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Quelles différences entre les biens communs et le communisme ? » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism. Quelle sont les similitudes divergences entre les traditions socialistes et l'émergence des idées et pratiques liées au P2P et des biens communs ?

Quelles différences entre les biens communs et le communisme ? » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism

Michel Bauwens, fondateur de la P2P Foundation, nous explique sa vision. Knowledge Is a Common Good - Transform Network. The Effects of the Open Source Movement on the Development of Politics and Society Introduction In October 2009, Transform!

Knowledge Is a Common Good - Transform Network

Co-promoted the first Free Culture Forum (FCF). The FCF is one of the first attempts to create an international space of networking and strategic reflection for a wide range of movements that have emerged across the world in different fields and are related to the production, access, circulation and management of cultural works and knowledge goods. It concluded an intense three days’ work with the release of a Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge, which condensed demands, principles and concrete actions to differently regulate the legal, political and economical challenges posed by the revolution taking place in the way that knowledge, information and culture are created, accessed and transformed.

Tragedy of the commons. The tragedy of the commons concept is often cited in connection with sustainable development, meshing economic growth and environmental protection, as well as in the debate over global warming.

Tragedy of the commons

It has also been used in analyzing behavior in the fields of economics, evolutionary psychology, anthropology, game theory, politics, taxation, and sociology. However the concept, as originally developed, has also received criticism for not taking into account the many other factors operating to enforce or agree on regulation in this scenario. Lloyd's pamphlet[edit] In 1833, the English economist William Forster Lloyd published a pamphlet which included an example of herders sharing a common parcel of land on which they are each entitled to let their cows graze. In English villages, shepherds had sometimes grazed their sheep in common areas, and sheep ate grass more severely than cows.

Rio+20 – Tragedy of the Commons 2.0? Are the discussions on sustainability at Rio about to end once more with no serious commitment to the fundamental transformations needed?

Rio+20 – Tragedy of the Commons 2.0?

"Let The Hacking Begin" Declares Person Who Hacked Zuckerberg's Facebook Fan Page. Elinor Ostrom Debunks Tragedy of the Commons. Nobel Prize-winning economist Elinor Ostrom proved that people can—and do—work together to manage commonly-held resources without degrading them. posted Oct 27, 2009 The biggest roadblock standing in the way of many people’s recognition of the importance of the commons came tumbling down when Indiana University professor Elinor Ostrom won the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Elinor Ostrom Debunks Tragedy of the Commons

Garrett Hardin described the Tragedy of the Commons with a hypothetical example of shared herding land: If all herders make the individually rational economic decision of increasing the number of cows they graze on the land, the collective effect will deplete or destroy the common. Over many decades, Ostrom has documented how various communities manage common resources—grazing lands, forests, irrigation waters, fisheries—equitably and sustainably over the long term.

Inducing Peer Pressure to Promote Cooperation : Scientific Reports. Overview of mechanism The main idea behind the mechanism is illustrated in Figure 1.

Inducing Peer Pressure to Promote Cooperation : Scientific Reports

In contrast with the Pigouvian approach, which focuses on the individual causing the externality, our mechanism focuses on their peers in the social network. The idea is to incentivize agent A's peers to exert (positive or negative) pressure on A. In reality, such peer pressure may take many forms. In the energy consumption scenario, examples of positive pressure include giving useful energy-saving advice to a neighbor, or giving the neighbor a hand at installing a solar panel.

Le bien commun : l'assaut final - Un documentaire de Carole Poliquin. Nombreux sont ceux qui pensent qu’en France le projet de loi « Création et Internet » (ou Hadopi) n’est pas qu’une simple question technique et juridique pour endiguer le « piratage », mais se situe bien au delà, sur le front politique et sociétal de la défense des biens communs contre une « marchandisation » croissante des activités humaines, ici la culture[1].

Le bien commun : l'assaut final - Un documentaire de Carole Poliquin

Engaging For the Commons - Global Pull Platform. In january 2011, The Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon, called for revolutionary thinking and action to ensure an economic model for survival.

Engaging For the Commons - Global Pull Platform

A year later, the Global Sustainability Panel he created to this effect published its recommendations report for Rio+20: Resilient people, resilient Planet, a future worth choosing. The vision of the GSP as expressed in the report revolves around choice, influence, participation and action, and calls for a political process "able to summon both the arguments and the political will necessary to act for a sustainable future. "… Six outils pour faire vivre les biens communs. Le concept de bien commun a pris une place importante dans le champ médiatique depuis l’attribution en 2009 du prix (de la Banque royale de Suède en sciences économiques en mémoire d’Alfred) Nobel à la politologue étasunienne Elinor Ostrom.

Six outils pour faire vivre les biens communs

Commons In A Box. Common Good Forum. Commons. Debategraph. <-- Outline view. Communicating the Commons. << Outline View >> Back to Bubble View This is a work in progress. For the past couple of years I have collated and curated the possibilities, concepts, alternatives that people striving for a 'better world' were working on and talking about in various social network groups dedicated to sustainability, commons, new economy.

