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4 Tricks For Cleaning With Lavender. Just like a lot of you out there, I’m the type who’s elated to be constantly creating (read: making a huge mess), but when it comes time to make the house look presentable again, I’d simply rather not.

4 Tricks For Cleaning With Lavender

I have found, though, that when the cleaning process is combined with the beauty of aromatherapy, it can truly be quite enjoyable. Lavender is such a gem when it comes to natural cleaning. The word lavender is actually derived from the Latin lavare, which means to wash. It’s a known disinfectant and deodorizer, and leaves behind a gorgeous, calming scent that instantly relaxes the mind, lifting you up and away. Magickal Uses Of Myrrh. Anti-Aging with Essential Oils - Simple Life Mom. Anti-Aging with Essential Oils is a wonderful choice for those looking for something that really and truly works, something frugal, and something that smells good.

Anti-Aging with Essential Oils - Simple Life Mom

Concoctions found in the store are very expensive and, as far as my research has gone, do just as much harm to your body internally as the benefit to your skin externally. The wonderful reality of anti-aging with essential oils is that they have so many health benefits beyond your skin. Many help your digestion, fight tumors, regulate hormones, and on and on. This is a big reason why you must make sure that you are not sensitive to an essential oil before you use it. These recipes have been put together with simplicity in mind. I get all of my ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs (affiliate link) and Bulk Apothecary (not affiliate, I just love them). Super Anti-Aging Serum: Use the carrier oil (the 1/2 cup) and then add essential oils as you get them.

Ingredients: Essential oils, incense. Organic Lotion Secrets' Natural Homemade Lotion Recipes Tips Percentages conversion calculator temperature Non Toxic. Recipes: Lotions and Creams Lotions and creams are emulsified blends of oil and water made to nourish and moisturize skin.

Organic Lotion Secrets' Natural Homemade Lotion Recipes Tips Percentages conversion calculator temperature Non Toxic

Most lotions are oil-in-water emulsions, but water-in-oil lotions are also made. Creams are thicker and tend to leave more of a film or residue. Sometimes that's what you are looking for in skin care. Quilting. Quilt Squares. Crafts and ideas. Pinecone Snow Owl. Anything made with a pinecone is so darling.

Pinecone Snow Owl

We made owls in two different ways with pinecones. I adapted each to fit both my children's skill levels, ages two and five. Candle-Making. Making Candles & Oil Lamps. Candle making. Mad in crafts: DIY Fire & Ice Lanterns - StumbleUpon. The old becomes new: A new variation on the outdoor lantern.

mad in crafts: DIY Fire & Ice Lanterns - StumbleUpon

We have had an unusually warm winter in Michigan this year, and while the temps have been nice, I have had to hold off on this project idea until we got a cold snap. We finally got some snow and cold earlier this week, so I was able to try out this fun winter project. I had pinned a product called Globe Ice Lantern Kits a few months back recognizing that I could DIY them at home. CHRISTMAS DIY. 100 Excellent Art Therapy Exercises for Your Mind, Body, and Soul. January 9th, 2011 Pablo Picasso once said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

100 Excellent Art Therapy Exercises for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

" It's no surprise, then, that many people around the world use art as a means to deal with stress, trauma and unhappiness – or to just find greater peace and meaning in their lives. If you're curious about what art therapy has to offer, you can try out some of these great solo exercises at home to help nurse your mind, body and soul back to health. If you like the experience, you can also seek out professional art therapy treatment in your area. Emotions. How to make Luna Sandals from a Do-It-Yourself Kit. Recommended Tools and Materials Marker or pen Two sheets of paper (for foot tracing)Scissors3/16 inch leather hole punch (buy on amazon), OR 3/16 inch drill bit and drill (1/4 inch also ok) Hammer (any normal hammer will work)Utility knife or razor blade with new and sharp blade Step 1: Glue the leather footbed if you ordered it.

How to make Luna Sandals from a Do-It-Yourself Kit

For ‘naked top’ kits skip this step. Follow these instructions for gluing the footbed: How to glue your footbed You will need to let the glue dry for approximately 24 hours. Make Your Own Braided Rug. MAGAZINE ENVELOPES. 18K+ Well I got this idea from our friend Nina.


She was making these super cute envelopes out of scrapbook paper and I really wanted to make some! So I came home and made some! They are so so SO simple and add a personal touch to your envelopes. You will need: An old magazine, scissors, an envelope, a glue stick and a Sharpie. Tear out some magazine pages that you like. Carefully pull the envelope apart. Trace the envelope on a magazine page. Cut the envelope shape out. Turn the envelope over as well as the magazine cut-out. Unfold everything and separate the magazine cut-out from the envelope. Glue the bottom flap down to the two side flaps.