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Сreate web office in the cloud. Your online social workspace. Collective Intelligence Tool. CRM, the cloud, and the social enterprise - Salesforce. Start. Freedcamp - Free Project Management. Creative community for the Collaborative Economy. Build a Network... Find Connections between People and Companies. The Enterprise Social Network. Sosius: Online sharing and collaboration. Service en ligne gratuit pour votre entreprise.

Open Atrium. Web conference software, online meeting services, online conferencing tools. NewsCloud - Engage your community. Social Collective Intelligence.

Online Doc Collab

More Than 5 Million Users Work Online With Zoho. Colaab - web based collaboration and communication in real time or your own time. Collaboration Software & Content Management for Enterprise. Wiggio - Makes it easy to work in groups. France. OffBureau - The Online Workspace.

Project management software, online collaboration: Basecamp. Software Development and Collaboration Tools. Project Management Software, CRM, Sales, Intranet - thousands of apps - Podio. Business Collaboration with Enterprise Social Networking. Enterprise Social Networking Software, Enterprise Microblogging Solutions. Deux outils en ligne collaboratifs, libres et gratuits : Framapad (éditeur de texte coopératif) et Framadate (organisation de rendez-vous et sondages) Collaboration toolbox. 15 social media collaboration platforms. Social media is not just about conversations; it’s also about collaboration.With this in mind we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the most well known collaboration tools on the market at the moment.

15 social media collaboration platforms

Much like our list of social media management tools wiki, this is an ongoing project, so if you know of any others please let us know so we can add them to the list. Adobe Acrobat – allows teams to work collaboratively on documents through their browsers. Wikis for Everyone - Wikispaces. Tibbr.