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Curation is selection & aggregation + something more...
Web curation is just born, it won't be completed until 4.0 brings its fruits...."from curating content to performing artificial intelligence operations on that content"

Wajam ? Great minds search alike. Lee. Christopher A.


Lee and Helen R. Tibbo School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC Tel: (919)962-8366 Fax: (919)962-8071 Email: {tibbo, callee AT ils DOT unc DOT edu Abstract This is an introduction to a special issue on digital curation and trusted repositories. The authors summarize some of the main opportunities and challenges of digital curation. Keywords digital curation, digital preservation, audit, certification, trusted repository Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Curation Digital technologies allow us to create, manipulate, store, and make accessible all manner and amounts of information never before possible, yet these same technologies imperil the longevity of the very objects they produce and require very different management than what has been practiced in the paper-based world. On Digital Collection Curation - Digital Collection Curation - LibGuides at LibGuides.

April 2011 Pathfinder Options My personal favorite wiki creation tool is Wikispaces for teachers.

On Digital Collection Curation - Digital Collection Curation - LibGuides at LibGuides

(I know that others prefer and swear by PB Works.) The folks at Wikispaces give teachers free, ad-free wiki sites. Just remember to click on the button that identifies you as a K12 educator to remove any pesky ads. You can easily create a wiki index to keep track of your growing collection of wiki pathfinders.

Digital Curation Resource Guide.

Curation Concepts...

Stumble Upon Topics. Content and Curation for Nonprofits. Web Content & Digital Curation. Scoop It. Curation Revolution. Real-Time News Curation. Aggregation. CASPAR Digital Preservation User Community. Context Discovery – provider of personal and corporate text summarization, knowledge discovery and text visualization products. and Newsmix Show Glimpses of the Social Content Reader Evolution. Since early last year I’ve been most excited about the prospect of a service to bring me the perfect “social content reader”. and Newsmix Show Glimpses of the Social Content Reader Evolution

I wrote about what I’d like to see in such a reader, but in a nutshell it would provide me with content daily based on all the items shared by the users I follow on multiple services like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, etc. Now you may say that we already have web services or apps that do this but they’re all pretty basic without enough logic to determine better ways for how to display the content.

For instance Flipboard is one of my favorite apps on the iPad. Its ability to provide deep integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader is nice. So for instance I have the ability to isolate the importing of specific Facebook pages, or Twitter lists, or Google Reader folders, but when I go to read these, Flipboard always shows me the most recent items from the last time it refreshed. So what are some of the ways we can improve this? Posts you might like. Social News, RSS Reader.

Curation Tools

Compare. The new billion-dollar opportunity: real-time-web curation - sco. September Net2 Think Tank Round-up: Curating Content. For this month's Net2 Think Tank, we asked you to share your tips, resources, and ideas about curating content at your organization or enterprise.

September Net2 Think Tank Round-up: Curating Content

Below, read the curated list of the community responses we received - and share your own tips in the comments! Here's a quick working definition to get us started: Content curation focuses on using the web to highlight important information in situations where information overload may be a problem. Many organizations today are writing on the web regularly to communicate with their audience. At the same time, information pollution is an increasing problem for the consumers of that content. As Will Coley explains, "when organizations offer clarity amidst the noise, they build trust among supporters" Topic: What are your best practices for curating content? While this month's Net2 Think Tank is now closed, you're always welcome to add your feedback on the subject. Why Curate? Getting Started. Verifying and Filtering News (FOSS) Human (curation) vs. Machine (Algorithm) Ranking.

The World Wide Web has become a maze for consumers who want to find information.

Human (curation) vs. Machine (Algorithm) Ranking

People have to rely on search engine algorithms to find the best products or services. However, just having computers filter our information may not always be the best solution. At ZEEF we believe that people can filter the right information very effectively because they are able to put the information into perspective and relate it to other content. Social Curation Summit - December 2012. Conferences Delve into the current and future impact of 3D printing, as well as its applications and services with leading industry experts.

Social Curation Summit - December 2012

Sign up to receive the latest updates on Inside 3D Printing shows. Curation: How the Global Brain Evolves. By Eliot Van Buskirk, “Those who can, do.

Curation: How the Global Brain Evolves

Those who can’t, review. Those who can’t review, tweet. Those who can’t tweet retweet.” That quote is zinging around the internet this week. [partner id="evolverfm"] The sentiment expressed above is funny, in a mocking sort of way. Unfortunately, it makes as little sense as the quote upon which it is based: “Those who can do.

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