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Brauerizing: Techniques and Concepts. Brauerizing: A How To Guide Introduction “Brauerizing” is the name given to a mixing mentality honed by Grammy award winning mixing engineer Michael Brauer, feeding audio into compressors and equalizers in order to impart harmonic content to the input signal, as well as utilizing subtle group compression to “glue” audio together through an audio phenomena known as “counter pumping”.

Brauerizing: Techniques and Concepts

Room EQ. Corrects deficiencies of room acoustics (multipoint compensation).Corrects acoustic imperfections of speakers.Avoids the pre-echo (pre-ringing) problem of conventional convolver-based room correction systems.

Room EQ

The absence of pre-echo ensures the neutrality of the sound.Works in rooms, halls and outdoor venues of any size.Suitable for real-time applications.Corrects both amplitude and phase components of frequency response.Quells resonance peaks of frequency response while leaving the deep notches. Avoids the overcompensation which happens in conventional linearizing room correction systems.Manually adjustable level of compensation allows one to reach the maximum transparency of the sound.Supports full range of sample rates from 44,056 kHz up to 384 kHz. All sample rates are supported without resampling to avoid any possible loss in quality.Includes a custom target curve feature.Applies 64-bit signal path throughout.Works with USB measurement microphones (e.g. Morset Sound Development - WinMLS and WinFLAG. View topic - Marguerite Sound Studio (MSS) Lathe- For Sale.

Hi Trolls,Included here are some of the Photos of my very recently acquired MSS Recording LatheThis Lathe is a Perfect basis for a restoration project, which was my intention when buying it for around £800.

View topic - Marguerite Sound Studio (MSS) Lathe- For Sale

It is however much too large for my very modest home and I must confess, I was totally fooled by Photographic Perspective when viewing and making my purchase of it from ebay. Old age and infirmity mean I cannot give this Lathe the attention it so thoroughly deserves, and to say I'm gutted about it, would be the understatement of the year. K100 Monitor. This K100 loudspeaker kit is based upon the original ATC SCM100 monitors.

K100 Monitor

We have updated the treble unit to include the latest model from the Scanspeak Discovery range, giving an improved response over the original Vifa unit. This kit means that those who have only dreamt of owning a pair of ATC speakers can now do so without having to compromise on sound quality. This represents a rare oportunity to buy a pedigree product for the price of a mongrel ! Basic Kit includes: 15" servo subwoofer F25. Dual driver sub F25 matches the low frequency output of our vented subs and for music use the output is even higher.

15" servo subwoofer F25

The dual driver design increases efficiency so that only half the power is required for a given output level. Bob Hodas - Speaker Placement and Acoustic Environment Effects. Educational Resources Articles written either for MIX Magazine or Recording Engineer/Producer Magazine or ModernHome Theater. – by Bob Hodas Gain insights into studio listening environments and rooms.

Bob Hodas - Speaker Placement and Acoustic Environment Effects

Speaker Placement and Acoustic Environment Effects on Nearfield Monitor Systems MIX Magazine, November 1994 – by Bob Hodas As an independent recording engineer, I have been using Nearfield monitors for the past fourteen years. The decision to purchase my own nearfields was made in 1980 after a disastrous recording project in Japan. Well well well. Original crossover schematics for clone ATC SCM 100 - Page 6. 15" servo subwoofer F25. The DRC (Desktop Record Cutter) - a future for vinyl cutting by Machina.Pro. Meet the Team... - Primary Developer / Owner...

Meet the Team... -

Paul Butler Tayar Component Test Engineer Cooper (aka "stop that") If he can't break the component, I'll use it (usually not by choice) Consulting Engineers... Speaker/Studio Monitor Placement Secrets. Floor/Ceiling Reflection Calculator. The DIY Bass Traps / DIY Bass Absorber Kit Guide - Acoustic Fields. Today we’re going to finally assemble our DIY Bass Absorber BDA kit.

