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Shakes & Fidget - The Game
Blocks Blocks Blocks Builders Club is the ultimate package for worlds builders! You get: Full, unlimited access to more than 450 blocks, including the text sign block* Play Everybody Edits Play Everybody Edits
Total Jerkface helloabout 2 months ago I've started work on a new character for Happy Wheels. With my time spent on the sequel, it's now been over a year since my last update to the game. I'm feeling guilty so I figure I should really go back and add some things. I think the new character will add some fun, stupid gameplay types.

Total Jerkface

Physics Simulation Game | Powder Game

[POWDER] : Standard powder.[WATER] : Water splash.[FIRE] : Fire spark.[SEED] : Cast seeds to grow trees.[G-POWDER] : Gunpowder. Explosive, keep fire away! Physics Simulation Game | Powder Game