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Think social, think search - MUZTEC. A propos de l'attribut rel="canonical" - Centre d'aide pour les webmasters. This article describes how you can use canonical URLs to improve link and ranking signals for content available through multiple URL structures or via syndication.

A propos de l'attribut rel="canonical" - Centre d'aide pour les webmasters

In the world of content management and online shopping systems, it's common for the same content to be accessed through multiple URLs. With content syndication, it's also easy for content to be distributed to different URLs and domains entirely. For example: While these systems make it more convenient to develop and distribute content, they cause some challenges when people use search engines to reach your page. For instance: Consolidating link signals for the duplicate or similar content. To address these issues, we recommend you define a canonical URL for content (or equivalent content) available through multiple URLs. While we encourage you to use any of these methods, none of them are required. Don't use the robots.txt file for canonicalization purposes. Set your preferred domain. Backlink Inventory. Two Examples of How One Line of Code Could Kill Your SEO [Case Studies] With all of the buzz about Social Media Marketing, I think too many companies overlook the importance of having a rock solid technical structure (SEO-wise).

Two Examples of How One Line of Code Could Kill Your SEO [Case Studies]

Sure, Social Media Marketing is important, but let’s not forget that SEO can be driving quality traffic 24/7, and for the long-term. When it comes to building SEO strength, you absolutely need a clean and crawlable structure so the search engines can easily crawl and then index your content. If your site can’t be crawled or indexed properly, you’re essentially dead in the water. You can build links until the cows come home and it won’t make a difference SEO-wise.

I perform a lot of SEO Audits at G-Squared, and across a wide range of web sites. The Cost of One Line of Code When performing audits, you never know what you’re going to find. WordPress and NoIndex/NoFollow As part of an SEO audit, I typically review the core domains in use by a company. Upon further review (about 15 seconds on the blog), I pulled up the source code. 21 Infographics: SEO Explained. SEO SEM Social Media (Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing) Actualités sur le groupe. I normally aim to write one to two blogs per week but the reason I was kinda away this week (apart from the nasty flu I’ve suffered from since Friday night) is due to some development issues with a client’s web site.

SEO SEM Social Media (Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing) Actualités sur le groupe

You see, I consider myself a very good SEO consultant but when it comes to development I know what must be done but not necessarily how to do it, as I have web site developers to do that for me. I decided through this article to give some technical information about two very well-known SEO issues most companies suffer and most people are not aware of. Through this you will be able to check your own web sites and see if you suffer from similar technical problems and how to solve them.

How to redirect your non-www web site version to the www one. If you type you will be directed to that address, while you should have been redirected to, even if you did not use www on your link bar. How did I resolve this? How did I solve this? Like this: Glossaire webmarketing SEO SEM ... - BLOGibi.NET. A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z Adwords est la plateforme d'achat de liens sponsorisés de Google.

Cette plateforme fonctionne sous forme d'enchère sur des mots clés. Plus le mot clé est demandé plus il sera cher. Diverses options de cibl... Lire la suite Terme utilisé pour définir les liens externes pointant vers votre site. Le crawl , venant de to crawl signifiant ramper en Anglais, désigne dans le mo... Google Analytics est un outil de Webanalytics permettant de suivre une multitude d'indicateurs site centric. Le marketing digital, ou également appelé webmarketing, marketing internet, regroupe toutes les actions qui permettent de faire la promotion d'un entreprise en utilisant Internet. Web Presence Optimization.

Improve Search Engine Ranking using WordPress. Référencement payant (SEM) - Découvrez les articles Référencement payant (SEM) - BLOGibi.NET. Vue d'ensemble - Centre d'aide AdWords. The Web Robots Pages.