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Facebook Twitter - Skyline Calculator - Frequency. 5 Common Myths About Loudness Metering Debunked. Myth #1: Loudness is Measured Using a Standard Called LKFS, LUFS and R128.

5 Common Myths About Loudness Metering Debunked

Fact #1: LUFS and LKFS are reference units: R128 is a standard. As of this writing, the current loudness standards are based on a document called the ITU-R BS.1770-4 which is a recommendation by the International Telecommunications Union on the implementation of a series of algorithms that measure perceived loudness and true peak levels. The title of the paper is literally “Algorithms to measure audio program loudness and true-peak audio level”. The EBU R128 is a document (among several others) outlining the European response to that recommendation. The ATSC A/85 in the US, and the TR-B32 in Japan are similar documents/standards and are all in close compliance with ITU-R BS.1770-4, with minor differences.

So, EBU R128 is not equivalent to LUFS or LKFS. LUFS and LKFS are a new reference unit of loudness measurement, but they are not the standard itself. Myth #2: LU, LKFS & LUFS Measure Different Things. Conclusion. Dubplatecutter - Vinylium. With the vinylium dubcutter you will be able to cut your own record at home. just mount the vinylium dubcutter on a technics turntable 1200/1210 and start cutting from any audio source!

dubplatecutter - Vinylium

Plug and play the cutting process is very easy to learn. our manual will help you step by step to achieve your first cut. if you find the time for picking up your bought dubcutter at our plant we will get a trainee session for free! Brilliant sound the vinylium dubcutter is the only record cutting system available which provides a feedback controlled cutting head. the result is cristal clear sound from the deep bass to the highest frequencies - from 20hz up to 18 kHz. as vinylium owns the full knowhow about professional disc cutting equipment we were able to adapt this technique to a high performance cutting system for home users. the result is that your recording reaches nearly the same quality as a cut of a professional cutting room. dubplates vs. vinyl look and see!

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Affordable Mastering Studio Rates

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Loudness Meter. Placing Loudspeakers correctly in Control Rooms. Placing Loudspeakers correctly in Control Rooms consider the loudspeaker radiation spacewall reflections change the frequency responsefollow the free-standing placement recommendationsexact symmetry produces accurate sound stage imagingangle the loudspeakers towards the listenerheight and width matters in TV/film monitoringbattle room modes The loudspeaker Radiation Space An enclosed dynamic loudspeaker drive unit has theoretically ideal working conditions only if its frontal radiation space is either a full or a half space (i.e. spherical or hemi-spherical radiation).

Placing Loudspeakers correctly in Control Rooms

Studio SOS: Common Studio Problems. With over 50 Studio SOS visits under our belt, we thought it was time to discuss some of the most common studio problems we've tackled.

Studio SOS: Common Studio Problems

Paul White Having now completed well over 50 Studio SOS visits, I thought this might be a good time to take a step back and consider some of the issues that we've encountered time after time in readers' studios. It really is quite simple to tackle many of the most common issues — or to recognise where there are insurmountable problems, so I really don't think we can ram home these points too much! Of course, no two studios we've visited are the same, but one thing I have noticed is that the choice of equipment has only very rarely proved to be a major limiting factor when it comes to the quality of readers;' recordings and mixes. Much more often, the issues are about the speaker setup and acoustics, or how hardware and software is being used. Your Room's Bass Response Monitor Choice & Location Phase The Music. Pro-Audio and lighting Calculators. Calculator page.

To use these calculators, simply fill in the grey fields, select radio button options if needed, and click on "Compute".

Pro-Audio and lighting Calculators. Calculator page

Use dots (". ") as decimal separators. In most cases, results (denoted by fields with green background), get updated automatically when parameters are changed, but do click on the "Compute" button to make absolutely sure the calculation has been performed. If you wish other sound related Calculators to be added, let us know here. Do not forget to visit other useful sections in Doctor ProAudio such as our vertical Vertical Search Engine (very powerful, search for terms within pro-audio pages of the www), interviews, audio references and the English-Spanish-English pro-audio dictionary. 12 tips for better studio monitor positioning setup. For Questions About Our Audio Mastering & Mixing Service. Online analogue mastering in Auckland, New Zealand. Balance Mastering – Online mastering service. Analogue & affordable.