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Custom Search - Hot Topics. Grunch Net. L'intelligence collective : John Nederreiter at TEDxQuebec. Hands Off Venezuela. Shibboleth - Home. Leading innovation and advancement in science, technology and medicine. Architecture Design Architectural Images History Models and More - ArchitectureWeek Great Buildings. Best Free Drive Imaging Program. Notwithstanding claims of others, I cannot pretend to be entirely unbiased in my reviews; indeed, an “unbiased human” is an oxymoron.

While I am in the process of preparing a 2011 update, there are two points that I would like to mention: bells and whistles and the availability of reliable customer service. Whatever else developers claim their programs are capable of, those programs must be able to accomplish their end; the importance of how they get there is most often a matter of personal preference. The Infinity Burial Project. Fungi Perfecti: the finest mushroom products for home and garden, farm and forest, people and planet. Mycoremédiation. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Cette technologie environnementale fait partie des techniques dites de bioremédiation et est parfois classée parmi les techniques de phytoremédiation, improprement car les champignons ne sont pas des plantes. Quand il s'agit dépurer de l'eau, de l'air ou un autre fluide, on parlera plus précisément de mycofiltration. Turkish Music Portal. Through the history of Islamic civilization it has been chiefly the mystic sects (Sufis) which have been involved with music, used and defended it.

Turkish Music Portal

The Sufis mention that mental and nervous disorders are cured by music. The great Turkish Islamic scientists and doctors Zekeriya Er-Razi (854-932), Farabi (870-950) and İbn Sina (980-1037) established scientific principles concerning musical treatment, especially of psychological disorders. In his book, “Musiki-ul-kebir,” Farabi attempted to set forth the relationship between music and physics and astronomy.

Skeptic Project. L'armée américaine présente son canon à rayons anti-émeute. Green Tea Press: Free Computer Science Books. IkiMap, share your maps. ShiVa 3D Game engine with development tools. Collaboration Between the Generations For Survival on Earth. Rainbow Serpent Festival. _Basiswissen_Englisch.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Native American Wisdom, Sayings, Quotes, Philosophy. A collection of sayings, quotes and words of wisdom reflecting the beliefs and philosophy of the Native Americans.

Native American Wisdom, Sayings, Quotes, Philosophy

Also offered are a selection of Native American books and Native American music which can be purchased through Amazon. This section also provides articles and links that provide information dealing with the issues of prejudice and shameful displacement that are still faced by the Native Americans to this day. Native American Wisdom & Quotes : Thinkers50. "Cannabis Chassidis" Book Party with Yoseph Leib ibn Mardachya, New York City, Sept. 12, 2012. "Cannabis Chassidis: The Ancient and Emerging Torah of Drugs" Book Presentation with author Yoseph Leib ibn Mardachya 7PM, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012 Bluestockings Bookstore 172 Allen Street New York City, NY Is marijuana kosher?

"Cannabis Chassidis" Book Party with Yoseph Leib ibn Mardachya, New York City, Sept. 12, 2012

Please join Autonomedia and Atzmos Press from Jerusalem for a presentation of "Cannabis Chassidis: The Ancient and Emerging Torah of Drugs" with author Yoseph Leib ibn Mardachya. Is Marijuana Kosher? Erik Olin Wright. Erik Olin Wright (born 1947, in Berkeley, California) is an American analytical Marxist sociologist, specializing in social stratification, and in egalitarian alternative futures to capitalism.

Erik Olin Wright

He was the 2012 President of the American Sociological Association.[1] Biography[edit] Erik Olin Wright, born on 9 February 1947 in Berkeley, California, received two BAs (from Harvard College in 1968, and from Balliol College in 1970), and the PhD from University of California, Berkeley, in 1976. Since that time, he has been a professor of sociology at University of Wisconsin - Madison.[2] Thought[edit] Wright has been described as an "influential new left theorist Wright has stressed the importance of.

Groupon Is a Straight-Up Ponzi Scheme. Julius Evola - Radical Traditionalist Philosphy and Metaphysics. Welcome - VSO UK. Netexplo » Structure de l'Espace. Positronic brain. A positronic brain is a fictional technological device, originally conceived by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov (1920–1992).[1][2] Its role is to serve as a central computer for a robot, and, in some unspecified way, to provide it with a form of consciousness recognizable to humans.

