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Networks 4 Causes. Pro-Ams - proamrevolutionfinal. Pro–am. Pro–am (or pro/am, pro am, ProAm; a contraction of professional–amateur) is a mix of professional and amateur competition within a sport or collaboration between professionals and amateurs in a scientific discipline, such as astronomy.[1] In reference to players, the term thus also implies a status (official or otherwise) that is intermediate, indeterminate or fluctuating between amateur and professional, rather than simply implying amateur activity at a professional level or vice versa, ideas more related to the similar socio-economic term "amateur professionalism".


A common synonym for some uses of "pro–am" is semi-professional (semi-pro). The term has long had various meanings and significances, depending upon the sport in question. Annuaire associations caritatives - aide à l’enfance, la santé, l’action sociale, l’action internationale, l’environnement.


Pyramid_lg.jpg (Image JPEG, 1224 × 792 pixels) How To Plan, Organise and Control. INTRODUCTION TO SUPERVISION Scope When we speak of the management of a company, we are referring to a specific group of people who are responsible for carrying out the objectives of that company.

How To Plan, Organise and Control

They set the targets, make the plans, provide the resources, and ensure that the results are achieved. It follows that everyone from the managing director down to the foreman is included, for the difference between the two is only one of degree. The managing director is responsible for planning and carrying out long-range objectives. The supervisor is concerned with immediate objectives and results, and it is the cumulative results on the supervisory level which finally achieve the objectives of the company as a whole. So the supervisor is part of management and, as such, is involved in exactly the same type of responsibility.

These management processes are the things which constitute the whole working day of every manager and every supervisor. 6-Collective Intelligence. Home - Innovations in Self-governance. Idiagram: The Art of Insight and Action. Success.

G.T.D - Next Action Analysis - Process...

One World Trust - APRO. Find out more about this project The tools in this resource uphold four accountability principles.

One World Trust - APRO

Implemented at various key institutional and research processes, they aim to improve accountability relations between organisations and their stakeholders. Find out more Tell us about an accountability tool. Monitor Institute. There has been increasing interest around the world in the role that inclusive businesses, which engage and benefit the global poor, can play in the fight against the problems of poverty.

Monitor Institute

However, disappointingly few of these have achieved the scale required to make a significant difference. An analysis of over 400 such firms in Africa showed that a mere 13% of them had begun to scale. Now, in Beyond the Pioneer: Getting Inclusive Industries to Scale, our colleagues at Monitor Inclusive Markets share new findings that explain why this is the case, along with recommendations for how these problems can be overcome. MORE ›› This post was first published on PhilanTopic. As philanthropy has gotten more strategic over the last decade, many foundations have begun to lose their appetite for risk and experimentation. “Systemic challenges can’t be solved by visionary leaders alone. Classification schemes.

Knowledge Pyramid of the intelli org...Image GIF, 513x648 pixels) Monica.jpg (Image JPEG, 766x971 pixels) - Redimensionnée (81%) QQOQCCP. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Le sigle QQOQCCP (pour « Qui ? Quoi ? Où ? Quand ? Comment ? Sa simplicité, son caractère logique et systématique font que beaucoup l'utilisent aussi pour structurer la restitution des résultats de leurs analyses. Origine[modifier | modifier le code]

Organizer & office tools

Orgs resources. Launch process graphic.pdf. Design thinking. Design thinking stands for design-specific cognitive activities that designers apply during the process of designing.[1] Overview[edit]

Design thinking

Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So What's Next? The decade of Design Thinking is ending and I, for one, am moving on to another conceptual framework: Creative Intelligence, or CQ.

Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So What's Next?

I am writing a book about Creative Intelligence, due out from HarperCollins in fall 2012, and I hope to have a conversation with the Fast Company audience on this blog about how we should teach, measure, and use CQ. Why am I, who at Business Week was one of Design Thinking's major advocates, moving on to a new conceptual framework? Simple. Design Thinking has given the design profession and society at large all the benefits it has to offer and is beginning to ossify and actually do harm. Scenario_planning_v6 - ScenarioPlanningInAction.pdf.

Organizational studies

Portal:Community. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Welcome to the Community Portal.


A Community is a tight formation of members that share common ground in a variety of real or abstract areas. Most sociologists agree that a society, while much larger in size, lacks the cohesion provided by the sense of community exhibited in a community. From a psychological perspective, an individual's success and happiness can be effected by their social interaction with others. ...that according to the McMillan & Chavis theory, there are four basic elements to the sense of community: membership, influence, fulfillment of needs and a shared emotional connection?

Ferdinand Tönnies (1855 - 1936), was a German sociologist best known for describing two distinguishable types of social groups — Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft. Let's Go! Purge server cache.