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Electronic Music Blog, Visionary Art Gallery, New Culture Movement. Weaving the Web of Conscious Culture. 3form Free Knowledge Exchange. » Adapt & Thrive. » Vive la révolution ! … Informationnelle. Face Research ⇒ Experiments about face and voice preferences. This blog discusses issues concerning learning, e-learning and transferring knowledge from retiring baby boomers to incoming gamers. The goal is to share information and knowledge to create a better understanding of learning design. Harrisburg Presentation Resources Here are some resources from my presentation in Harrisburg.

This blog discusses issues concerning learning, e-learning and transferring knowledge from retiring baby boomers to incoming gamers. The goal is to share information and knowledge to create a better understanding of learning design.

Defining and Exploring Gamification from Karl Kapp Here is some additional information. Articles and Blog Entries of Interest 8 Types of Stories to Effect Change Storytelling and Instructional Design Eight Game Elements to Make Learning More Intriguing Games, Gamification and the Quest for Learner Engagement Gamification, […] Continue Reading → 2014 DOE Symposium Conference Resources. Cool Tattoo Designs. SACRED AMANITA TATTOO. Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits. Edtech Index. TOP25 Hottest Articles. Consensus (computer science) A fundamental problem in distributed computing is to achieve overall system reliability in the presence of a number of faulty processes.

Consensus (computer science)

This often requires processes to agree on some data value that is needed during computation. Examples of applications of consensus include whether to commit a transaction to a database, agreeing on the identity of a leader, state machine replication, and atomic broadcasts. The consensus problem requires agreement among a number of processes for a single data value.

Some of the processes may fail or be unreliable in other ways, so consensus protocols must be fault tolerant. The processes must somehow put forth their candidate values, communicate with one another, and agree on a single consensus value. Open Letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. An appeal by participants of the Second International Global Future 2045 Congress to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon March 11, 2013 Mr.

Open Letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

J’ai lu Graeber sur la dette et depuis, je balade mon banquier. Fight for the Future, defending our basic rights and freedoms. Consensus decision-making. Members of the Shimer College Assembly reaching a consensus through deliberation.

Consensus decision-making

Consensus decision-making is a group decision-making process that seeks the consent of all participants. Consensus may be defined professionally as an acceptable resolution, one that can be supported, even if not the "favourite" of each individual. Consensus is defined by Merriam-Webster as, first, general agreement, and second, group solidarity of belief or sentiment. The Washington Declaration on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest.

Peter Joseph - Where are we going? (part 1) Resource Based Economy vs. Libertarianism. Evolutionary Intelligence Emerges New Intel « Integral City Meshworks: The Blog. August 28, 2012 by Marilyn Hamilton Evolutionary intelligence is the capacity to transcend and include the intelligences we currently demonstrate, in order to allow new intelligences to emerge.

Evolutionary Intelligence Emerges New Intel « Integral City Meshworks: The Blog

Evolutionary intelligence looks backward at our evolutionary history and forward to our evolutionary future. It assumes that life conditions will continue to change and the human species will change and adapt and evolve with such changes. This blog is a prologue to the Integral City webinar conference City 2.0 Co-Creating the Future of the Human Hive . The Venus Project. Mr.

The Venus Project

Ryan Luna, TX Apr 19, 22:50. World Well-Being Project. 2009 December 20 - Tutulemma: Solar Eclipse Analemma. Discover the cosmos!

2009 December 20 - Tutulemma: Solar Eclipse Analemma

Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2009 December 20 Tutulemma: Solar Eclipse Analemma Credit & Copyright: Cenk E. Atlas des Futurs du Monde. Ideas – Google Ideas. Making sense of too much data. About. “In the absence of the governmental checks and balances present in other areas of our national life, the only effective restraint upon executive policy and power in the areas of national defense and international affairs may lie in an enlightened citizenry — in an informed and critical public opinion which alone can here protect the values of democratic government.


For this reason, it is perhaps here that a press that is alert, aware, and free most vitally serves the basic purpose of the First Amendment. For, without an informed and free press, there cannot be an enlightened people.”- Justice Potter Stewart, New York Times Co. v. EIN_flyer_0191.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Mind Tools - Management Training, Leadership Training and Career Training. HackerThings: Products for the discerning hacker. Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch. Interval Ear Trainer. Free sheet music on Free Operating systems and commercial operating systems. Free Website Builder. Motivation Factory, solutions web, portails collaboratifs, programmes innovation, animations de réseaux BtoB. A worldwide perspective on local possibilities... Learning and Change Management. List of graphical methods. List of graphical methods From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search There is also a list of computer graphics and descriptive geometry topics.

