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My name is Kevin Roodhorst. I'm a 23-year-old graphic designer/digital artist from The Netherlands. I've got six years of experience and started to work as a freelancer four years ago. My specialty is making promotional and advertising ads. Kevin-Roodhorst on deviantART Kevin-Roodhorst on deviantART
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1NNU3NDO on deviantART 1NNU3NDO on deviantART Current Residence: Amsterdam, The NetherlandsFavourite genre of music: electronic, alternative, classic-rock, retro-rock, big-beatFavourite photographer:…Favourite style of art: retro, dirty, funky, groovy, punky junkMP3 player of choice: A simple oneShell of choice: whu?Wallpaper of choice: Keep changing, I like changeFavourite cartoon character: Travis & Bob Head, Homer Simpson, Peter GriffinPersonal Quote: What seems to be the fuss? / Learn to walk before you try to fall
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"Avantgarde is some kind of milestone project, because I wanted it to be a symbol of me taking a step forward as a graphic designer and as an artist. I tried to apply a very specific mood with the composition and the colours. In some way the artworks can be related as the relationship between nature and humanity, but I didn't want to have a very specific message in artworks, so people can interpret it their way. Therefore I think that's the closest thing to "art" that I've ever done. Technically, I didn't use very specific techniques, I just tried a lot of different things, removed the failure and kept the good stuff." - Maxime Quolin (Graphic Designer from Liege, Belgium) Maxime Quolin- Avantgarde Maxime Quolin- Avantgarde
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