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Vie de merde : Vos histoires de la vie quotidienne. Bomomo. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes. Dear blank, please blank. A time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things. Home of Procrastinating - Procrastination Is Fun. Problem With Procrastination? Try Doing Nothing. Just about anyone who has ever put off a troublesome task is familiar with one of my Secrets of Adulthood: Working is one of the most dangerous forms of procrastination.

Problem With Procrastination? Try Doing Nothing

When there’s some chore you just don’t want to tackle, every other chore seems alluring. As a friend told me, “My apartment is never cleaner than when I have a writing assignment due.” In Roy Baumeister and John Tierney’s fascinating book, Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, they suggest the “Nothing Alternative” to this problem. That is, if you want to get yourself to do something, make the alternative to that task to do nothing.

This rule was inspired by the habits of writer Raymond Chandler. He summed up: “Two very simple rules, a. you don’t have to write. b. you can’t do anything else. When I read this, I realized that I’d been following this rule without giving it a name. Sure, sometimes I jump up and go look for a book in the stacks, but that doesn’t take long. How to Totally Troll someones Computer [pic] Jeux - Viva la luchalibre ! - Sarko, super mariole - Le sprint des… - Yoyo sort le siège… - Parlez comme un… - Jose Bové s'amuse - Les échecs… - Des sondages… - Plein de pépettes à… - Désirs... de vent - Disco Sarko - Elisez le roi des… - Sarkozy et… - Le. Vous en avez rêvé, l'a fait : après le générateur d'attaques , un générateur de sondages pour connaître l'état de l'opinion publique en temps réel.

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The End. Désencyclopédie. Chuck Norris facts - fr. Videos 4 fun. The 15 Funniest Cat GIFS. Funniest Videos, Music Videos, Netflix & UFC Results. Distraction Farms. Fun Theory. Jan 25, 2002 How much fun is there in the universe?

Fun Theory

What is the relation of available fun to intelligence? What kind of emotional architecture is necessary to have fun? Will eternal life be boring? Will we ever run out of fun? To answer questions like these… requires Singularity Fun Theory. Does it require an exponentially greater amount of intelligence (computation) to create a linear increase in fun? To put a rest to these anxieties… requires Singularity Fun Theory. Behold! Singularity Fun Theory is in the early stages of development, so please don’t expect a full mathematical analysis. Nonetheless, I would offer for your inspection at least one form of activity which, I argue, really is “fun” as we intuitively understand it, and can be shown to avoid all the classical transhumanist anxieties above.

In between, we just basically worry that, over the course of ten thousand or a million years, we’ll run out of fun. (Non)boredom at the lowest level. The Useless Web. The Fun Theory Sequence. (A shorter gloss of Fun Theory is "31 Laws of Fun", which summarizes the advice of Fun Theory to would-be Eutopian authors and futurists.)

The Fun Theory Sequence

Fun Theory is the field of knowledge that deals in questions such as "How much fun is there in the universe? ", "Will we ever run out of fun? ", "Are we having fun yet? " and "Could we be having more fun? " Fun Theory is serious business. Many critics (including George Orwell) have commented on the inability of authors to imagine Utopias where anyone would actually want to live. Fun Theory is also the fully general reply to religious theodicy (attempts to justify why God permits evil). Finally, going into the details of Fun Theory helps you see that eudaimonia is complicated - that there are many properties which contribute to a life worth living.

Posts in the Fun Theory sequence (reorganized by topic, not necessarily in the original chronological order):


Create What people think I do, What I really do. The magic button — Make Everything OK. Games... I Bet We Could Explore The Galaxy at Kontraband. Sci-Fi News Generator - 24-Hour Mirror-Universe News from Around the Galaxy. The scene, yesterday Qrexxia's economy grew at its slowest pace in 18 months at the start of 3914, but did a touch better than expected and showed some improvement on Med, suggesting Qron will not rush to follow up recent steps to support activity.

Sci-Fi News Generator - 24-Hour Mirror-Universe News from Around the Galaxy

The economy grew 7.4 percent in the January-Med quarter from a year earlier, the planetary Suwoub of Hapyhyizons said on Wednesday. It was Qrexxia's slowest annual growth since the third quarter of 3912, when the galaxy's second-largest economy also grew 7.4 percent. "The slowdown of Qrexxia's economy is a reflection of a transformation of the economic mode," said Pimuusewad Mufetiuk, of the planetary Suwoub of Hapyhyizons. Io tightens grip on eastern colony before talks Ionian forces tightened their grip on the eastern colony of Feerat on Wednesday after securing control over an airfield from pro-Grexian separatist militiamen, prompting Grexian Commander Krek Angul to warn of the risk of civil war. Little Alchemy.