people every day — and more than a third of Americans ages 18 to 34 on a monthly basis, with a higher engagement rate than Instagram, according to Comscore. Despite its rampant popularity with such a key consumer demographic, brands — especially high-end fashion and luxury brands — have been slow to embrace the platform relative to older social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. These drawbacks haven't deterred fashion and beauty companies completely. Brands like Asos, Everlane, Glossier, H&M, Maybelline, Sephora and Warby Parker often post several times per week. 24 resources and tools to inspire digital marketing beginners.

There are lots of posts on the internet detailing free tools for marketers.

24 resources and tools to inspire digital marketing beginners

In this one, though, I thought I'd throw in some that aren't necessarily for marketers, but which I use regularly. I've called this post 'tools for beginners' but in reality the tools aren't for beginners, they're for everyone. It's just that if you're a beginner you might not have found your set ways of working yet, and you might want to pick something up before you've ground your way into the groove. SEO and Social Media Marketing: A Winning Combo for SMBs? From a logical standpoint, it’s difficult to see SEO and social media marketing in the same boat.

SEO and Social Media Marketing: A Winning Combo for SMBs?

Search marketing is more inclined towards keywords and algorithm, while social is, well, social. But apparently, these two can be integrated to make the most out of content creation, distribution and discovery, particularly for small to midsized businesses (SMBs) that aspire to increase their online presence. According to an Ascend2 report: The most effective SEO tactics for top performers are creating original content (55% vs. 33%), updating website content (43% vs. 42%) and keyword management (42% vs. 29%).The most difficult SEO tactics for those with inferior strategies are external link building (40%), creating original content (40%), keyword management (35%) and social media integration (34%).The most useful metrics for tracking and analyzing SEO performance, across the board, are conversion rate, website visitor traffic and trends, engagement, and search rankings by keyword.

How to Create a Successful Landing Page. A well-built landing page is one of the most important components of a successful inbound marketing campaign.

How to Create a Successful Landing Page

Landing pages highlight your visitor's problem or need and invite them to take an immediate action to help resolve it. This is where leads are born! Pixabay - Free Images. Free Online Photo Editor. Travel Photography: Tips and Techniques. Online Photo Editor. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Photo & Image Sizes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Networks. When you're designing cover photos, graphics, and other social media assets, sometimes knowing the bare bones image dimensions isn't enough.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Photo & Image Sizes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Networks

What if you wanted to place text or an arrow on your Facebook cover photo without it getting covered by the profile photo? And what about the shared link thumbnails on Facebook or in-stream photos on Twitter ... how big should those be? Download pre-sized cover photo templates for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube for free here. Creating Effective Facebook Ads for Lead Gen [PPC U] If you’re like a vast number of marketers out there, you could be under the impression that advertising on Facebook (or any other type of social media) is limited to branding and customer engagement.

Creating Effective Facebook Ads for Lead Gen [PPC U]

If you’re living in this matrix, it’s time for a wakeup call. Let’s take a step back and look at the situation a little differently. What if I told you… Why do I need a marketing plan? Marketing planning helps you develop products and services in your business that meet the needs of your target market.

Why do I need a marketing plan?

Good marketing helps your customers understand why your product or service is better than, or different from, the competition. A good marketing plan can help you reach your target audience, boost your customer base, and ultimately, increase your bottom line. It's often required when seeking funding and helps you set clear, realistic and measurable objectives for your business. Planning Cycle Steps Image. The 5 Essentials for Aligning Your Budget With Your Business Strategy. Join Entrepreneur and today's most influential business innovators in Denver, May 4.

The 5 Essentials for Aligning Your Budget With Your Business Strategy

Register Now » In order to enable your business to function smoothly and do better, it is not only important that your budget mirrors its strategic goals, but you also need to have specific guidelines with regard to the steps to achieving those goals. In today’s dog-eat-dog world, businesses need to be capable of managing their financial resources to be able to deal with unforeseen challenges. A disconnect between the budget and business strategy can result in lackluster budgeting and poor strategy implementation, which could spell doom for a business. It is only when the budget is brought in line with the business strategy that you know their impact on each other, and where to most effectively allocate spending and investments. Why is it important to define a target market for your business? Find answers from experts. One of the first things I always ask anyone starting a new business is, "Who or what is your perfect customer or client?

" If they can't answer that I have them go figure it out before we go any further. In marketing if you have no target it's not like the motivational speech of "Shoot for the moon if you miss, you'll land among the stars. " The Importance of Understanding Your Target Market. Ten ways to approach new customers. Advertise somewhere new. Research publications that would appeal to your target market. Start with your local press and then consider regional and trade publications. Look for free sources of advertising, such as local authority magazines and community websites that list small businesses.Use empty display spaces. Put up eye-catching promotional messages to make the most of your shop window or the sides of your vehicles.