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Urban Dictionary, August 28: tanorexia. Internet Slang words - Internet Dictionary - World Wide Words. WordNet. Basic English ordered wordlist. Basic English international wordlist. Mark Pagel: How language transformed humanity. The Bilingual Advantage. Q.

The Bilingual Advantage

How did you begin studying bilingualism? A. You know, I didn’t start trying to find out whether bilingualism was bad or good. I did my doctorate in psychology: on how children acquire language. When I finished graduate school, in 1976, there was a job shortage in Canada for Ph.D.’s. As a psychologist, I brought neuroscience questions to the study, like “How does the acquisition of a second language change thought?” Q. A. But on one question, there was a difference. Q. Icons - logos - Pictos... Enduring Voices Project, Endangered Languages, Map, Facts, Photos, Videos. Explore Talking Dictionaries The Enduring Voices team is pleased to present these Talking Dictionaries, giving listeners around the world a chance to hear some of the most little-known sounds of human speech.

Enduring Voices Project, Endangered Languages, Map, Facts, Photos, Videos

Several communities are now offering the online record of their language to be shared by any interested person around the world. While you probably won't walk away from these Talking Dictionaries knowing how to speak a new language, you will encounter fascinating and beautiful sounds--forms of human speech you've never heard before--and through them, get a further glimpse into the rich diversity of culture and experience that humans have created in every part of the globe. Explore the Talking Dictionaries for yourself. Losing Our World's Languages. Expressions anglaises (en) The meanings and origins of sayings and phrases. Globish Home - Speech Accent Archive.

Globish (Nerriere) Globish is a trademarked name for a subset of the English language formalized by Jean-Paul Nerriere.[1] It uses a subset of standard English grammar, and a list of 1500 English words.

Globish (Nerriere)

Nerriere claims it is "not a language" in and of itself,[2] but rather it is the common ground that non-native English speakers adopt in the context of international business. The author of Globish presents it as a natural language as opposed to an artificial or constructed language, claiming that it is a codification of a reduced set of English patterns as used by non-native speakers of the language. Intending to demonstrate that "Good Globish is correct English", the authors of the 2009 book Globish The World Over claimed to have written it in Globish. Robert McCrum, literary editor of the London Observer, is quoted as supporting the efficacy of the language.[3] The term Globish is a portmanteau of "global" and "English". Indeed, the "globish" of world youth culture is more and more interactive.

Common Expressions. Ogden's International Words. Mariana Soffer: Internet and lanaguage mostly English. In many languages, Greek and Latin roots constitute an important part of the scientific vocabulary.

Mariana Soffer: Internet and lanaguage mostly English

This is especially true for the terms referring to fields of science. For example, the equivalent words for mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, and genealogy are roughly the same in many languages. As for computer science, numerous words in many languages are from American English, and the vocabulary can evolve very quickly. An exception to this trend is the word referring to computer science itself, which in many European languages is roughly the same as the English informatics: German: Informatik; French: informatique; Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese: informática; Polish: informatyka. We live in the age of information. For the last two centuries, humanity has successfully coped with the automation of many tasks using mechanical and electrical devices, and these devices faithfully serve people in their everyday life.

But English is changing fast too. The Idiom Connection. Vrais Amis - French English True Cognates. One of the great things about learning French or English is that many words have the same roots in the Romance languages and English.

Vrais Amis - French English True Cognates

The 1,700 words on the following pages are spelled (although not pronounced) identically in French and English and are true or semi-true cognates. Before you start memorizing them, please read some important notes about these cognates . List of French words and phrases used by English speakers. English. Ambiguous Words. English Language Roots - Prefixes, Suffixes & Syllables - 100 Most beautiful words in the English language* Instant Grammar Check - Online Proofreading. Fonctions du langage. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Fonctions du langage

Karl Bühler a proposé en 1918 un modèle par couches des fonctions du langage. Karl Popper l'a plus tard (1953) pris pour base, insistant sur son caractère hiérarchique, et adjoignant une quatrième fonction aux trois initiales : English: Learn Languages for Free. Learn English for free online.

English: Learn Languages for Free

Download free audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and start learning English instantly. Roman Jakobson : Les fonctions du langage. Jakobson Le modèle des fonctions du langage de Jakobson distingue six éléments ou facteurs de la communication nécessaires pour qu'il y ait communication : (1) contexte ; (2) destinateur (émetteur) ; (3) destinataire (récepteur) ; (4) contact ; (5) code commun ; (6) message.

Roman Jakobson : Les fonctions du langage

Chaque facteur est le point d'aboutissement d'une relation, ou fonction, établie entre le message et ce facteur. Teaching English in Asia TEFL / TESOL & Teaching English Job in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan with LanguageCorps Asia. What American English sounds like to non-English speakers.