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Soap. Wadl: Web Application Description Language. How to create a REST Protocol. If you follow web services, then you may have heard of REST.

How to create a REST Protocol

REST is an architectural style that can be used to guide the construction of web services. Recently, there have been attempts to create such services that have met with mixed success. Jersey: The JAX-RS (JSR 311) Reference Implementation. The power of the URL. Jon Udell, August 15, 2001 RPC-style services don't replace the humble URL There is often more value in getting XML out of a web service than in sending XML into a service. In such cases, the human-friendly URL-line offers distinct advantages. For years I used the phrase "URL command line" to describe the browser's Location (Netscape) or Address (MSIE) window -- that is, the place where you type or paste URLs. My friend Rael Dornfest has more recently coined the more elegant term URL-line .