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Salut, content de l'intérêt suscité par cette perle...Vous proposez, je dispose... En règles générales je préfère m'associer avec des personnes ayant un Pearltree un minimum construit....
*ne pas changer les photos, faites une proposition...
* Ne pas créer de nouveaux pearltrees pour moins de 5 perles...
*respecter l'harmonie visuelle...
* plutôt arbo fermé (poupées russes) que dévellopé en flowchart (organigramme)...
*Garder l'essentiel, éviter les répétitions...
*réduire les url youtube j'usqu'au &...
Merci d'avance Oct 5

TuneScoop - Free music hosting and Sharing | new music generation | new music generation Nik Patrick is sending us this mix saying: "As DJs we use machines like tools to interpret the meaning, function, and connection of selected tracks in order to activate an inherently omnipresent, gradual chain reaction inside the listener. In a world of seemingly endless musical tools, I enjoy limiting myself to vinyl in order to come closer to a true & emotional musical experience. Certain limitations are helpful, maybe even necessary to examine an idea more precisely & to acquire a creative set of motor skills. Through buying records I can make a more conscious investment into a functionally and emotionally sustainable library of music. A live crowd demands emotional and structural logic on the dance floor, so playing & recording at home is not ideal for dance music. Home mixes have more linear story lines, perhaps from the lack of influential energy that would otherwise alternate between a DJ and the crowd.
RadioBeta - Your tune to the World!

RadioBeta - Your tune to the World!

France info Rythmes scolaires : le ministre Vincent Peillon a remisé au placard son premier scénario basé sur 5 heures 30 quotidiennes de classe. Gouvernement, syndicats et collectivités ont maintenant dix jours pour s'accorder sur la journée scolaire de la rentrée 2013. 5h30, 5h15 ou 5h de cours par jour, qu'en pensez-vous ?Rythmes scolaires : blocage sur la longueur de la journée de classe - Éducation / jeunesse - France.www.franceinfo.frÀ l'issue de six heures de discussions avec les enseignants la nuit dernière nuit, le ministre Vincent Peillon a remisé au placard son premier scénario basé sur 5 heures 30 quotidiennes de classe.
Music is life, I never found anyone who’s life isn’t influenced by Music. Why the best things in life like Music are not free? Actually, there is more legally available for free Music than you think. image by nothingatall

100 legal sites to stream and download free music | MerryCode

100 legal sites to stream and download free music | MerryCode
Si Spotilinks dispose de fonctions sociales et d’une interface en français (Mike, animateur du projet nous avait précédemment signalé l‘existence de Spotilinks), mon outil favori du moment pour partager des playlists Spotify est le très clean Share My Playlists. J’apprécie la simplicité de l’outil qui fait uniquement ce qui est annoncé, et qui le fait bien, grâce à une interface ergonomique et sans enregistrement préalable (ça devient trop rare pour ne pas le souligner). On regrettera uniquement le nombre trop restreint de genres musicaux parmi lesquels classer ses playlists. Voilà un souhait qui ne devrait être trop difficile à exaucer. Espérons qu’il soit rapidement entendu par Kieron Donoghue, le créateur du site qui est devenu en quelques semaines le plus grand site répertoriant des playlists (près de 1000 actuellement). 17 sites pour partager vos playlists Spotify ! 17 sites pour partager vos playlists Spotify !
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FilterMusic - Internet radio stations, electronic & house music, online web radio

FilterMusic - Internet radio stations, electronic & house music, online web radio

100% indie artists. actively supports the creation of music by independent artists. You own your own listening data. Everything you put into is yours, not ours. Take it away and do cool things! Legally download and share any track. — discover new music — discover new music


ReverbNation Recent Blog Posts New Twitter Profile Update: Lets Get Visual Sick of us talking about the importance of cover art yet? Prepare yourselves, here comes another one. This week, Twitter officially announced that it will be launching a brand-new design for their profiles. Well, brand-new is a stretch. ...
Sellaband Congratulations Lee-Leet! Congratulations Lee-Leet! Congratulations to Lee-Leet, who just succeeded with their second project on SellaBand!


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MusicMoz is a comprehensive directory of all things music, edited by volunteers. We list, and accept submissions of, music-related reviews, articles, factual information, biographies, and websites. You can browse the site using our hierarchy of categories, or use the search feature to locate the information you're looking for. MusicMoz - Open Music Project
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Top 50 Music Search Engines – Start Listening Now ! Music Technology is growing too fast keeping in mind the modern trend, complied below are the list of top 50 music search engines. If you think some of the sites are missing from the list, let me know in the comments and I will gradually add them too. Enjoy! Note: The following services have been discontinued; iJigg, SongBeat, PluggedIn, Radio.Blog.Club, Muvibee, SoundPedia, Qloud, PureVolume, Fairtilizer,, Seekmp3, OurStage, SweeTunes and Guruji. Spotify Top 50 Music Search Engines – Start Listening Now !
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mufin is a leading expert for audio identification and music recommendation software solutions powered by its own patented advanced audio fingerprinting technology. mufin‘s software solution for audio identification allows you as a broadcaster, content producer, advertiser, brand, app developer or service provider to bridge the gap between TV (on-air) and a companion device (online), enabling Real-time identification of any audio content, e.g. recognition of TV or radio channel, TV series or shows, TV advertisement, movies etc.