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Bread and original yeast. Demo: Proving Bread. Part 1: The words(pictures in the next post) Following Wendy’s request I will try and elucidate some of the mysteries of proofing.Bread dough is a complex, and not entirely understood system.

Demo: Proving Bread

My knowledge is also limited and I hope the greater experts on this list will correct my more glaring errors. Beginners' blog - a starter, from scratch. Contents: What you will need Background Recipe Troubleshooting Looking after your starter Glossary References What you will need:

Beginners' blog - a starter, from scratch

Foraging for Wild Yeast. Related Content Growing Grapes Is Easy Grapes can grow anywhere, thriving in a variety of climates and soil types.

Foraging for Wild Yeast

Growing grapes is reward... Reducing Phytic Acid in Grains and Legumes. In my post, Phytic Acid in Grains and Legumes, I shared some of my research which led me to conclude that phytic acid does indeed bind with minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

Reducing Phytic Acid in Grains and Legumes

If you depend on grains and legumes for a high portion of your diet, then those phytates (phytic acid) could lead to mineral deficiences. This may be one of the biggest reasons that traditional societies fermented their grains. Now the question is, how do we effectively reduce phytic acid? But remember, I am sharing nitty-gritty details.