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Nomad Alarms has been designing and installing Australian compliant alarm systems for homes and businesses. We have been offering effective, budget-friendly alarm systems for houses, caravans, apartments, and boats.

Home Security Alarm Systems: Benefits and Drawbacks. Many homeowners settle for the protection of double locks to secure their homes against intruders and other external threats.

Home Security Alarm Systems: Benefits and Drawbacks

However, doing this may not be enough for your case. This double-lock system simply does not provide adequate protection to keep you and your family safe. There’s no room for compromise when it comes to your family’s safety, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks to the latest technological developments, alarm systems that were once reserved for high-security establishments can now be installed in your own home. However, given your current circumstances, installing a home alarm system might not be the best option for you. So, before you go ahead and invest in a home alarm system, take the time to understand its benefits and drawbacks. Benefits of Home Alarm Systems Home alarm systems offer families with the peace of mind that wherever they are, they are keyed in on the status of their home.

You Get Round-the-Clock Protection Great Deterrent Strategy Against Criminals. Securing Your Home Against Intruders. Is your home safe from intruders?

Securing Your Home Against Intruders

When it comes to setting up a house, one shall not stop at lathering the wall with decorations and whatnot. Whether you are a new homeowner or a long-time resident who experienced a recent burglary, it is never too late to set up security and alarm systems to fortify your home. Although Australia has a relatively low crime-rate, intruders, according to a recent statistic, have been found to strike every minute or so in neighborhoods all over the country. So make sure that you make security your top priority. Here are 4 simple things you can do right away to secure your home: Start With the Doors Most home invasions happen for the most obvious, yet severely overlooked, reasons like unlocked doors.

When moving into a house that was previously owned by other people, changing the doors locks should be your top priority. Bright Lights for the Backyard Restrict Your WiFi Network Invasions nowadays also come in other forms. Setting Your Home Security During the Holidays. It’s time for the Holidays which means folks will be rushing to buy gifts and presents for their loved ones.

Setting Your Home Security During the Holidays

While many are buying gifts, some are heading out of town to reunite with their close friends and family. This season – may it be Christmas or Boxing Day, you’d be sure to travel and enjoy the long weekends. During the holiday seasons, 13.7 million Australians travel internationally or domestically according to one study. The holiday season is considered to be one of the most highly anticipated events in Australia, since it also falls during the summer season. Although this a happy time for many Aussies, it can quickly turn into a devastating scenario when families come home after a long holiday only to find their houses robbed and stolen from. Knowing different ways to set your home alarm systems is a great advantage before travelling for the holidays. How does it minimise the crime rates? Home Alarm Systems Australia. Simple Perimeter Home Alarm System Australia. Description Perimeter Home Alarm System Description: Includes the following parts: Small Alarm System Panel 8 x Door Senors 3 x Motion Sensors 2 x Remote Controls Power Adaptors and Charging Cables Sim Card Included Optional Arming App set up instructions can be found here in this video How to set up your Nomad Alarms Arming App Also includes the following bonus items: 5 x Large Nomad Alarms Stickers (7cm x 14cm) 3 x Small Nomad Alarms Stickers (1cm x 8cm) Coupon Code for a bonus 10% off your next purchase Mystery Gift Additional Notes: -When we set up the system for you may receive a SMS text message this is just us testing the system for you, a good idea is to save the number that the message came from into your contacts.

Simple Perimeter Home Alarm System Australia

Also give it a name like “My Nomad Alarm” “My House Alarm” etc… -All of the sensors are set up to simply peel and stick however you can choose to mount the sensors with plug and screws, its your choice. Additional Info SHIPPING? DIY Home Security. How to add a Sensor: If you purchased extra sensors when you purchased your Nomad Alarm System. – They will come to you already programmed in for you!

DIY Home Security

If you have individually purchased additional motion sensors, door sensors and smoke detectors. To add the sensors to you DIY Alarm System please follow the instructions below. Firstly, here is an explanation of the keypad buttons and what they mean. Home Alarm Systems - Types Of House Alarm System - Nomad Alarms. House break-ins are one of the most widespread crimes in Australia today.

Home Alarm Systems - Types Of House Alarm System - Nomad Alarms

Over the period of a year an estimated 2.5% of Australian households experienced at least one break-in. That’s over 228,300 house break-ins a year in Australia. Western Australia recorded one of the highest rates of house burglaries with 4.3% of the population had been broken into. In Western Australia Nomad Alarms services the following areas: Rockingham, Mandurah, Albany, Armadale, Morley, Cloverdale, Cannington, Spearwood, Fremantle, Gosnells, Joondalup, Kalamunda, Ardross, Mundaring, Stirling, Midland, Wanneroo, Perth CBD.

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