Additions or changes are welcome here. Bienes comunes. Open Culture. Commons Abundance Network. Towards a Material Commons. Working together to bring the principles and practices of the commons to the world. Creative Commons. Cooperation Commons. Le Sens du bien commun.

Online journal dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available on the web. The Wealth of the Commons. SavoirsCom1. Knowledge commons. Understanding Knowledge as a Commons. Knowledge in digital form offers unprecedented access to information through the Internet but at the same time is subject to ever-greater restrictions through intellectual property legislation, overpatenting, licensing, overpricing, and lack of preservation. Looking at knowledge as a commons—as a shared resource—allows us to understand both its limitless possibilities and what threatens it. In Understanding Knowledge as a Commons, experts from a range of disciplines discuss the knowledge commons in the digital era—how to conceptualize it, protect it, and build it. Economía del Bien Común. The leading professional association dedicated to the commons.

Ming the Mechanic: Ten incredible things we get for free. By Flemming Funch Life2.0: Here are 10 wonderful things that just seem to happen by themselves: • Diversity & Harmony • Connection & Friendship • Self-organisation & Synergy • Resonance & Synchronicity • Insight & The spread of great ideas • Emergence & Paradigm Shifts • Learning & Growth • Happiness & Flow • Healing & Forgiveness • Relaxation & Enlightenment Not a bad list is it? Search for Common Ground International Conflict Transformation Resolution, Peacebuilding. News and perspectives on the commons. Discover... Connect... Contribute... Think Commons. IASC COMMONS (iasc_commons) G Innovation Commons (InnoCommons) Économie politique des (biens) communs.

La fin programmée de la civilisation du gâchis. Réflection faite. De quoi est fait notre avenir? Quel avenir pour notre civilisation? Dates d'puisement des ressources naturelles de notre planète. Nous vivons depuis longtemps sur la Terre, une accueillante petite planète d'un système stellaire parmi des milliards de milliards d'autres. Dans un univers qui vient de rien (on parle de fluctuation du vide) et qui a explosé il y a 13,7 milliards d'années, d'après notre dernière datation. Nous en avons conscience et nous nous posons des questions essentielles.

Qu'est-ce que la vie ? Est-elle extrêmement répandue dans notre galaxie et dans les cent milliards d'autres, répondant à des lois chimiques universelles ou bien est-ce un phénomène rarissime au point que la Terre soit finalement une exception dans l'univers, l'héritière d'une somme incalculable de hasards tous aussi improbables les uns que les autres ? Tout irait bien dans le meilleur des mondes possibles si nous ne faisions pas les terribles observations suivantes : Ressource non renouvelable. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Une ressource naturelle est qualifiée de non renouvelable ou épuisable lorsque sa vitesse de destruction dépasse, largement ou non, sa vitesse de création. Share The World’s Resources - STWR. Shortage of Resources for Renewable Energy.

UK Government Report Calls for “Strategic Metals” Plan. Not only are supplies of oil and natural gas under imminent threat of failing to meet demand for them, but so is a whole range of precious metals, along with indium, gallium and germanium and other vital elements such as phosphorus and helium, as is discussed throughout this Commentary.

A report1 from the Science and Technology Committee, advised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, warns that if the U.K. does not secure supplies of strategic metals, its economic growth will be severely jeopardized. Of particular concern are indium, used in touch screens and liquid crystal displays, and rare earth elements (REEs) particularly neodymium and dysprosium, used to fabricate highly efficient magnets for electric cars and wind turbines. Platinum group metals are an issue too, used in catalytic converters and fuel cells. Endangered Elements: Threat to Green Energy. Peak Oil - Peak Minerals. Commodity Statistics and Information. Value Of The Public Domain. Introduction One of the first printed texts of which we have record is a copy of the Buddhist Diamond sutra produced in China around 868AD.

In it can be found the dedication: "for universal free distribution". Clearly, the idea of public domain, that is open access to knowledge 1 , has been present since humanity first began to formally transmit and share ideas. It is also likely that the urge to keep ideas secret, particularly those that had 'commercial' value, is equally old. Cause commune. Cause commune : l’information entre bien commun et propriété vient d’être réédité en livre numérique chez avec une préface originale. La redécouverte des biens communs. Traduction de l'anglais de «The Rediscovery of the Commons» Le partage est légitime. Le partage de fichiers représentant des oeuvres couvertes par le droit d’auteur entre individus sans but de profit a été rendu illégal au cours des 30 dernières années dans la plupart des pays et dans la plupart des cas.

Remix biens communs. Données personnelles : mais de quels droits veut-on encore nous priver ? « Quelle est ici l’histoire. C’est l’histoire de notre Histoire. Celle d’un peuple et d’un pays qui a fait de la liberté son identité et qui aujourd’hui l’abandonne en chemin. Le Processus du Bien commun ! Ecologie sociale et pluralisme. KOKOPELLI. National Geographic Magazine - Association Kokopelli. Digital Library Of The Commons. International Journal of the Commons. World Water Council.

The Free World Charter: Let's make everything free. Common_cause_report. Move Commons. On the Commons. On the Commons (onthecommons) Common goods. On the Commons. Tomales Bay Institute: The Commons Rising (PDF)