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Howto. Humor. Design. Agile. Ide. Jobs. Scala. Boxing Conversion in J2SE 5.0. Here autoboxing plays a different role, choosing a most-specific method when more than one method is applicable for method invocation.

Boxing Conversion in J2SE 5.0

If you call testMethod() with a primitive long parameter, then the first testMethod() is used. If you call testMethod() with an Integer object parameter, then the second testMethod() is used. There is nothing new there. Home. 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. From Programmer 97-things Welcome to the home page for the 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know project, pearls of wisdom for programmers collected from leading practitioners.

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

You can read through the Contributions Appearing in the Book plus the Other Edited Contributions, browse Contributions in Progress, view the list of Contributors, and also learn How to Become a Contributor. If you would simply like to comment on a contribution, please also read How to Become a Contributor as some of it applies to you. There is no overarching narrative: The collection is intended simply to contain multiple and varied perspectives on what it is that contributors to the project feel programmers should know.