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Times Developer Network - Welcome. API Strategy & Practice Conference in Amsterdam March 26, 27, 28 2014. 10 Common Mistakes Made by API Providers. Twitter was one of the first to see what happened when traffic to the site came more from the API than the Web.

10 Common Mistakes Made by API Providers

It now has more than 65 million tweets per day, most coming from services that use the Twitter API. Twitter has made numerous changes to fix its API. Those experiences have taught providers what mistakes not to make when launching a service. But there is still a lot for providers to learn. Considering this, we asked developers and service providers to help us prepare a list of 10 common mistakes made by API providers. Our group of commentators include Adam DuVander executive editor at Programmable Web; Mike Pearce, a developer out of the United Kingdom who writes a lot about scrum and Agile; Mashery's Clay Loveless and Sonoa Systems Sam Ramji. 1. "Databases fail, backend dependencies get slow, and/or someone somewhere along the line doesn't escape output properly. 2.

"Sometimes we see providers expecting the API alone to attract developers. 3. 4. Documentation search engine. Free video chat API and Widgets. API Evangelist. ProgrammableWeb - Mashups, APIs, and the Web as Platform. API Directory - ProgrammableWeb. Collecting all the cheat sheets. APIs Explorer. Public API Directory: Search a list of free open web and mobile APIs. Mashup & Web 2.0 API Directory. API Finder - Welcome to Web Api Finder web site. API Commons. Twitter API Wiki / FrontPage. Twitter API Explorer -

Super simple way to work with Twitter API (PHP + CSS) In this post I want to illustrate a super simple way to work with Twitter API and PHP.

Super simple way to work with Twitter API (PHP + CSS)

In particular, this tutorial explains how to get public updates from Twitter public timeline and display them in a web page with a custom style using CSS. In order to get Twitter updates I used Twitterlibphp (a PHP implementation of the Twitter API) that allows you to take advantage of it from within your PHP applications. Using this simple method you can obtain awesome results like this: You can download the source code at the following link and reuse it for free in your web projects (you need PHP and APACHE): 1. Status created_atidtextsourceuser namescreen_namedescriptionprofile_image_urlurlfollowers_count... So, if you want to display the user image, user status, and status date in your timeline you have to choose the following nodes: But how you can display them? 2. <div class="twitter_container"><? // your twitter username and password$username = "your_username";$password = "your_password";

API Repository. 2013 Most Popular and Successful Web APIs. Have you ever been stumped how to design a Web API?

2013 Most Popular and Successful Web APIs

There are so many different approaches that you can take for even simple things, like paginating API result sets. If you list out your options, it can be easy to end up in analysis paralysis. I like to remind myself that I’m not the first person to tread on this soil. Put the internet to work for you. - IFTTT. Cloud Integration. Automate the Web - Zapier. Mule ESB Community and Documentation. Connect and automate your business - PipeThru. Mozilla Developer Network. Modify and extend Mozilla applications Add-ons add new functionality to Gecko-based applications such as Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Thunderbird.

Mozilla Developer Network

There are two main types of add-on: Extensions add new features to the application, while Themes modify the application's user interface. Add-ons can greatly affect the behavior of the application that hosts them. We've developed a set of guidelines to help ensure that they provide a good experience to users. These guidelines apply for all sorts of add-ons, whether they are hosted at or not. Extensions Extensions add new functionality to Mozilla applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird. There are three different techniques you can use to build extensions: Add-on SDK-based extensions, manually bootstrapped restartless extensions, and legacy extensions. Add-on SDK extensions Extensions built using a set of high-level JavaScript APIs, which don't require a browser restart to install.

WebExtensions Debugging Recommended practices. Temboo. Node-RED.