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Facebook Twitter Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gall. Got milk? Creative Packaging in Selling Nature's Dairy. Graphic design holds several disciplines, the one from which we probably interact with the most in our daily lives in packaging.

Got milk? Creative Packaging in Selling Nature's Dairy

It something we all are swayed by when we are purchasing products, and even if its subconsciously we are all often moved to buy certain products from the way in which they are packaged. The packaging can often swing a consumers mind and make one product out-sell its competitors. This roundup features several different types of unique milk packaging designs, all of which I find to be of the highest quality. Soy Mamelle: The packaging shape is that aimed to represent that of a cow’s udder, instantly leading the user to what the product is inside the packaging. Whilst it moves away from the usual milk bottle, we still know what it is inside.

Shroeder: The use of the words One, Two, Whole, and Skim each scaled reflect the fat level of the milk, this packaging was designed by Capsule. Calpis: Made in japan originally from 1922. Written by Ben Bate. 20 Beautiful and Inspiring Food Package Designs. Humans base nearly all of their decisions at least partly on aesthetics, including everything from what product to buy and which person to date.

20 Beautiful and Inspiring Food Package Designs

In the food industry, studies have shown that perception of taste and quality is highly influenced by the presentation. The same meal will taste quite different depending on the presentation, which is why many chefs invest significant time and effort in the presentation. For packaged foods, the same rules apply, so many companies invest time and money in making appealing and innovative package designs. This post showcases 20 beautiful and inspiring package designs for a variety of foods and drinks, including coffee, tea, cookies, and bodybuilding drinks. Even if you’re not a package designer, you’ll still wish these products were available in your local grocery store.

Enjoy! Yarmarka Platinum Rodgers Sugar Supergyro Goat Island Pepper Sauce Ice Cream Cup Bobblers Cappuccino Moka Elit Vodka Tea Packaging Herbal Tea Tetra Fish Food Dilmit Packaging La Sirena. Lovely Package® . The leading source for the very best that pack. Clever and Creative Tea Packaging. Clever tea packaging and creative tea bag designs from all over the world.

Clever and Creative Tea Packaging

Cigarette Tea Bags Cigarettea are creative tea bags that look just like real cigarettes. [link] Ineeka Tea Bags Cool tea bags that have paper arms on the sides that fold out in order to make them into a single-use filter. tPod Tea Bags Small paper boats attached to tea bags by Elisabeth Soós. Tea Forté Tall polyhedral infuser tea packs by Peter Hewitt, each with a disarmingly natural-looking leaf/sprout tag. Tea Stick Cool tea bags designed for people who do not make their tea in a kitchen: gardeners, builders and campers. T Bag Example of literal design applied to a tea bag by Felix Reinki.

Tea To Go Sticks Tea bags are attached inside of the tea stick so there is no need to use the spoon for stirring. Maum Tea Bags Cool tea bag designs look like people with different personalities. Tea Stick Stirrer Lighting Tea Bag Cool lighting concept by Wonsik Chae imitates the form of a tea bag.