The DIY Bass Traps / DIY Bass Absorber Kit Guide - Acoustic Fields

This is our low frequency absorber kit. The only difference between this and our production units is that the production units have the carbon filters inside them. Wall problem - Page 2 - Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums. Calculate a Two-Dimensional Primitive Root Diffuser. TubeTrap - Welcome to the Real World of Bass Traps. Amroc - the room mode calculator. Warm Audio – Serious Gear, Seriously Affordable. "I just bought your WA76.

Warm Audio – Serious Gear, Seriously Affordable

This thing is incredible! I can't get a bad tone out of it, its so musical and just sounds amazing. Thank you so much for creating equipment that is so affordable and such high quality. Its especially great for someone like myself who is just starting out in production music to have access to such high quality gear at such a great price! I look forward to the future of your company! " Build A Graph. Hypex Electronics BV - UcD400HG. Audio DiffMaker. Audio DiffMaker is a freeware tool set intended to help determine the absolute difference between two audio recordings, while neglecting differences due to level difference, time synchronization, or simple linear frequency responses.

Audio DiffMaker

The difference recording that results is only what has changed between the two recordings. If anything - a change of component, a treatment, mechanical damping, etc. - is having any audible effect on the audio signal in a system, the difference recording will have audible content. The end result is primarily intended to be evaluated by ear. This relatively simple idea can be used demonstratet whether some products can alter audio signals in audio equipment. The Studio. Dub Studio offers the definitive dub plate cutting service: we cut 12 inch singles for DJs, 78rpm discs for vintage jukebox aficionados, exclusive acetates for serious roots fans, scratch plates for DMC winners, sonic art discs for installation exhibitions and even birthday presents for that special person in your life.

In fact, you can get any sound you want cut to disc here at Dub Studio - if it makes a sound, we can cut it. We have tried to make it both easy to order, and also fully customisable, so whether you want an EP with 5 tracks, or 4 singles with one track per side - the ordering system should be able to handle it, but if you prefer to do things the old fashioned way you can always give us a call and we can sort it out over the phone for you. We work with clients all over the world, from Brazil to New Zealand, and anywhere in between. We use world-class audio tools to get the job done, and we have 10 year's experience cutting dubs for a vast range of clients.

HDQTRZ Mastering Studios. Top Professional Audio Cd Mastering Studio. 13 pro mastering tips. This might sound clichéd, but we're going to say it anyway: what Mazen Murad doesn't know about mastering isn't worth knowing. His credits include releases from a raft of modern-day superstars, from the quirky talents of Björk to Duffy's sultry swing, Groove Armada's laid-back tracks and the raw rock muscle of Muse.

We asked him to contribute to our collection of pro tips for aspiring mastering engineers, and he duly obliged… Move the bass. Free Mastering Software For Windows & Mac! After spending more than a year creating the Free VST Plugins section, I’ve decided to create a specialized list of my favorite free mastering software tools in VST/AU plugin format for Windows and Mac. I’ve listed all of the plugins which I use frequently while mastering tracks for the Reminiscence Audio label and sorted them by type for easy reference. There may be some better commercial plugins out there, but the freeware plugin scene is so strong nowadays that you can do a great mastering job without spending a dime.

Of course, you will need a properly treated room, as well as proper monitoring gear. And of top of that you will need lots of knowledge and experience in order to truly grasp the process of audio mastering. Terry West Productions V.O.F. MHORSE P3 Parallel Mastering Unit v1.58 Full Parallel Mastering Processor. Full Bypass. EQ Bypass. In/Output -3dB option. 3 parallel parametric equalizers. 6 Q's per band. 4 freq. for low, mid, high.


Home Mastering EQ Workshop. Scenmolton till mässor, nattklubbar, teatrar och samlingslokaler. Bygga basfälla - Kan man göra så här? - Studiobygge - Studio forum. Qbaze, den 2009-04-06, 11:44, sa: Steven P. Helm: DIY Bass Traps. Kontrollrummet. Index. Mixing, CD Mastering, Vocal Tuning and Audio Editing Services. Analog or digital? Online Mastering, Audio Mastering Studio, London. LUFS - the new loudness unit measurement, and how to read it. Audio Mastering Techniques Course. LUFS - the new loudness unit measurement, and how to read it.