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Katie works for Nonchalant Magazine as a creative writer. Aside from writing, she works as a graphics designer in London.

18 Scary Films & Series to Watch This Halloween. You decided to stay in this Halloween, couldn’t be bothered with all the fuss of going out out, but you still want to be scared shitless, or even just mind fucked (some of these shows will leave you thinking for days) in the comfort of your own home or the cinema.

18 Scary Films & Series to Watch This Halloween

These are our recommendations for you; Joker Let the Right One In IT – 2 (and obvs 1) American Horror Story – Series (Netflix) Dark (German, Netflix) The Haunting of Hill House – Drama (Netflix) Hereditary Unsane Halloween Ma Get Out The Shining Perfect Stranger American Psycho The Invitation Funny Games The Taking of Deborah Logan Dogtooth (Greek) Happy Halloween bitches x Nonchalant Magazine This article was written by one of our creative team writers here at Nonchalant Magazine. 12 Books for Queer Women to Read in Lockdown. Pride in a pandemic was a whole different ride to the glitter-fuelled, pop banger-filled party we’re used to.

12 Books for Queer Women to Read in Lockdown

Still navigating social distancing, reluctantly anticipating the whereabouts of the second spike, we’re probably all lacking some unadulterated intimacy this summer. It’s hard to feel connected when we can’t glam up for a gay night out and leave the woes at home, where we’ve spent far too much time recently. The magic of brushing the arm of a stranger in a café as a potential meet cute becomes more of a fear-induced reminder to reach for the antibac in your pocket. Can it be both? It seems anything is possible in 2020. It might not fill the void of kissing a stranger on a warm June evening, but here are twelve books to help get some of your WLW fix in lockdown.

In At The Deep End by Kate Davies This novel will feed you all the good, bad and the ugly stuff about dating and relationships. Chelsea Girls by Eileen Myles In The Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado Happy Reading, Best London Pubs for Lesbian Dates. According to Bojo, we can officially grab a drink down the local boozer now.

Best London Pubs for Lesbian Dates

Which is good news for all the singletons who can finally embark on a real-life date. We’ve put together a list of London’s finest drinking establishments that have now re-opened and are the perfect for a first, second, third or five-hundred and fifty-seventh date. Just to note, the pubs and bars that we’ve mentioned aren’t out and out lesbian bars, but, they are tried and tested lesbian-friendly pubs that we love, and hope you’ll love too! However, before we get too carried away with the excitement of drinking in a fucking pub!!! We’re going to get a tad serious… I know right, when are we ever serious?! Anyway, as COVID-19 is very much still a thing right now, we just wanted to run through a few precautions that everyone should be taking before venturing to a bar. Precautions: Carry hand sanitiser with you AT ALL TIMES. Handy time-saver tips: Leave yourself ample time to pre-book ahead of your planned date. Killin’ It on Insta: edenxjay. For this instalment of Killin’ It on Insta we had a chat with Eden and Jay otherwise known as @edenxjay.

Killin’ It on Insta: edenxjay

Back Story? Eden is “hella” from NorCal while Jay is born and raised in Los Angeles (Korea Town). We’re both involved in the entertainment industry which sometimes comes with cool travel perks. We are very PASSIONATE souls, especially when it comes to things we care about. Jay has a clothing line called “Creature of Habit” (@ShopCOHLA) that she’s been working on for the past 3 years. Meanwhile, Eden uses her voice to be an advocate for the bisexual community and is working to launch her podcast in Summer 2020. Although we’re strong on our own, it’s our creativity and drive that’s pulled us closer together and how we came to the decision to create our couples IG with a YouTube channel in the works. How did you both meet? OH WOW! But to keep things short, we met on the dating app HINGE. Mental Health Lockdown check-in… You okay hun? To raise awareness for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (18th- 24th May), we thought we’d share some ideas to help you be more like your fabulous self during this neverending, global clusterfuck.

Mental Health Lockdown check-in… You okay hun?

Hopefully, by now we all agree – there is no right way to do lockdown. It might have been to bake, jog, binge watch Netflix, draw, Zoom call for 14 hours straight, participate in an increasingly creative variety of quizzes, spring clean, shave your head, sleep until you resemble a hibernating bear, obsess over Ruby Rose… Whatever….. Do what feels good, because never has it been more imperative to be kind to yourself and others. So lovely reader, it’s time to pause and ask – How are you really doing? We’ve organised our tips based on the chart-topping songs of some of our fave pop divas. 1) Katrina – because I’m Walking on Sunshine, just like our 90s Eurovision heroes Katrina & the Waves?