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NGO works in Agriculture. Aahwahan’s way to a better farming future India is a country where 70% of the rural population still relies on agriculture for their livelihood.

NGO works in Agriculture

With such a huge number of the population relying on agriculture, it is very important to promote the agricultural sector and bring innovations to it. Education for Poor Child. Education- A treated fundamental right As Chanakya rightly said" Education is the best friend.

Education for Poor Child

An educated person is respected everywhere. Education always beats the beauty and the youth. " Ngo for free education. Donation for Women Empowerment. NGO works for Hunger. NGO in Health. India is drawing global attention due to its deep political, economic and social transformations which have significantly improved the standard of living of its people.

NGO in Health

Unfortunately, this socioeconomic change is largely an urban phenomenon and rural population continues to suffer from economic deprivation and emerging health profile in rural areas is a cause for concern for stakeholders associated with healthcare in India. Nearly 75% of healthcare infrastructure, medical personnel, and other resources are concentrated in urban locations where only 27% of the population exist. NGO in Women Empowerment. The empowerment & autonomy of women and the enhancement of their social, health, political, and economic conditions is an extremely vital end in itself.

NGO in Women Empowerment

It is the framework for the achievement of sustainable development. The power equations that obstruct women’s realization of healthy and fulfilling lives function across different levels of society, from very personal to the highly public. Accomplishing transformation needs policy and programme initiatives that would enhance women’s access to secure livelihoods & economic resources, lessen their extreme responsibilities with regard to housework, eradicate legal obstacles to their participation in public life, and increase social awareness through effective programmes of education and mass communication. CSR project implimentation NGO.

When Hope Fades Away, We Rekindle Light Through Our Service Without Border; Aahwan - A Small Step To Restore Faith In Humanity The socially backward communities have been mistreated for several ages.

CSR project implimentation NGO

“Inclusive Growth” is the buzzword in our country today. However, they have been excluded from employment, education, public infrastructure, and health & hygiene facilities. It is not a privilege to be underprivileged. On several socio-economic indicators, they are at the bottom. NGO internship in Bangalore. Beach near by bangalore. Funds for NGO. NGO for planting trees in delhi. Aahwahan commits not only to the well being of the poor, but also shares an equally important commitment towards Mother Nature.

NGO for planting trees in delhi

Just as the saying goes, “A seed planted today, grows its branches tomorrow” , we do believe that we must give back more than what we take from Mother Nature. Worried about your CSR Project? Tree plantation drive. Air blast circuit breaker services in Noida. Air Blast Circuit Breaker In air blast circuit breakers, compressed air at a pressure of 20-30 kg/cm2 is employed as an arc quenching medium.

Air blast circuit breaker services in Noida

Airblast circuit breakers are suitable for operating voltage of 132kV and above. Switching resistors and equalizing capacitors are generally connected across the interrupters. The switching resistors reduce the transient overvoltages and help arc interruption. Capacitors are employed to equalize the voltage across the break. Taking Help of Online Resources And Tutors For Learning The Chinese Language – Lexue & Learning is everything. Chinese people who live in Singapore can hire an online tutor or learning center to help with the Chinese PSLE exam.

Taking Help of Online Resources And Tutors For Learning The Chinese Language – Lexue & Learning is everything

The exam is conducted by the government of Singapore to enable the students of 6th grade to get admission to a secondary school. Thus, it is a qualifying exam that helps your child in entering secondary school after they have finished the 6th grade of a primary school. It is a test of English language, math, science, and the native language spoken by a Chinese student.

The Chinese students need to pass the PSLE so that they learn the Chinese language perfectly and gain the skills of speaking, writing, and reading in Chinese. Online tutors help your child in learning skills that are needed to pass this exam. Parents who have kids of a small age can hire instill Chinese language skills in their children by sending them to a Chinese enrichment class. Buying Medical Supplies Thermometer And Pressure Mattress Online – MEDPRO™ Medical Supplies. If you need medical or nursing supplies or products, consider buying them from an online medical supplier Singapore.

Buying Medical Supplies Thermometer And Pressure Mattress Online – MEDPRO™ Medical Supplies

The top medical suppliers offer high-quality medical products and tools for sale in online stores at an affordable cost. Doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, diagnostic labs, clinics, and health centers need to use medical supplies for treating patients at their hospital. It is important to buy the supplies from a trusted seller or supplier who sells quality products. You can also get the medical devices you need for patient care and treatment online. Chicken Nugget and Chicken Sausage so Yummy for Your Kids – Beef meatball. Chicken nuggets so popular in taste.

Chicken Nugget and Chicken Sausage so Yummy for Your Kids – Beef meatball

Orthodontic Treatment For Foot And Knee Pain: The Natural Way Of Heeling – Foot Pain Treatment. Swollen feet may be caused due to certain medical causes or due to busy and unorganized lifestyle. Poor circulation, high blood pressure and cardiac insufficiency are often some of the reasons that lead to swollen feet. Elevation of feet, rest and home remedies may not be sufficient to treat such swollen feet issues.

There is need to find a doctor who can find out the reason for swelling of feet and through proper diagnostic process can cure the problem completely. Orthotic treatment is regarded as the best swollen feet treatment as it helps in alleviating the swelling and boosts the circulation. Flanges : Stainless Steel Flanges in Singapore - Apecmetal. The Unique Features of an Automatic Pressure Calibrator – Automatic pressure calibrator. Best and Reliable Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore. The condition of your carpets says a lot about the image you present to your customers, clients, and employees.

Put your best image forward with quality carpet cleaning services provided by Max-Value Building Services. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our clients ensuring the best results for their office cleaning needs. For the best results, it is important to perform regular carpet cleaning to avoid an excessive build up of dirt and stains. We utilize the unique cleaning technique to perform carpet cleaning maintenance for your office. Our low moisture cleaning system allows you to enjoy spotless carpets that are cleaned to perfection while minimizing the drying time after the carpet cleaning service has been completed.

Our capable team of experienced carpet cleaners can easily provide all of your carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning includes: Upholstery cleaning Hot water extraction Partitions cleaned Complete stain removal. Rolex. Acne Facial: Acne Facial Singapore. Flooring works - Ex Design Build. A clean sweep For most of us there’s always temptation to leave cleaning the floor until it really has to be done.

But the longer everyday dirt and stains are left, the more ingrained they become.So quick regular cleaning is less work and more effective than a once-a-month blitz and it will keep your floors looking good and lasting longer. Laminate Vacuum or wipe with a dry mop. Ideally, you should wipe the floor all over every couple of weeks with a damp (not wet) mop sprayed with a laminate cleaning solution. 3S Supplies Pte Ltd. Welded Mesh Fence - Ong Fencing Contractor Co.