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Blog Archive » The Decline and Fall of The URL Blog Archive » The Decline and Fall of The URL The URL is a very powerful concept; it represents a universal way to access any resource anywhere in the world. Here’s one of them, as it appears in Firefox 5′s address bar: The first few letters before the colon are called the protocol, which tells the computer how to interpret the rest of the URL. The http protocol is the most common and specifies a resource on the World Wide Web, while the tel protocol specifies a telephone number, and https specifies a resource on the Web transferred over a secure channel that can’t be eavesdropped. Those are just a few; there’s lots of other ones.
Deciding when your design is mature enough to put in front of a client is always difficult. Unfortunately, there is a natural tendency to err on the side of holding off for longer than we should. All other things being equal, you should expose your design earlier rather than later - in fact, earlier than you feel comfortable with. Even if you have problems with aspects of the design, it is better to bring your stakeholders over to your side of the problem sooner. To use an analogy from card games; play your design out in small "tricks" don't wait for a "full house", lest you be left with a hand full of great - but now useless - cards when the project moves on without you.

101 Things I Learned in Interaction Design School

101 Things I Learned in Interaction Design School
The Diagram Queen The Diagram Queen Works by Korean artist Minjeong An (born 1981) Update / Anatomy of a post: Researching another Korean artist, I stumbled upon a thumbnail of Minjeong An's work in a Korean gallery's archived 2008-ish exhibit. After a good hour of googling and google-translating Hangul (phew), I finally hit on the artist's site. The Diagram Queen



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