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Facebook Twitter - Where ideas and people meet. IRI - Institut de recherche et d’innovation du centre pompidou, Accueil. Overcoming Bias. Multitudes Web. Fixed & Floating Cities: 5 Futuristic Artifical Island Designs. From army forts turned into pirate radio stations and oil platforms converted into micro-nations, the notion of living full-time on the high seas is nothing new.

Fixed & Floating Cities: 5 Futuristic Artifical Island Designs

However, these amazing award-winning designs from the recent Seasteading contest float in front of us five jaw-dropping possibilities for the future of urban life on the sea unlike any artificial islands you have ever seen (including this recycled floating paradise island). The winning design is a colorful and vibrant work of imaginative urbanism, depicting a world on the water not unlike life on land with winding paths, city squares, mixed uses and traditional architecture. Like a slice lifted from the heart of an old European town this Swimming City concept sits on four pillars with room to pass beneath it and the remnants of its removal showing on all sides. Deemed to have the most personality, this runner-up design is as much about change over time as it is about a fixed work of construction. Evolving consciousness, bite by bite. The Bumble Bee: Ken Thompsons blog on bioteams, virtual collaboration and team dynamics.

Abundance the Book - by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler — Abundance - the Future is Better Than You Think - is a new book by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. Official Abundance the Book website. 14 Wild Ideas. Many Worlds , Medicine Useless , A.I. via Common Sense , Cryonics , Uploads , I'm in Sim , Fast Growth , Growth Stops , Colonize Galaxy , No Aliens , Aliens Came & Left , Private Law , Futarchy , No One Honest . by Robin Hanson , Oct. 18, 2001 A wild idea is one that many people think is obviously quite unlikely.

14 Wild Ideas

I'd say at least a third of these wild ideas are likely true. Institut de Recherche sur les Expériences Extraordinaires. Chance and Choice - A Compendium of Ancient and Modern Wisdom Revealing the Meaning and Significance of the Myth of Science. High Existence. Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog.

Insight Labs. Brain Pickings. For those who want to know: Reliable information on health, energy, media, war, elections, 9/11, more. Mutinerie : Libres ensemble. 2012 Annual Question. The Epidemic of Obesity, Diabetes and "Metabolic Syndrome:" Cell Energy Adaptations in a Toxic World?

2012 Annual Question

"Metabolic syndrome" (MetSyn) has been termed the "Epidemic of the 21st century. " The Big Picture. BigPictureSmallWorld: Home. Aspen Ideas Festival. The Aspen Ideas Festival: Best Programs of 2009-2011. Flow of Ideas. The Utopianist. Risk Management for the New Finance and Practitioners of New Finance: Latest Market Intelligence on Global Financial Markets, Global Financial Systems, Global Financial Strategy, and Global Financial Technology. Latest Global Financial Markets Data, Stati. Dan Ariely. Cultural Politics. DATACHURCH. Utopie, la qu te de la soci t id ale en Occident. 25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World 2011 – Features. Visionaries don’t always make us comfortable.

25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World 2011 – Features

Some use ugly language, like Sonya Barnett and Heather Jarvis, the Toronto women who have reclaimed the word slut. Some quit their workaday jobs in disgust and turn to new mediums, like David Simon, who abandoned what he saw as the withering journalist trade for the powerful art form of television. Some publicly criticize their peers, like Alice Dreger, an activist who exposes the questionable practices of genital reconstructive surgeons.

Some, like farmer Jim Gerritsen, work within the law to attack the status quo; others, like environmentalist Tim DeChristopher, get arrested for their heartfelt actions. The 25 men and women in the following pages have probably ticked off a lot of people. By Utne Reader staff and contributors * Illustrations by Zina Saunders Magazine Profile | David Simon Interview and Online Extras | All Visionary Online Extras | Top of Page Dr. Parker J. Magazine Profile | Parker J. Liftconference. Idea Engineers - A Thought Leadership Blog by the Minds of SapientNitro. Ten ideas about Ideas. Which has more leverage in the marketplace — A) disclosure or B) secrecy?

Ten ideas about Ideas

Which is more supportive of growing markets — A) public infrastructure or B) private platforms? Which is better for inventive entrepreneurs — A) sharing one's great ideas to drive development and adoption, or B) patenting and keeping secret one's "intellectual property"? I'm sure most Linux Journal readers would answer "A" to each of those questions, plus other questions like them. Yet I suspect that most venture capitalists would rather fund the "B" choices. VCs may talk about loving open source and free markets and opening code to spread adoption and derive first mover advantages; but in far too many cases they still don't understand the leverage to be found in disclosure, in building public infrastructure, in growing development communities that exceed the dimensions of the paid coding team. Or course, the entrepreneurs follow the money.

Ideas aren't physical. Random Communications from an Evolutionary Edge - Tom Atlee's transformational thinkpad. Utopies et avant-gardes. Association internationale pour une politique industrielle des technologies de l'esprit.

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The Advanced Apes: Commentary, Context, and Perspective on New Science. Cadell Last. Le guide des égarés. » culture de l'information, Information literacy, documentation, CDI, , Pédagogie, sciences de l'information et de la communication, Humanisme numérique.Olivier Le Deuff 1999-2012: Flemming Funch's Weblog: Ming the Mechanic. Mind of Matt « Venessa personal cargo. Q: How do the Amish raise a barn without money?

Venessa personal cargo

A: Community, and the social capital that weaves it together. In my husband’s Latvian community, they have a concept similar to barnraising called “talka,” which describes collective volunteer work for the good of society and environment. Notthisbody. Gavinkeech personal cargo. Phases are cycling through the increase of momentum brought on by interplay sequenced through recognition. exhausting parameters to their stretched states allow the decay values to become discovered. upon discovery, arrival of presence, flows to the environments ground. intensity of emotion, feelings entwined with realisation that the possibilities can arise more probable than initially conditioned, through emergence of understanding what is required, do vectors resonate inputs, to flow freely, in their own accord towards the electromagnetic* (resonance)+ core. state / mode as an interface ( points & flows with vectors ) personas / metaconstructs = state / mode identity / experience filter = timelines dimension / environment = interface process / mechanism = actions knowledge / repository = database timelines ( personas ) are extrapolations (verb)actions ( entanglement ) are amplifications (verb)interface ( metaconstructs ) are communications (verb)

gavinkeech personal cargo

Blogs, Articles and Videos from the World's Top Thinkers and Leaders. Fight the cuts - build People's Assemblies. Welcome to Light Weaver. 20 Innovative Startups. Ben Milne founded Dwolla Company: Dwolla Founders: Ben Milne Location: Des Moines, Iowa Funding: $1 million from The Veridian Group and The Members Group in Iowa.

20 Innovative Startups

Raising another round now. Why it's innovative: At a glance, Dwolla doesn't sound different than its much bigger competitors Square and PayPal -- but it is. PayPal and Square both use credit cards for transactions.