List of graphical methods

Contents. Spark_ignition.gif (Image GIF, 1403x1920 pixels) » Charts and Graphs from My Brain Brendan Hughes. Sometimes the only way to express a constellation of related ideas is by launching inDesign and losing an afternoon to the creation of a PDF that only I will ultimately find useful.

» Charts and Graphs from My Brain Brendan Hughes

Fridays in grad school I had Directing Practicum class. Four hours (9 AM to 1 PM) with all the other directing students. All on their way to discovering, with varying levels of delusion, whether they were cut out for directing in the American theatre (I, it turns out, was not). Why does the earth look the way it does? The Complete Guide To Freemium Business Models. Editor’s note: This guest post was written by Uzi Shmilovici, CEO and founder of Future Simple, which creates online software for small businesses. The post is based on a study done with Professor Eric Budish, an economics professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

It also includes ideas and comments from Peter Levine, a Venture Partner at Andreessen-Horowitz and a professor at Stanford GSB The idea of offering your product or a version of it for free has been a source of much debate. Hippies From A to Z by Skip Stone. HippiesFrom A to ZTheir Sex, Drugs, Music and Impacton Society from the Sixties to the Skip StoneCopyright 1999, Hip Inc.

My book is sold out. So I now offer it FREE to the people! Le blog personel de jérémy dumont : directeur du digital / planneur stratégique. Home - Doug Engelbart Institute. [1112.6209] Building high-level features using large scale unsupervised learning. Martin Ford: Google's Cloud Robotics Strategy. At the 2011 Google I/O developer's conference, Google announced a new initiative called "cloud robotics" in conjunction with robot manufacturer Willow Garage.

Google has developed an open source (free) operating system for robots, with the unsurprising name "ROS" -- or Robot Operating System. In other words, Google is trying to create the MS-DOS (or MS Windows) of robotics. With ROS, software developers will be able to write code in the Java programming language and control robots in a standardized way -- much in the same way that programmers writing applications for Windows or the Mac can access and control computer hardware.

One of the most important cloud-based robotic capabilities is certain to be object recognition. In my book, The Lights in the Tunnel, I have a section where I talk about the difficulty of building a general-purpose housekeeping robot largely because of the object recognition challenge: CI: What is Collective Intelligence? Intelligence is not just something that happens inside individual minds. It also arises within groups of individuals and this phenomenon can be quite powerful. For a number of months Imagination for People has been working on software that will facilitate the creation of what is called ‘collective intelligence.’ In preparation for the launch of this software, we thought we would take some time to introduce the I4P community to collective intelligence (CI) and show off some of its benefits. iLiketoquote - Facebook Quotes, Love Quotes, Status Quotes, Funny Quotes, Life Quotes. Dashboard on Nexus: Global Youth Summit. Media Hell - Home.

Pinterest. A simple way to understand world facts. Bruce Sterling: "From Beyond the Coming Age of Networked Matter," a short story. By Bruce Sterling "Mutation Machine" by Daniel Martin Diaz Introduction In 2013 at Institute for the Future, the non-profit forecasting thinktank where I'm a researcher, we explored what we're calling the Coming Age of Networked Matter. Home [Delphi Inspiration] Manwithoutqualities. Steve - The easiest way to build mobile and web applications. ePosters - Welcome to ePosters. Human Resources Software. Toutes les infographiques. .: :. TechSoup Global. Vocativ - The Global Social News Network. 5 Free Software to Watch TV on Computer Free. Web of Science - IP & Science - Thomson Reuters. Les Prix Numériques - Comparer les prix. Brendan Griffen. Your Web, Re-imagined. SAGE BLADES.

Tracking the Pulse of the Tiny World. Planet Under Pressure. Planet Under Pressure: UN Overhaul Required To Govern Planet's Life Support System Say Experts. NASA tries to free creativity with Big Data Challenge — Data. Free ip address to location map « ip2loc » Ruby & Sinatra-powered. Coredem. Advance Your Career Through Project-Based Online Classes - Udacity. Le guide ultime de la connaissance. Transnational Institute. Charity: water. Wisdom Hackers. An Independent Nonprofit Research Institute. OSS.Net, Inc. Home Page. Bloomin' Apps. Popplet. Brickflow - Turn your media into memorable stories. A Smarter Way To Surf The Stream. NSA files decoded: Edward Snowden's surveillance revelations explained.

Speak Freely. Write Your World. - Bubblews. Bottlenose Beta Tutorial. How Bottlenose Could Improve the Media and Enable Smarter Collective Intelligence.