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TiddlyWiki. A standard edit dialog on a tiddler TiddlyWiki is an open-source single page application wiki.


A single HTML file contains CSS, JavaScript, and the content. The content is divided into a series of components, or Tiddlers. A user is encouraged to read a TiddlyWiki by following links rather than sequentially scrolling down the page. Tiddlers[edit] TiddlyWiki content is divided into a series of components called tiddlers. <div title="Tiddlers" modifier="John Smith" created="200811132220" modified="200811132225" changecount="3" tags="wikipedia section example code"><pre>TiddlyWiki content is divided into a ... Plugins[edit] File saving[edit] A TiddlyWiki opened from a file URI may save changes made back to the original file using one of the following techniques: formerly the Mozilla File I/O [2] under the control of the UniversalXPConnect per-file preferences [3] for Mozilla Firefox.

Applications[edit] TiddlyWiki has been used as a Software framework to build specialisations. History[edit] TiddlyWikifr - Site sur la version française de TiddlyWiki. A TiddlySpace. Blog before you think!: TiddlyWiki Mania. Jeremy Ruston's absolutely fabulous TiddlyWiki triggered quite a few interventions recently.

blog before you think!: TiddlyWiki Mania

Here is a list of wikis I stumbled upon that adapt/extend/enhance/build upon it: ZiddlyWiki by Tim Morgan [ZiddlyWiki] provides server-side storage of the wiki (tiddler) content by combining the power of TiddlyWiki with Zope.ZiddlyWiki is unique from other TW adaptations (I think) since it doesn't modify any of the TiddlyWiki code; it just overrides specific JavaScript functions to achieve the desired result. All the overridden code is provided in a separate JavaScript file, and the original TiddlyWiki empty.html file is uploaded into Zope unmodified. This makes tracking TW enhancements and bug fixes easier, because ZiddlyWiki is less like a project fork and more like a pluggable backend. Zope is an open source content management framework based on Python, so an average dummy webhost might not support it (mine doesn't), but if yours does: ZiddlyWiki has a some more cool features: Tiddlyspot. TiddlyWiki - Wiki. Un simple fichier HTML (avec une pincée de CSS et un gros morceau de javascript dedans tout de même), voilà le drôle de « jeu de puces » [1] que Jeremy Ruston a déposé sur le Web en septembre 2004.

TiddlyWiki - Wiki

C’est avant tout un wiki personnel. Download. MPTW - tiddlywiki powered up (2.7.3) mGSD - mGSD. TbGTD - desk. TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook. A reusable non-linear personal web notebook. TiddlyWiki is very flexible, and there are many different ways to use it.

a reusable non-linear personal web notebook

Here we're focusing on using it as a standalone file in the browser, which is a good choice for most users as it doesn't require any special knowledge or tools. For more options you can also run TiddlyWiki on Node.js. Video Tutorials are available, too. This method of saving changes is clunky but has the advantage of working on almost all desktop browsers, and many mobile browsers.

Download an empty TiddlyWiki by clicking this button:If the button doesn't work save this link: browser may ask you to accept the download before it beginsLocate the file you just downloadedYou may rename it, but be sure to keep the .html or .htm extensionOpen the file in your browserTry creating a new tiddler using the plus button in the sidebar.

Tip: most browsers have an option to prompt each time for the download location. If you're using Firefox for Android, see the instructions for Saving with TiddlyFox on Android. You can also try: A reusable non-linear personal web notebook. TiddlyWiki in Action - A showcase of TiddlyWikis used creatively around the world. GTDTiddlyWiki - your simple client side wiki.