When Asimov wrote his first robot stories in 1939 and 1940, the positron was a newly discovered particle and so the buzz word positronic — coined by analogy with electronic — added a contemporary gloss of popular science to the concept. Conceptual overview[edit] Asimov remained vague about the technical details of positronic brains except to assert that their substructure was formed from an alloy of platinum and iridium. They were said to be very vulnerable to radiation and apparently involve a type of volatile memory (since robots in storage required a power source keeping their brains "alive").

The major point of the positronic brain, however, was to make robots fragile. In Allen's trilogy[edit] Blog Unicef Education. NASA Scientist Discover Huge Bubbles of Energy in Galaxy. 30 astuces pour promouvoir vos articles et obtenir plus de trafic. Dans cet article, je vous propose plusieurs astuces pour promouvoir vos articles et donc votre blog.

30 astuces pour promouvoir vos articles et obtenir plus de trafic

Je vous vois venir, vous allez me dire, 30 astuces ça fait beaucoup ! Mais chacune d’entre elles peut être un réel atout pour vous ! Libre à vous de piocher à votre guise dans ce panier de conseils En tant que blogueur, vous vous posez beaucoup de questions : Comment et où diffuser mes articles ? La Commune: a lesson in audacity. In France, the scandal surrounding Dominique Strauss-Kahn has unfortunately overshadowed a momentous celebration, the 140th anniversary of La Commune, mother of all rebellions.

La Commune: a lesson in audacity

It only lasted two months and ultimately failed, yet its resonance has proved unequal, inspiring generations of thinkers, public policy makers, philosophers, economists and dreamers. La Commune started on 18 March 1871 and ended in a bloodbath on 28 May. With the first (1792-99) and the second (1848-52) republic as models, La Commune meant to go further. And it did, with the most audacious public policies France had ever known.

Insurrection sprang from Paris to put an end to Napoleon III's second empire, which had declared war against Prussia three months earlier. Birthing the new—making organisations hotbeds of innovation. Le centième singe. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Le centième singe

Les macaques japonais de l'expérimentation Le centième singe est une expression désignant, à l'origine, un phénomène supposé par lequel un apprentissage se serait répandu depuis un petit groupe de singes à toute la population des singes de la même espèce, une fois qu’un certain nombre d’entre eux aurait été atteint (masse critique ou transition de phase). Dans le courant New Age, l'expression se rapporte à une propagation paranormale d’une idée, d’un savoir ou d’une capacité au sein d'une population humaine (comme dans le concept de résonance morphique de Rupert Sheldrake) sans qu’il y ait de transmission visible et une fois qu’un nombre clé de personnes aurait acquis ce savoir ou cette capacité.

Le phénomène est généralement considéré dans la communauté scientifique comme une légende urbaine. Origine de la théorie[modifier | modifier le code]


...!?!... Hippies et Geeks, Même Combat ? « In loyalty to their kind they cannot tolerate our minds ~ In loyalty to our kind we cannot tolerate their obstruction »Jefferson Airplane Crown of Creation Ce cri de guerre est plus que jamais d’actualité et pourrait figurer sur le fronton de Mutinerie, mais ne nous méprenons pas : un espace de coworking n’est pas une communauté hippie.

Hippies et Geeks, Même Combat ?

La confusion est commune chez les profanes. Liberté, partage, communauté… ça nous rappelle quelque chose tout ça… et on voit comment ça a fini… Voici donc une petite mise au point. Le mouvement hippie est largement dominé par une défiance vis-à vis-de la modernité et des avancées technologiques. Les nouvelles technologies sont surtout appréhendées comme une menace à notre bien-être. Monsanto buys leading bee research firm after being implicated in bee colony collapse. Zero-knowledge proof. In cryptography, a zero-knowledge proof or zero-knowledge protocol is a method by which one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true, without conveying any additional information apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true.

For cases where the ability to prove the statement requires some secret information on the part of the prover, the definition implies that the verifier will not be able to prove the statement to anyone else. Notice that the notion only applies if the statement being proven is the fact that the prover has such knowledge (otherwise, the statement would not be proved in zero-knowledge, since at the end of the protocol the verifier would gain the additional information that the prover has knowledge of the required secret information). Home of Choice Theory - William Glasser Institute. Group Partners. Welcome. Un logement pour bâtir un avenir.

Association The Co-Evolution Project. Contrasting Values. Attitudes and Behaviors Talking for the sake of talking is discouraged.

Contrasting Values

In days past in their own society, Indians found it unnecessary to say hello, good-bye, how are you, and so on. Even today, many Indians find this type of small talk unimportant.